Top Tips for Decorating Your Kid's Room with Wall Decals

Top Tips for Decorating Your Kid's Room with Wall Decals

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When decorating their kid’s room, many parents long to transform the space into a creative and magical getaway. But they are frustrated by a lack of artistic ability, budget considerations, and a fear of just how much work they imagine would be involved. And many live in apartments or have other reasons why they cannot paint the walls, so they don’t know where to start. Vinyl wall decals are the perfect solution.

With high-quality wall decal stickers and our tips, you can create extraordinary kids’ wall decor on a budget! Best of all, the wall decals won’t damage your walls or paint. Even the most dramatic and intricate wall decals for kids can be removed without causing damage, meaning you can easily update your child’s wall decor as they grow up.

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The Importance of Decorating Your Kid’s Room

Children spend most of their time at home, and more than one-third of their lives are spent in their room. Using colorful, imagination-stirring wall decals to personalize your child’s room can inspire greater confidence and boost their self-image. Your kid’s wall decor can change as they mature. Start with nursery wall decals that create the restful, fun style you think will appeal to your newborn. As little ones become toddlers, developing their own opinions, favorite colors, and interests, you can easily adjust and change the vinyl wall decals to new ones that better express your child’s emerging and growing personality. Let kids have some say in their room decor — they’ll love it!

Top Tips for Kids’ Room Wall Decals
Let’s look at our top tips for transforming your child’s room using imaginative wall decals.
Tip #1: Use Your Own Creativity
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Start by looking at the pre-packaged wall decal sets available online. You’ll be amazed at the many styles available! You’ll discover a vast array of wall decals for kids, including dinosaur wall decals, cowboys, flowers, rainbows, space rockets, planets, superheroes, princesses, dragons, and so much more! Many come in sets that combine several vinyl wall decals on the same theme. For instance, Spiderman wall decal sets may include several spider webs, an image of Peter Parker, and a couple of Spiderman in action sequences.

Pre-packaged wall decal sets are wonderful, especially for inspiration. But these sets will not be enough to fill an entire wall, let alone your child’s room. Consider combining multiple, related sets, like a set of butterfly wall decals with a set of flower wall decals. Better yet, why not create your own custom wall decals? Either to fill in the pieces missing from your favorite sets, or design your own, entirely. Designing wall decals is easier than you think when you use our free online design tool! Upload images, illustrations, and photos, add text, and choose any colors under the sun. Have fun with this! Think how impressed your child will be when you design the kids’ wall decor for their room!
Tip #2: Embrace Whimsy
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Decorating with wall decals makes it a snap to add drama, color, and whimsy to your child’s room. But the sense of whimsy can go beyond the decal styles you choose. Consider your placement, too. For example, consider placing the cuddly kitten nursery wall decals so that a couple of kittens appear to perch on the crib’s rail. Maybe position a flight of butterfly wall decals so they seem to have escaped the diaper pail as they fly.
Tip #3: Play with Scale
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Another way to embrace whimsy is to play with the scale of your wall decals. Kids are little people; the entire world looks so much larger to them than to adults. They love seeing this natural order reversed! Go BIG! Consider choosing a wall-sized butterfly or daisy; or maybe have enormous frogs lording over tiny dinosaurs. Your imagination is your only limitation with wall decals!
Tip #4: Paint the Walls
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If painting your child’s wall is an option, it can add color to enhance the look of the kids’ wall decals you choose. Maybe choose dark blue on a single wall as the background for space-themed wall decals or those depicting whales and other marine life. Choose a pale sunny yellow or a sky blue for the backdrop to birds in flight or a large, leafy tree. Green walls are ideal for wall decals featuring a jungle scene, dinosaurs, horses, etc.

Just a note about applying vinyl decals to freshly painted walls: some paints can take six to eight weeks to fully dry and completely cure. Plan on waiting at least eight weeks after painting before applying wall decals.

Tip #5: Make it Interactive
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There are vinyl wall decals that can serve as a chalkboard, and others that act like whiteboards. Create an interactive art portion of your child’s wall, perhaps surrounded by another decal that looks like a picture frame or maybe an art easel. Provide plenty of colored chalk or dry erase markers and unleash your budding artist to draw on the wall (decals)!

Tip #6: Free Range Wall Decals
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Where would your kids’ wall decals roam if they were free to choose? Wall decals work great on mirrors, toy chests, windows, computer towers, headboards, closet doors, lunch boxes, and more. If it has a smooth, solid surface, liven it up with colorful wall decals!
Tip #7: Create a Window Scene
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There’s no reason to restrict your kids’ wall decor inside the bedroom. You can create the impression that the magic continues outside the room by using wall decals to create a faux window. Maybe this “window” looks out onto another planet, or there could be dinosaurs passing by, or maybe your child’s room is actually aboard a pirate ship, and the window is a portal that looks out on a stormy sea.
Tip #8: Build a Faux Headboard
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If your child’s bed has no headboard, you can add one with your use of wall decals. It may be the ornate headboard of a princess’s bed. Or maybe it’s no headboard at all but a loving unicorn or dragon that embraces your child as they sleep together.

Printmoz’s decal-printing services make transforming your child’s room into an adventure a snap!


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