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Everybody’s got useful real estate marketing ideas. Just don’t forget those tried and true ideas that work! Right across America, the real estate industry has had dramatic ups and down in the last couple of decades. It is expected that in 2018 the price of homes is expected to rise by 4%(source). Besides the impact of interest rates and the volatility of supply and demand, the competition amongst realtors is fierce. Seasoned real estate agents (as well as newbies) have to do much more than just keep up with pack these days. Do you want to succeed? You’ll have to stay ahead of the pack in real estate marketing. Today, your clients want more from you, and you’ll need to deliver. You’ll have to use every single tool in your arsenal. And while the Internet and online engagement is critical being that 84% of homebuyers found online information to be an imperative part of their house searching, it really only one dimension in the marketing mix. Just don’t forget about the tried and true methods! Like every consumer industry, advertising and marketing in real estate have changed and transformed. On the one hand, you can say that the Internet is noticeably dominating real estate marketing. But at the same time, traditional methods are not taking a back seat – yard signage, printed materials, and billboards still make a meaningful impact.

Do you want to promote your property with eye-catching yard signs?

Custom Yard signs

Yard signs are probably the most “original” of real estate marketing methods. Today, there are myriad options to attract attention with signs. Indeed, with a custom design approach, you can create your own unique brand. Your approach will differ if you are an independent realtor, or if you’re an established brokerage. Whatever the case, you’ll want custom yard signs to create brand awareness for both yourself and your brokerage. And then, it’s a matter of having signage to suit the need – like conventional yard signs; sandwich boards; open house signs; and more. In budgeting for signage, many agents are opting for online ordering – it keeps the cost down by eliminating the “middle man.” With today’s advanced production technology, there’s no need to worry about the quality of the finished product. And in most cases, designs can be executed online, and ordering is easy with secure shipping. Needless to say, signage materials are durable, and printed facings are fade-resistant. Sizes are variable; front and back are customizable, and most signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The bottom line - real estate signs provide consistent, daily messaging. Read more about how to make eye catching yard signs.

What are the best ways to place open house signs to promote traffic?

open house signs

Simply put, open house signs boost exposure and drive traffic to your property listing. The fact is, everyone is a potential client, including the nosy neighbors who noticed the open house sign. What’s important, however, is the strategy you use with open house signs and their placement. Different signage approaches do different things, but the basics are important – like legibility, visibility, location, and timing. After all, you’ll need a different approach when promoting an open house on a busy street rather than a quiet neighborhood with little vehicle traffic. Best of all, you get better with practice. For many agents, the so-called A-Frame sign is ideal for open houses. It’s foldable, easy to place, and sturdy enough to withstand the wind. Customize a sign rider to enhance exposure. Directional signs can also be helpful for staging open houses. They are often arrow-shaped and are placed strategically to guide buyers to the property. These are an added extra to your arsenal, mainly when you need more exposure in quiet neighborhoods or more rural areas. Here again, with online ordering, you have the opportunity of sign styles and sizes to suit every possible need.

Are open house flags an effective way to attract attention and traffic?

open house signs

Open house flags (sometimes referred to as feather flags) are large and impressive. Flutter flags are made of fabric and sit vertically in position. Open house flags can be seen from many blocks away and are bound to draw attention to your property. The text on flutter flags are usually quite large and must be printed vertically (not always the best for reading). The benefit of an open house flag is its very height – it won’t be obscured by hedges or bushes, and will rise above anything that’s in the way. Let’s not forget the aspect of “festivity” – open house flags really create a fun atmosphere that attracts attention. Learn more about how to effectively use open house flags. Using open house flags bumps up your marketing efforts. Are more and more people using GPS navigation to find an open house? YES, they are! Is it a mistake not to use every possible marketing tool to sell your property? YES again! And that means having all kinds of signage at your disposal – it’s all eye-catching and always inviting. The truth is, the more people who see your signs, the more chance of interest. For some, a mass of signs might be overkill, but those agents who go the extra mile increase interest and traffic in their property. They do everything it takes to sell the property and move on.

What’s the purpose of real estate sign riders and how are they used?

Attach sign riders to your main sign to provide more information. Sign riders are small additional signs that add more detailed information about the home. Mention the open house times, a sold message, even a sold “over asking” message. It’s also not uncommon for agents to include a sign rider that indicates, “coming soon.” The benefit with sign riders is to customize signs as required and on very short notice – this can add extra flexibility to your messaging, whatever you want to say. Naturally, this is an added cost on top of your regular signage costs, but by any definition, the investment is worthwhile, and the returns are meaningful. Custom 24x6

 With ordering sign riders online, quickly use a templet or design a fully custom look. Use full-color print and quality materials that can stand up to the weather elements. Sign riders easily clean just like other real estate signs, with proper care of course. If you’re a busy real estate agent with a wide range of undertakings (sales, rentals, leasing, etc.) then sign riders with different messages are indeed a plus. Beyond the message you print, you can also choose from many different materials and installation options (for convenience).

What’s the best approach for undertaking local real estate canvassing?

Being a real estate professional, you know that you never stop hustling. While this does not have to be “in-your-face” solicitation, real estate canvassing (sometimes referred to as  “farming”) is considered an impactful marketing tool. You target a geographic area or a specific demographic, and present yourself as the specialist – whether for buying, selling, renting, or anything else real estate related. To get things going on this front, you’ll likely need to do some direct mailing or distribution of promotional materials. In most cases, this will involve creating and producing some unique printed materials. These days, unless you have the time and conviction for random door knocking, the best approach is to deliver your message in a targeted manner – like using specific postal codes to mail postcards, marketing handouts, and even free offers. If you want to get real fancy, a door-hanger always invokes interest, mainly because it hangs on its own, requires removal, and stands apart from all other delivered materials. With the right design and message, a door-hanger can be the difference between a phone call and no phone call. A campaign like this is worth the extra time and effort to do it right.

Looking for techniques that get more leads while you’re canvassing?

door knocking Door To Door Canvassing

Everyone does real estate canvassing differently – it all depends on personality, on sales training, and customer reaction. The reality is that 39% of a realtors time is spent interacting with prospects and customers. So get use to it! The idea is to get an appointment, and in less than 10 seconds you’ll know. While there are techniques and proven methods, not every approach works on each potential client. The point is, canvassing does generate leads, eventually. For most agents, a prepared script (or points to follow) is the best way to handle cold-call canvassing. You don’t have to sound like a robot, but at least you have some guidelines and some ideas for when the prospect has an “objection.” The good thing about canvassing is that you’re always getting better. You want to sound like you know what you’re doing – you want to seem like you identify with the person you’re talking to – and you want to sound like you specialize in a particular product or service. Finally, you want to leave something behind, whether it’s your business card, a brochure, even a promotional item with your contact info. Most importantly you want to do everything to leave behind a positive personal impression. Many potential real estate clients want that personal connection.

Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas and Creative Classics

  1. Using SEO
  2. Facebook Content Marketing
  3. Facebook Ads (and other types of Ads)
If you're looking for some special ideas, look no further. While the others we have pitched are pretty cookie cutter, these are much more modern and not as obvious.

SEO - Real Estate  Agency Marketing

SEO is the art and science of ranking websites on the top of pages of Google. That way people can "organically" find your site just by searching from Google. These visitors are great because your website will turn up for things they are interested in and generate quality leads. This is particularly effective for agencies and companies, but can still be effective for individuals. Join the modern marketing world to increase your traffic and business.

Facebook Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing not only gets eyeballs to your business but also builds trust and authority. You can create useful content to share, and engaged with by your audience. This way, they'll start to think of YOU when they are interested in selling. It's best to usually create click-bait articles such as X BEST EXAMPLE such as the "7 Things Homeowners May Be Surprised about their House". Additionally, video content and art posts do exceptionally well with Facebook and become viral, instantly propelling your brand and actually helping your SEO.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads and ads, in general, are effective marketing tools for improving your potential customers and getting leads into the funnel. Ads cost some active money, but with a good ad you can really get a great ROI and generate lots of interest in your business. Be sure to get creative when making FB ads.

How to Market Yourself as a Realtor and How to Get Clients and Promote Yourself

  1. Billboards

    Billboards are one of the classic ways to market yourself as an agent. They instantly create brand recognition, and people will get to see what you look at, helping to build trust and authority. Go with something bold to really stick out and catch eyes.
  2. Ads

    Although billboards are a form of advertising, we're talking about radio ads or even FB ads. Radio ads are hard to do without massive success and are better for bigger brands/people. However, FB ads have similar benefits to billboards. Again, being bold can create a viral effect and really get you a lot of attention.
  3. Website

    Make a website (or pay someone to make it) to build your brand. Having a website legitimizes you to people's eyes and shows you're a professional. It can also be an opportunity for people to read more about you to build trust.

Best real estate marketing ideas 2018 - 2019

An easy way to connect with a potential buyer is something not many real estate agents is to use. It is email marketing. If you have a website or are hosting an open house, you can grab prospect’s email address and name. They can be put into an autoresponder service such as MailChimp, Mail Relay or Vertical Response. There are also other paid services with more powerful functionality. Many website platforms easily integrate autoresponders into your website. So what if you don’t know what an autoresponder is. It’s pretty easy to understand.

An autoresponder is one of the best and underused real estate marketing tools available today

An autoresponder is an email marketing tool for any business. It’s easy to use. People can sign up to “opt-in” to your “list” by putting in their name email. Then you can set up emails that automatically go out to everyone on your list. Or you can segment these into groups. Or send emails to specific prospects.

Some real estate marketing strategies for email could go like this:

Let’s say you got 10 new subscribers.  The first email you send out could say something like this: Hi John, We’re excited for you to join us at House Hunters! We’ll keep you up to date on all the new listings in your area. Best, Dave P.S. Don’t miss my next message where I’ll share some tips on how to get the most out of your Real Estate Agent!” In another example let’s pretend you’re in a high-end area.

So you’ll want some luxury real estate marketing ideas

We’re going to use email for this one too. In your first message to this group of prospects on your list you could say something like this: Dear Judy, We’re thrilled for you to find your dream home. Our concierge service is available 7 days a week for your convenience at 555-555-5555. Feel free to ask any questions you may have any time. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be sharing VIP listings that aren’t even shown on our website. We’ll give you the highest priority as one of our valued email subscribers. You can see the houses before anyone else even has a chance! Warmly, Dave

You can use email marketing in real estate to make your prospects feel important!

There are piles of money in your email list (if you have one). And if you don’t have one, you can get one using your website, or even your business listing on Facebook. Real estate is competitive and using these tips will give you an unfair advantage above other agents in the market! Traditionally, real estate marketing tools have a bad wrap. However, that doesn’t mean abandoning everything that the Internet has to offer. But it does say that the tried and true methods still deliver results. The good news is that online printing services, and production services can turn your ideas into practical marketing tools that can be used over and over again.

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