Vinyl Banner Printing for Your Upcoming Car Show

Vinyl Banner Printing for Your Upcoming Car Show in 2022 | Printmoz

vinyl banner printing for car show

The new normal has caused many things that we hold near and dear to our hearts to change. For instance, concerts, spectator sports, and lovable pastimes have been put on hold for health and safety concerns. But then, the good news is that, slowly but surely, we're learning to adapt and are making the necessary changes to go about our daily lives. This means, for many, not only getting back to work, but also enjoying the hobbies they once did. A prime example of getting back to the way things were, is the resurgence of one hobby or recreational activity that many people in the US love—car shows. However, since car shows often involve large crowds, many people have been wary of attending such events. That said, people are doing everything humanly possible, at the moment, so that the show goes on. In fact, companies and people alike are taking extra precautions and following CDC guidelines, so that events and special occasions, in general, can happen.

Looking specifically at car shows, there are a whole host of reasons why you can safely throw a car show during COVID-19. Moreover, you can also utilize vinyl banners and printed promotional materials to promote your COVID-safe car show and ensure everyone's well-being during these uncertain times.

How to Throw a COVID-Safe Car Show

One of the nice things about car shows is that they can be held outdoors. As a result, outdoor car shows are fairly easy to make safe. By following CDC guidelines for social distancing, having safety banners/custom signs and wearing a mask when in close proximity, car shows held outdoors can pretty much go off without a hitch. Of course, many places have car shows year-round or in the winter months. Thus, you'll find a fair share of indoor auto shows as well. Obviously, indoor car shows or auto shows, during an ongoing pandemic, require a little more than just social distancing and wearing face masks. In fact, there's a long list of rules and regulations for any indoor event that must be followed for it to be safe for the public. A prime example of one of these rules or guidelines is a limited number of people allowed at any indoor events. Furthermore, high-touch surfaces must be regularly disinfected, and a variety of other precautions must be adhered to by event staff.

Why Car Shows Are Still Safe

For instance, most states require all businesses, organizations, and venues to develop a preparedness plan to ensure people's safety. There are limited capacity requirements, social distancing practices, and signage informing guests that they won't be allowed entrance if they don't wear masks. People are also not allowed to line up at concession stands or form any line that doesn't maintain at least 6 feet between each person. Likewise, food and beverages must be served in such a way that food is covered or even served pre-packaged. Other indoor regulations state that restrooms and other facilities must be regularly cleaned during the event, hand sanitizer must be readily available, and windows or doors must be open to allow airflow when possible. These are just a few of the ways in which public gatherings have changed. Ultimately, preparedness plans and the rules mentioned above are why car shows, along with other gatherings, are still safe.

Custom Vinyl Banners for Car Shows

As briefly mentioned, having signage and high-quality banners for car shows in other events is crucial. By having the appropriate signage, attendees will know how far to stand apart from each other, where hand sanitizers and additional masks are, and are properly informed of CDC-recommended safety procedures. In addition to helping protect everyone and reducing the risk of behaviors or actions that would potentially expose a large group of people to COVID-19, custom banners and signage are still great ways to promote the event or products (cars). Plus, utilizing vinyl banner printing with QR codes can provide valuable information about the vehicles and can make events such as these just as enjoyable as they were before.

Ideas for Signage

Besides having COVID safety banners and vinyl signs (adjustable screen sneeze shields, safety yard signs, compliance banners, outdoor banners, etc.), you can also have your standard event or trade show banners. For example, you'll still need double-sided vinyl signs or custom banners to direct the flow of foot traffic, parking signs to provide important parking information, full-color trade show displays to grab the attention of attendees, and much more.

Memorable Cool Quotes for Banners

That said, people are coming to events like car shows to escape what's going on in the world. As a result, they still need to be entertained to take their mind off things. One ideal way to achieve this goal is to create one-of-a-kind vinyl banners that people will remember even after the car show is over. Quotes like, "Life's too short to drive a boring car," "Life is better at the race track," or "Keep calm and love fast cars" are all good quotes that can make your auto show vinyl banner stand out and help lighten the mood of the event.

Marketing Materials Needed for a Car Show

Finally, when you're coming up with amazing slogans and taglines for your custom banners/vinyl signs, don't forget to order the necessary marketing or promotional materials. Custom t-shirts, swag bags, banners for outdoor use, step and repeat banners with a matte finish or fabric banners, car window decals or bumper stickers, floor decals, and flyers are always a must for a truly great car or auto show. If you're hosting your own COVID-safe car show, check with your banner printing people about their design services, and see if they can get started on some custom printed masks, hand sanitizer labels, business cards, and more while they are at it.


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