How to Use Cheap Vinyl Banners in a Wedding Setting

How to Use Cheap Vinyl Banners in a Wedding Setting | Printmoz

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So often, when people think of cheap vinyl banners, they think of trade show displays, food trucks, real estate showings, and corporate events. But then, the truth is you can use custom vinyl banners for just about any occasion. Now more than ever, people are using custom banners for social gatherings for various reasons. For example, take weddings; you may not normally think custom vinyl banners are a must for your wedding, but you'd be sorely mistaken. Of course, if this is your first experience with banners for a wedding, you may be wondering what exactly you can do with these types of banners. Well, the truth is there are a variety of uses for vinyl banners in a wedding setting.

Highlight Your Theme

For instance, one of the more imaginative ways to use vinyl banners at your wedding is to highlight your overall theme. You can incorporate your wedding colors, which will only further set the venue's tone and your big day.

Make An Instagram Hashtag

Another great use for banners in a wedding setting is to promote your hashtag. This way, your guests know exactly who to tag for the big day. Even if you're a little old school and don't feel the need to create a hashtag for your wedding, with over 8 million people using Instagram, photos from your wedding will likely end up on the site, anyway; at least, this way, you get to see them all in one place.

Ceremony Seating Signs

You can also use banners to direct your guest to ceremonial seating. In fact, a lot of people in the past have created a wedding banner with the message that says, "Choose a seat, not a side," which helps people get to their seats more efficiently. In today's world, such banners could be used to help social distance, and can let people know how far apart they need to sit from other people for everyone's safety.

Welcome Guests At The Door

Wedding banners can also be used in the simplest way possible - to greet your guests as they arrive. Nothing makes everyone feel more special than a welcoming banner, and once again, this is an opportunity for you to display your wedding theme and your love for one another. Here, you can choose a vinyl banner or fabric banners for indoors.

Get A Little Mushy

Along those same lines, if you want to get a little mushy, go right ahead. You can have high-quality custom vinyl banners/wedding signs for almost every facet of your special day. Perhaps you want a retractable banner for the reception hall, a custom banner for welcoming guests, or yard signs that announce your love for one another while directing foot traffic. You can be a little practical and have banners or window decals to remind indoor guests to wear their face masks.

Ceremony Arch Wedding Banners

Moreover, custom day banners are great for beautiful outdoor weddings. For example, some people choose a fairy tale theme. Thus, their banner may have something like, "And the story begins" or "Happily ever after." These are just a few things you can do with your arch wedding outdoor banners.

Boast Your New Married Name

Again, maybe you're not trying to go all out with your banners. Instead, you want to keep it simple and just boast your new married name. Banners like these are great for rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, receptions, and more. Once again, if you want to make this particular banner truly special here, consider photo banners for a more personal touch.

Showcase Your Engagement Photos

Likewise, if you took pricey engagement photos and you want the world to see them, there's no reason you can't have quality banners/custom vinyl signage designed to showcase your beautiful engagement photos.

Down The Aisle Signs

You can also order banners for your trip down the aisle. Personal messages to make one another smile and information to guests (like where the reception will be held) are things to consider.

Reception Seating Signs

Of course, it goes without saying that you need signage or custom banners for your reception - for seating and a variety of other things. Honestly, the sky is the limit here. In fact, you can opt for an open seating arrangement to save you both the trouble of figuring out who has to sit where. Instead, an elegant banner that states, "Mix, mingle, and move your feet. Enjoy the night with no assigned seats!" should do the trick.

Thanks For The Gifts

Plus, a tasteful thank you for the gifts banner may even save you the trouble of having to send out handwritten Thank You notes. All you need to do is place a custom banner next to the gifts table, and you're done. Typically, people choose a 3x5 banner with a photo and a simple thank you message.

Don't Forget To Say Express Gratitude

Similarly, you can opt for a full color "Thank you" banner to show your guests how much you appreciate them showing up for your big day, especially during COVID-19 and with face masks on. Ultimately, it's little things like this that will make your big day memorable for you and all your guests.


All in all, elegantly designed custom banners will only enhance your special day. What's more, many vinyl banner companies have specific packages for weddings. As a result, you can have wonderful wedding signage at an affordable price. That said, if you'd like to know more about creating a unique vinyl banner or have questions about shipping, double-sided banners, or party banners, don't hesitate to contact a local printer and speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative. Note that you'll more than likely be able to find cheap or inexpensive packages for anniversary banners, business banners, memorial banners, graduation banners, and birthday banners.


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