What Are Real Estate Sign Riders? And 10 Easy Realtor Sign Rider Ideas

10 Easy Realtor Sign Rider Ideas | Printmoz

Real estate sign riders are used for a variety of reasons, but primarily to provide more information. Sign riders can be very handy and are attached with hardware directly to your primary sale sign or rental sign. They are ideal if you have to mention the hours of an open house, announce a special sale, or provide a more specific message like “sold over asking”. Today, more and more real estate agents are displaying sign riders to promote a property sale that is “Coming Soon”. Read more on top tips for reality marketing best practices here. One of the benefits of sign riders for realtors is that they can be attached to a primary sign on short notice. Be sure to include information that’s relevant to a prospective client. In a fast-paced environment like real estate, it’s a real advantage to have the flexibility of adjusting your message. Although realtor sign riders add extra cost to your signage, the benefits to make the investment worthwhile. The point is, you need to be ready and prepared with signage for all possible needs.

Are all real estate sign riders the same?

While sign riders all have essentially the same purpose, they can be made of different materials and they can be mounted in various ways. They can be totally customizable, or you can choose from templates that match with your messaging needs. Importantly, the materials are durable and the printing is resilient. After all, the signs must withstand the outdoor weather and resist any potential damage from the sun’s direct UV rays.

Where does the sign rider get attached?

Sign Riders

Sign riders can be mounted on top of a primary sign or inserted into a special frame on the underside of a primary sign. Either way, a sign rider adds an extra boost to your message. Delivering the extra attention that you’re always looking for. If you’re going to stock a number of different sign riders in your arsenal, then you can decide ahead of time.

Do sign riders steal valuable attention?

Sign riders do not detract attention from a primary sign – the extra information actually enhances the primary message. The information on the sign rider provides extra info that is valuable to a prospective client. In the end, it’s all about selling real estate, so every little extra matters. For practical reasons, some of the information on a sign rider is simply essential. An added message that’s not available from the primary signage.

Are the extra signage costs worth it?

Real Estate Sign Riders
Although there’s an inclination to shop for cheap sign riders, it’s far better to shop for good value. Purchase signage for the long term. Getting real estate sign riders cheap might result in compromised quality. It’s important to choose materials and printing techniques carefully. Whatever your budget might be, it’s always better to purchase wisely. Sign riders are a business investment and should be viewed as such.

Does online ordering have benefits?

If you’re ordering real estate name riders online, you can certainly benefit from doing it all “under one roof”. Name riders for real estate signs can be ordered either from a template or by choosing a custom option. Either way, quality is assured in the materials used and the printing process. Various sign riders can be ordered at one time, allowing for a full inventory of messages to be produced.

Now you’ve seen the many benefits of not having blank sign riders

So you understand you need to have quality information that will enhance your real estate signs. On your real estate sign you’ll probably have the basics: Logo, For Sale, Agent’s name, telephone number, and mobile number. These are the minimum things you’ll need on the basic real estate sign. So what do you want on the real estate sign rider?

There are some unique real estate sign riders out there

There are some pretty funny ideas on Pinterest. The most hilarious unique real estate sign riders of all are “Not Haunted” and “Honey! STOP the Car!” or “Love Shack,”  and “I’m Gorgeous Inside.” And the house for sale house across from a graveyard says “ Quiet neighbors across the street.” While these are different and funnier than your average sign rider, you’ll probably want to stick to the things that will give your customers more information first.

Ideas for real estate sign riders Coming Soon . . .

Is an example of a traditional sign rider for a house that’s not on the market yet but will be soon.

Here are 9 other ideas for sign riders you can use today:

  1. Sold
  2. Sale Pending
  3. For Lease
  4. Open House Sunday
  5. New Kitchen
  6. Fully Renovated
  7. Hot Tub/Pool
  8. Call Me Today
  9. Book A Showing
The last two examples are calls to action. Having a call or action (in other words guiding the person to take action by giving directions with your words) is also a good idea on magnetic real estate sign riders. Asking a prospect to take action now, will sometimes get them to get excited about the idea of a new house and book an appointment with you today! Bottom line, every real estate sign has benefits - whether the property is for sale, for rent, or for lease. Signage is still the most cost-effective tool for real estate.


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