Vinyl Banners: A Great Means to Share Your Message Inside or Outside

Vinyl Banners: A Great Means to Share Your Message Inside or Outside | Printmoz

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The 13 oz or 18 oz vinyl banners with branding or marketing information printed on one or both sides are a common sight across the corporate scene. The reasons are anyone’s guess.

Sleek and durable material

For starters, the vinyl material is not only sleek but durable too. More specifically, the 13 oz vinyl is robust while its 18 oz cousin is extra-durable – meaning that investing in any of them provides you with great value for money. The sleek appearance, as PR professionals emphasize, is an effective way to improve the image of your brand.

Maximum exposure with the double-sided design

There’s no better way to give your message more visibility and attention in an event or at a shop location than with a double-sided banner. Whether you’re into car dealership, selling oil lubes, exhibiting products at trade shows, or running church events; the design ensures that your message is visible to passersby in all directions, earning it a double exposure. There is no disputing the simple fact that the more people who see your advertising message, the higher your odds of gaining real buying customers.

Vinyl banners tend to be eye-catching

Eyes naturally gravitate towards things that stand out. Vinyl banners tend to be bright in nature, which makes them stand out especially in places with hive of activities going on. This way they are easier for target audiences to notice and get the message.

The vinyl banners are easy to clean

Whether you are using your banner indoors or outside, you won’t always be able to prevent dirt from getting onto it. Whereas a simple grease or ink can profusely damage a new fabric banner, you can remove such dirt from the surface of a vinyl banner using a damp cloth with a single wipe. As such, you won’t have to spend double the budget to replace your banner to get the message out simply because of dirt. These quality banners will hold up nicely during both indoor and outdoor use. To wrap up, vinyl banners come with the convenience of easy usage, whether indoor or outdoor. You can hang them or place them somewhere that your target audiences will easily see the message. With regards to choosing between single and double-sided vinyl banners, think about how and where you intend to use them. Unless you are going to pace the banner somewhere against a wall, a double-sided option will be the better of the two.


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