How To Create A Captivating Rack Card Design - The Ultimate Guide

How To Create A Captivating Rack Card Design

Creating a captivating rack card design can generate leads, allow customers to reach you instantly, and is a highly effective marketing and advertising tool. Include logos, graphics, company colors, and key information or promotions to drive traffic to your business.

Rack cards are great for any business, including restaurants, storefronts, medical offices, trade shows, and more! Use our guide for tips on designing and customizing a card that is powerful, portable, and cost-effective.

What Are Rack Cards?

Rack cards are printed marketing materials that are a simple yet effective way to promote your business, products, services, or events. These handy marketing materials are typically displayed in racks or rack stands in high-traffic areas like hotel lobbies, medical drives, visitor centers, job fairs, and reception desks.

Available in three standard sizes (3.5" x 8.5", 4" x 9", and 8.5" x 3.5"), most modern rack cards are visually appealing, concise, and easy to handle. To make sure your card stands out from other rack cards on display, be sure to choose a durable material and create a great design.

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What Types of Businesses Use Rack Cards?

Rack cards are versatile marketing tools that a wide range of businesses and industries can utilize. Their compact size and eye-catching design make them ideal for grabbing attention and conveying essential information in high-traffic areas.

Whether you’re a travel agency promoting tourist attractions or a restaurant owner looking to showcase your take-out menu, rack cards are your blank canvas for all your needs. Some additional examples of businesses commonly using rack cards are hotels, convenience stores, real estate agents, photographers, and hospitals.

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Importance of a Captivating Rack Card Design

A well-designed rack card can significantly impact your marketing efforts. It helps you stand out from the competition, grab the attention of passersby, and entice them to take action. With a well-designed card layout, you can effectively communicate your unique selling points, generate leads, drive foot traffic to your store or business, and ultimately boost sales.

Many of us have come across rack cards that are outdated and generic, just sitting in plastic holders gathering dust. As a business, it's important not to have a boring rack card nobody wants to read. Incorporating striking design elements and flawless imagery can increase the chances of your card being pickup and read.

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Create Rack Cards That People Will Want to Pick Up And Read

Creating rack cards that captivate your audience and call attention to your business is important. Using vibrant colors or graphic design that attracts people to pick up and read your card will help increase foot traffic and give your customers instant access to contact you for more information. Using the highest quality cardstock and a reputable printing business will help you create a successful card!

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Researching Your Target Audience

When designing your card think about who you are targeting and what text or message will appeal to your audience. Choose images or text that relate to your target customer and grab their attention to make them want to follow up and find out more. Keep your rack cards simple and easy to read to ensure you get your message across and customers are likelier to pick up your card over another.

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Choosing The Right Color Scheme

Choose graphic design elements that will pop and catch someone's eye. Vivid, bold colors, color blocks, and graphics that go along with your message will create visual appeal and get your card noticed immediately.

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Crafting an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Craft a headline that grabs your reader's attention and prompts them to follow up with a compelling call to action. Keep it simple and to the point, including a QR code or contact information that drives them to take the next step, whether it be visiting your website or business location. Provide clear directions, including a map, to make it easy for customers to find your business.

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Utilizing Eye-Catching Images

Incorporating visual elements in your rack card can be a powerful tool. Ensure to include eye-catching images relevant to your message and resonate with your target audience. Using high-quality photographs or illustrations can effectively communicate your brand personality and create an emotional connection.

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Creating a Compelling Call to Action

When it comes to print marketing materials, a strong and persuasive call to action is crucial for your rack cards. Whether you want to receive booking calls, drive traffic to your website, or attract visitors to live events, the CTA is a key player in the success of your campaign. Make sure to prominently display your CTA so that customers have easy access to learn more about your offer.

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Include QR Codes

Including a QR code gives instant access to your website or business information. QR codes help intrigue potential clients, lead them to your restaurant menu, promotion, or contact information, and drive them to purchase. Multiple codes can always be made to help you continue linking buyers with any information about your business.

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Designing an Effective Layout

Printmoz offers multiple modern rack card layouts to help you get started designing. Using a design template that is already established can help you create an effective layout and display your information clearly and concisely.

Simply add your images, logo, and text to design a custom card. Don't forget to include bright vivid colors that compliment your business information and catch the eye of customers. If you need help designing your card layout, Printmoz offers graphic design services to help your vision come to life!

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Using Fonts and Typography Wisely

Choose fonts, graphics, and typography that align with your brand image and are easy to read. Use a combination of fonts for headings, subheadings, and body text to create a visual hierarchy. Ensure the font sizes are appropriate and legible, especially for important information and contact details.

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Incorporating Branding Elements

Add information that highlights your brand such as your company's logo, tagline, and colors. You want your card to stand out, and using branding elements will help your clients to recognize your business. This will make them more likely to pick up your card and take action.

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Showcasing Key Information

Focus on showcasing only key information keeping it simple and to the point. You don't want to overwhelm anyone with too much information. Think about what you are promoting and what you want your customers to do once they see your card. Include items such as contact information, tagline and logo, and what events, products, or services you are promoting.

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Choosing The Best Print Company

Your rack card may be displayed amongst many others, and choosing the best printing company for the job can help you fully customize your card and separate you from your competitors. Quality print companies like Printmoz offer the best templates, cardstock, and modern online tools with custom features to help you produce a design that is unforgettable! It is always a good idea to invest in good marketing products to help promote your brand.

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Print Your Rack Card in Stunning High-Resolution With Printmoz

Create and customize rack cards with our high-resolution full-color UV printing technology. We offer custom pre-made templates that allow you to easily add your own design, logo, and any other information you want to highlight. Our rack cards offer one or two side printing options with multiple finishes and premium paper stock. If you need help designing your card, our team of graphic designers is available to help you produce a card that is impressive!

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Create a Professional-Looking Rack Card For Free

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Rack cards are cost-effective and you can design and build a professional-looking card using a free pre-made template at Printmoz. Our templates are professionally designed by our graphic designers giving you access to exclusive designs at no charge. This option is great for those that are on a budget and prefer to not use a professional graphic designer.

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Download the rack card template matching the size of your rack card holder

Using our online design tool you can download our rack card templates that match the size of your cardholder and begin designing right away!

View Downloadable Templates
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Browse pre-made rack card templates

Start by browsing our pre-made rack card templates and choose one that fits your vision and goals.

Browse Rack Card Templates
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Upload your own design to generate an instant online proof

Easily upload your own design into our pre-made templates and preview your card instantly!

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Downloadable Rack Card Templates

3.5" x 8.5"
4" x 9"
8.5" x 3.5"


Creating a rack card that is an effective marketing tool can help you quickly attract target customers, encourage them to immediately engage with your business, and have the ability to contact you easily. Start designing a rack card today with Printmoz!

Frequently asked Questions

How to make a rack card

  1. To get started on your project, select your preferred design method. You can browse through our gallery of pre-designed rack card templates, use our online design tool to create something new or upload your own card designs. The options are limitless!
  2. Customizing our templates is a breeze, with every element easily modified to meet your unique business needs. With just a few clicks, you can create a stunning design by changing background colors, uploading photos, adding clip art, custom messages, and more.

  3. Be sure to include important contact information such as your company name, phone number, email, and website to attract potential customers and drive traffic to your door.

  4. Once you've customized your design, add it to your cart for a price. View your online proof and place your order - it's that easy! Our team will take care of the rest, from printing to packing and shipping, directly to your doorstep.

How many rack cards should I print for a campaign?

Rack cards are typically printed in quantities of 100 cards. Make sure to print enough cards for every location you plan to have them placed. Having extras on hand is always a good idea so you can refill your cardholders as needed.

Can I use both images and illustrations on my rack card?

Yes! You can combine images and illustrations on the front side and back sides of rack cards, making them completely customizable.

Should I include pricing information on my rack card?

Keep text on your rack card simple and concise. Include pricing if you are promoting a specific deal. A QR code can also be used to easily scan and give customers additional pricing information from a website.

How often should I update my rack card design?

Rack card designs can be updated anytime, however, you want to stay consistent with logos, colors, and fonts that your clients will recognize and remember.

Can I use rack cards for online marketing purposes?

Yes! Rack cards can be used for online marketing. Simply include your contact information and QR code that will instantly lead your customers to online websites or social media pages.


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