Benefits of Wall Decal Stickers


  1. I like that you mention how some wall graphics stickers are reusable and can be made of fabric or non-stretchable. When choosing, it would probably be a good idea to consider where you want to put them and how long you'd like them to be there. This could help you figure out the best type to get so you can then research the various manufacturers to determine which one can provide the graphics that you want for your wall in order to have them fit the look you want and last.

  2. That is really interesting that wall stickers are commonly forgotten. It would be nice to have some custom printed wall art for my empty walls. Having stickers or even pictures would be really nice to have.

  3. It got me when you said that this kind of wall decoration is affordable. As you said, this is because they are cheaper than painting or artworks which is why you can redecorate your home for a small amount of money. I will suggest this to my best friend because she wanted to change the look of her bedroom to fit her age. However, she doesn't have enough money to buy paint and to hire painters as well, so this is a helpful tip.

  4. I'm planning to decorate my room with art but I don't want nail holes in it so your idea of wall decals is the best option. As you've said it can add an artistic flair without ruining your walls. I think I will find a printing service who can customize the wall decal design that I prefer. Thanks for the great idea.

  5. I hadn't thought about how if you rent a place or want your home to feel like a new home, wall decals will work really well. In the last few weeks, I've actually gotten bored with the art in the living room. I'll have to look into personalized wall decals.

  6. I loved that you talked about you can customize your own wall mural and even add text or choose the colors. My neighbor recently opened his pediatric dentistry, and he needs to decore the place. I'll suggest he find a mural wall design service to print out a few wall stickers for his office.

  7. You talked about balance, which is really a necessary principle of designing. If it is done with proper attention, with a fully custom design then it can definitely add a wow affect.

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