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Benefits of Wall Decal Stickers | Printmoz

You might think your walls look kind of dull and empty. Perhaps you’re considering sprucing them up but you’re put off by the amount of work needed. When it comes to making your bare wall more interesting, the most common choices are repainting or hanging up some paintings. There is one more option that is often forgotten though. And thankfully, it is much less hassle and more affordable. Ever heard of Customizable Wall Decal Stickers?

What Are Wall Decal Stickers?

Wall decal, or wall sticker, is a vinyl sticker that is designed to stick on the wall or any other smooth surface like windows and tiles. It is mostly meant forwall decal decorating purpose. They may also be informational like the ones on a shop window or glass door. Great for offices and businesses, they are also good for retail walls or for your own home's interior design. There are various types, shapes, and sizes of stickers. They can be tiny and simple, or they can be elaborate, big murals that cover up an entire wall. The standard ones are usually between 30 cm x 50 cm and 60 cm x 100 cm. There are some that are reusable, but most of them are not. This means that you can adjust a couple of times, but only until adhesive wears out. Block cut vinyl comes in many different finishes from glitter to metallic, to mirror effect. Alternatively, conventional stickers are a lot more boring and are made of PVC plastic. With wall decal stickers, you can also print out a full-size image and cut around borders. There are fabric wall decals or even non-stretchable ones that don't peel back on itself and tear off so you can reposition and repost them, unlike PVC stickers. All in all, you’ll find a great variety of designs and types when it comes to wall decal stickers.

When to Use Them

When you are not ready for commitment

If you rent your place, move a lot, or you just like making your same home feel like a new home from time to time, wall decals are perfect for you.

When you’re into architectural, dramatic looks

If you have high ceilings in your home or just a super exquisite taste, look no furtherwall decal than large, stone or wood imitating stickers. There are even stickers that look like exposed bricks or wooden planks that scream rustic and trendy.

When you have a small amount of space

Use optical illusion to your benefit. Horizontal stripes can do wonders in small rooms. If you’re not into painting your walls over and over, go for horizontal vinyl strips to spruce up your room and make it look wider.

When you need balance 

If you think your room looks a bit plain, you might want to use a wall decal sticker as an interesting feature. Find a decal that is unique and will tie a whole room together to give it that wow effect.

When you are into art but not nails

Who wants nail holes in their walls? Go for wall decal stickers that will add a touch of artistic flair without ruining your walls.

The Many Benefits of Wall Decal Stickers


If you’re into DIY and want to make your room stand out, go for custom made wall decal stickers. Bring your very own touch into any room by printingwall sticker your own designs.

Practicality and Ease of Use

Forget about stressful picture hanging, nails and tool. Just peel back the side of the decal and stick it whenever you like. The painting also creates a mess. With wall decals, you can skip the hassle. You won’t have to protect your floors, furniture, or clean afterward.

So much variety

The beautiful designs are limitless. Many online stores have their own editors where you can upload your own designs, add text or choose the colors. Print graphics or even logos or meaningful quotes.

Very affordable

Wall decal stickers are way cheaper than painting or artworks. For a minimal amount of money, you can redecorate your home or office and give it a fresh new look.

High quality

These vinyl stickers are made to last. They are very durable and will last for years. Wall decal stickers are printed with vibrant, quality inks. It’s common to find them printed with abrasion resistant ink. They are also quite thick and not flimsy or easily torn.

No marks

If you ever want to change your wall decal stickers, just peel them off. No one will ever know that it was there. They leave no marks, unlike wallpapers for example, that often leave stains and tears after you remove them.


Wall decals are a great way to decorate your office or home. They are very affordable, easy to use and maintain and above all, you can choose from so many designs out there or customize your own. Forget the hassle of painting and artworks and try wall decal stickers for yourself.

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