Panoramic Photo Prints And 5 Ways To Use Panoramic Canvas Artwork

5 Ways To Use Panoramic Photo and Canvas Artwork | Printmoz

What exactly are panoramic photo prints?

Panoramic photo prints are when your favorite photos feature a wide view horizontally. It’s also known as wide format photography. It’s an incredible ratio aspect to show off cityscapes, wildlife, your family reunion, or any large group or team.

Panoramic canvas prints don’t require special equipment today

When you get panoramic canvas prints, your photo is best when it’s an actual panoramic photo print. In the past, this technique of photography often used special equipment or computer software or expensive cameras. With technology progressing quickly, you may be able to use the smartphone in your pocket. Panoramic Photo Prints 49ers stadium

Can I use my phone to get panoramic canvas prints?

You can use your smartphone if it has panoramic settings and you set your resolution to the proper aspect ratio with high resolution for a large print. Furthermore, you’ll need to make sure these numbers are high enough for a large print.

Why can’t I use the photos I already have if the image size is too small for printing panoramic images?

You can use a lower resolution for digital panoramic photography if you are using it for online purposes or getting small prints. If you’re sharing photos online according to lifewire, 1200 pixels wide is best, but you can, however, go as low as 640 pixels wide. Printing panoramic photos is a different story when you want something more substantial The reason we like to have a larger size panoramic picture is that if we print panoramic photos with a small file size (less than 300 dpi) — you’ll end up with a blurry image. That’s why we ask that you have the proper settings before you print panoramic photos with us. Panoramic Photo Prints girl ocean side

Common affordable size Panoramic Photo prints under $25 bucks on 1/2" Gatorboard 

You might also be wondering if you can get a panoramic canvas look with a regular sized photo

You can do some cropping to get the same effect of having a ratio of 2:1 or higher, but it’s not quite the same. Some panoramic photos have an aspect ratio of 4:1 as well or even 10:1 to cover a full 360 degrees. You can check out some panoramic photo ideas here at pexels for royalty-free images if you want to get some stunning ideas for printing panoramic photos. There are several ways you can set up your panoramic photo prints.

Panoramic canvas is an easy way to have a high-quality look

When you print on panoramic canvas on a Printmoz gallery wrapped stretcher bar frames,  you can easily hang frame-free. The ease of setting up your art is a snap. You’ll also save money and time using gallery wrapped canvas for your panoramic canvas prints. Panoramic canvas prints are printed as one large piece. Unlike split canvas prints

Panoramic canvas prints look fantastic with any wide-shot image

With gallery wrapped canvas you’ll get a lightweight, streamlined look that is easy to hang and has vibrant colors. For example, if you get a sizeable panoramic canvas print of the Swiss Alps, you’ll almost feel like you’re there! Gallery wrapped panoramic canvas prints can be as large as eight feet wide! To have a panoramic ratio you’ll want the canvas to have at least a 2:1 ratio or higher to get the full panoramic effect. Many smaller printing companies print on the material you want, then mount it with glue. However, at Printmoz, our printers are incredibly high-tech and print directly onto your chosen foam core, canvas or vinyl.

I don’t know if I want panoramic canvas prints. What other options are available to print panoramic photos on?

If you want a semi-gloss look foam core is another lightweight and easy to hang option. You won’t have to worry about having weighty anchors ruining your walls. Besides that, these styles of panoramic photo prints can easily be attached using hook and loop fasteners. Using a hook and look a simple way to hang lightweight panoramic canvas prints. Make sure you use the appropriate strength for the size piece you’re using. For a large piece, you’ll want to have hook and loop fasteners on each corner and also in the middle areas. You won’t have to do any special prep to your walls to get it ready for display. We do recommend cleaning the surfaces with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue or dust. This will give the adhesive a clean surface to adhere to easily. Gatorboard and rolled canvas are two other ways to get panoramic prints for display in your home. With rolled canvas, it looks great when you get it framed as well. You can opt for glass or go glass-free with this style.

Another edgy way to get your artwork printed instead of using panoramic canvases is to get vinyl printing

These work well for artwork and even panoramic photo prints for sports teams. You could get creative and use vinyl stickers instead of panoramic canvases. Vinyl stickers are perfect to put on your floor, walls or even your ceiling!

When you get panoramic canvases, they’ll come rolled up

Panoramic canvases are in a roll as well as vinyl stickers and posters. This is a simple way to get your beautiful art, or panoramic prints delivered quickly to your doorstep. When you decide to get a panoramic canvas or panoramic photo print you can specify almost any size you like. You can use digital SLR photos and remember to check the settings on your smartphone if you want to use pictures from there. And please note that we do not do any color correcting to your images. They’ll be printed just like the file you upload. So when you’re ready to get started choose your image, size and hit upload. You’ll get your products quickly and safely.

What are some other uses for panoramic canvas prints?

  You can use this type of large formatted prints at a tradeshow or convention. You’ll really stand out in a crowd of tiny vinyl banners. You can make a massive statement with panoramic canvas prints when you have high-quality images and graphics on it. You can also get panoramic prints on vinyl instead. This makes it much easier to transport. Other options that make you set yourself apart are a step and repeat banners too.  

You might want to print panoramic photos at home

Your home printer can probably print off a smaller scale panoramic photo at home. If you do print at home, make sure to use high-quality archival photo paper if possible. You can get the largest size paper your printer allows, and they trim the edges with a paper cutter or a straight edge.   Most printer paper has different proportions than panoramic images. So you’ll have a lot of extra paper around the final print. But if you want an image larger than 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 (if you have a large home printer) you’ll probably need to find a professional printer that has large-scale capabilities.  

Panoramic prints sizes are limited for home printing

  However, if you go with the pro, Primoz can handle almost any size job! If you choose to get your panoramic prints on the poster, we have 100 lb paper as large as 54” x 144”. This is 4.5 ft x 12 feet! Just imagine the possibilities! This is massive and can easily be rolled up or put on display in a custom frame.   Whatever you decide for your project, you can’t go wrong with sizeable panoramic print sizes. That is as long as you have space. We can’t wait to see your project. Tag us on Instagram with #Myprintmoz! Print big or go home!


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