Split Canvas Prints — 9 Easy Ways To Use Multi Piece Canvas Art Today!

9 Easy Ways To Use Multi Piece Canvas Art Today | Printmoz

Learn How To Use Split Canvas Prints The Right Way

You may be wondering how you can use split canvas prints. Or you may not even know anything about a split canvas prints and the design possibilities that are available. In this article, we’ll keep you on the right track. Therefore we want you to have all the information you need so you’ll know if multi panel canvas art is right for you!

When you want to make a bold statement, using multi piece canvas art is a way to create a unique art piece that really stands out for your home or office. Any photo or another type of flat artwork such as a digital image, poster, or even a painting can be transformed into multi panel canvas prints.

Keep The Flow Consistent In Your Multi Piece Canvas Art

Indeed, you’ll want your new split canvas prints to flow with the design of your living room, lobby or office space. Therefore you’ll want to take into consideration a few key ideas in several areas.

So, if you’re not sure what to do when it comes to the composition, design, and structure of your pieces, we can help you with that. That’s why Printmoz is here! After reading this, you’ll have a master’s level savvy when it comes to creating a three-piece canvas artwork that will stun your guests.

First, decide where you want to place your multi piece canvas prints. By using a large piece, It can be the main focus on the room. Above a fireplace, couch or your main desk in the office lobby.

Split Canvas Prints 4 panel

Order Multi-Canvas Prints In Groups Of Two, Three, Four or Even Five!

Next, you’ll want to pick out your favorite image or have the image created by a graphic designer or artist. You’ll want gallery wrapped prints that tie in with your decor. When you are choosing an image to use, you’ll want to think about the piece as a whole first. Then you can break it down into smaller pieces.

But before you think about how many sections you want to put together, first you’ll need to make sure you have the correct kind of picture. I don’t mean the actual photo though. I’m talking about the digital quality and the way you save your digital file for upload.

Usually, bigger is better when it comes to digital printing of split canvas prints

Make sure your image has a good quality resolution for the size pieces you want to get printed. If you’ve taken a picture with the camera on your phone, you’ll need to make sure the image has the appropriate dots per inch. This can be found in your image info area.

According to Wikipedia DPI is a measure of spatial printing or video or image scanner dot density . . . But you don’t really need to worry about all of this. You just need to keep the basics about DPIs in mind.

Digital printing canvas is best at 300 dots per inch. Dots per inch is also known as DPI. This information can be found in the image size section of your editing software. However, some files can also be submitted at 150 dpi. So if you have an option, you can never go wrong when you provide the 300 dpi or the larger file type.

After You’ve Decided On What Image To Use In Your Split Canvas Prints: Print A Few Cheap Copies And Get Out The Scissors.

This is a low-cost way to play around with your image to see what kind of panels you want to have on display. You can make cuts easily to try different designs. As a result, you’ll get some ideas of how you want your piece to be after its printed.

Split Canvas Prints nature scene three panels

Multi Panel Wall Art - Figure Out The Proportions And Layout Of Your Artwork

As a fun project, you can take your printed pieces and come up with a variety of image positions. Fold your paper in half, then cut it to see how it looks in two sections. Next fold it in half again vertically and horizontally to get a visual of multi panel canvas prints in a quad style. You can also cut the piece into three sections, four, nine or any combination you choose.

Keep Your Noses Together!

As an illustration, let’s say you have a family photo you want to make as a three piece canvas art piece. After you print your photo and cut it into three sections, you notice it cuts your child’s face in half. This just looks plain weird!

After you do this, if you decide the three piece canvas art cut didn’t work — Try something different

If your multi piece canvas art doesn’t look right, keep on snipping. Next, you try something different and cut it into four vertical sections. Or even four squares. See which way looks the best for your split canvas prints. If at first, you don’t get the right look, keep playing around with your image.

If you have kids, you can even make this a creative project that can help you with your multi panel canvas prints.

You can also cut the outer edges of the images to get a tighter crop. Or blow up different sizes. The centerpiece can be more significant as the outer pieces get smaller and smaller.

When you’re working to your split canvas prints, make sure they flow and have the design you like.

While you play with images keep in mind the overall impression, the pieces have when they are placed close together. Also, leave small gaps in between on your table or desk. When the parts are together, they’ll have more meaning when they are beside each other than when they are separated.

The multi panel canvas prints need to feel harmonious. When split canvas prints are placed together, they will reinforce the entire picture cohesively.

Also, make sure you save your file in CMYK color mode if you’re getting split canvas prints made or switch to Grayscale if you have black and white images. Here are some more tips: 

Split Canvas Art DIY Ideas

So you’ve got the basics about split canvas prints, what they are and how you can get them printed. Now we’ll dig into how you can create your own. If you into the do-it-yourself world this is the section where you’ll see a few neat ideas.

You can buy a set of three matching plain canvases and create simple drip paintings. Pick out three colors that match the scheme in the room you want to decorate. Lay down a drop cloth or an old sheet. Let the paint roll down. You can even use old house paint from the same room and create abstract art that will make your neighbors jealous!

5 Panel Canvas Prints Are An Excellent Way To Art-Up A Large Room.

Here’s another DIY canvas painting idea that’s great for a family of five! First, paint a solid coat of paint onto each canvas. I would let each family member pick their favorite color (as long as it matches the decor!). Then everyone can get a contrasting paint color and create their own handprint paintings.

Or you can do a 5-panel canvas print with black and white portraits

If you have pets, get photos of them too, because they are also part of your family!

Cheap Canvas Prints

Are an affordable way to make a bold statement in your home office, warehouse or business. If you add in your personal flair or get the help from a friend who has a good eye — you’ll be on your way to making your space look like you’ve just walked into an art gallery.

Art makes the world go around, and we want your world to be surrounded by beauty. When you create split canvas prints, you will even wow yourself!  And don’t hesitate to click on our Live Chat to speak to a real person if you have any questions. 


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