How To Properly Care For Vinyl Banners

How To Properly Care For Vinyl Banners | Printmoz

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Investing in custom vinyl banners for your business comes with a plethora of benefits. In order to maximize those perks, however, you need to properly care for your vinyl banners. If this is your first round with banners and you are not sure how to keep them looking brand new, there is no need to panic. Here is everything you need to know about taking proper care of your vinyl signage/custom banners.

How long do custom vinyl banners last?

In general, most vinyl banners last anywhere from 2 to 12 years. The reason there is such a discrepancy is that it depends on a variety of factors. A few of these factors include how you transport your banners, clean them, store them, and make well. Even little things like removing a wrinkle or two incorrectly can have an effect on your banner's longevity. Thus, to make sure that your high-quality banners last for many years, let's address these common concerns and provide you with the correct way to care for your custom banners/vinyl signage.

How to remove wrinkles in vinyl banners

For starters, common installation maintenance is often required, especially with outdoor banners that are stored and installed frequently. The good news, however, is that you can easily get rid of wrinkles, so they do not compromise the look of your custom banner or take away from its visual integrity. One pain-free way to remove wrinkles from vinyl signage is to place it in the sun for no more than 30 minutes. The heat from the sun smooths out any pesky creases and wrinkles. Alternatively, you can lay your banner on a flat surface and use a hairdryer in combination with a wet cloth to achieve similar results. If you do not have a hairdryer handy, you can also steam dry your dampen banner, just make sure you do not come in contact with the banner or use high heat. Instead, it is highly recommended that you place the damp cloth on the banner and then apply heat or steam.

Do you fold or roll banners in transportation?

Along those same lines, if you want to keep your custom banner in tiptop shape, then you should always roll up your banners for transportation. Folding a banner will lead to wrinkles and creases, which over time, become harder to remove. Consequently, you should make it a point to loosely roll your vinyl banners around a tube/unbending core. Doing so will ensure that your high-quality vinyl signage is ready for easy transport and not being damaged in the process. The same is true for when it comes time to store your custom vinyl banners. Depending on the size Printmoz will typically fold the banner to ship it easier, however you can always ask for it to be rolled and we would simply ship it freight.

How to properly clean vinyl banners

In regard to properly cleaning a banner/vinyl sign, there are few things you must do first. For instance, prior to cleaning, make sure you are wearing gloves when handling your banners/custom signs and avoid cleaning with any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. That said, no harsh chemicals does not mean you can use any old cleaner, surface disinfectants, or detergents. In fact, you only need a mild soap/water mixture to properly clean your banner. Nevertheless, before using soap and water, try wiping down the banner with a soft lint brush, paying close attention to any lettering or raised custom design. Next, use a soft damp cloth to wipe away any dirt and dust, then dry. Do not store your banner before it is fully dry; otherwise, you will likely damage it. Once dry, you can properly store your banner.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Banner Cleaning

Though you can clean both outdoor and indoor banners using the same method mentioned above, the frequency in which you clean or wash them is a little different. Since indoor banners are not generally exposed to direct sunlight or the elements, you only need to thoroughly wipe/clean it once a month. That said, you should expect to clean your outdoor banner more frequently.

How to store vinyl banners to make them last longer

When not in use, storing your banners correctly will ensure that they last a long time. Here, it does not matter if you have indoor or outdoor vinyl signage/banners. Ultimately you want to store your banners in a cool, dry place. As mentioned earlier, you never want to store your banners when wet, as added moisture can cause mildew and extensive damage to your custom vinyl banners. So, remember to keep your banner moisture-free when in storage.

If you are storing banners that have vinyl lettering, then it is important to roll them with the lettering or design on the outside. Doing so will ensure that any lettering or raised design does not stick together. On the other hand, if you are storing a vinyl sign with a digitally printed design, then roll up the banner with the letters/design facing inward. Once properly rolled up, a large poster or shipping tube will help keep your banner scratch-free and protected. Note, while in storage, make sure you place your signage in an area free from harsh solvents (alcohol, acetone, paint thinner, or gasoline). If any of these solvents are dangerously close to your banners or in easy spilling distance, they can cause great harm to vinyl signage.

How to take care of vinyl banners to make them last longer

A few helpful tips for taking care of your banners, then, are cleaning them when necessary/required, avoiding harsh chemicals or intense heat, and storing your banners correctly. Additionally, even great custom design signage from the best vinyl banner printing shop is fairly easy to damage when installed wrong. In fact, any great customer service rep will tell you to install your vinyl banner carefully and correctly. That said, proper installation here should involve the right accessories, stands if need be, and ideal placement. Ultimately, extending the shelf life of your banner is easy—just follow these simple tips and recommendations to get the most out of any vinyl banner.

Frequently asked Questions

How do you clean a vinyl banner?

Vinyl banners are manufactured to withstand adverse conditions but they also need proper care. Keep your vinyl banner dry and free from debris as much as possible. If your banner gets dirty, carefully clean it with some warm water, a mild dish soap and a soft cloth. Be careful when you clean the vinyl banner so you don't scratch the ink. Once the banner is dry you can roll it up and store it in the shipping tube or somewhere away from heat and humidity. 

How do you protect a vinyl banner?

Vinyl banner's can last for years with just a few extra steps. Vinyl banners are great for outdoor use even in adverse weather conditions. If the banner is in constant windy conditions, consider purchasing a mesh banner that actually filters the wind. Protect your banner by keeping it free from dirt and debris. When cleaning your vinyl banner be careful not to scratch the ink. If you need to store your vinyl banner, keep it rolled up in a shipping tube. 

Can you cut a vinyl banner with scissors?

Yes you can cut a vinyl banner with scissors but make sure the scissors are very sharp or it may cause the vinyl banner material to start to fray. You can also use a sharp box cutter to cut a vinyl banner. Before cutting the vinyl banner, mark the area you plan on cutting so that you cut a straight line. Masking tape works best when marking the vinyl banner. If you are going to use masking tape, be sure and apply it to the back of the vinyl banner so you don't pick up any ink on it. 

How long do vinyl banners last outside?

Vinyl banners can last 5 or 10 years or more with proper care. If your vinyl banner isn't in the scorching direct sun, it will stay nice and vibrant for years. If there is a lot of excessive wind in the area, it may shorten the life of your vinyl banner. A mesh banner is the perfect choice for those windy areas. 

What is vinyl printing banners?

Vinyl printing banners starts with a 13 ounce vinyl scrim material that is then printed on. The vinyl banner can have hems, grommets and pole pockets that are all used to hang the vinyl banner. The vinyl material is durable enough for outside use and adverse conditions. The printing can be done in one color or in full color. 

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