What is Gator Board? Comparisons to Ultra, Foam Core and Sintra Board

What is Gator Board? How does it compare to Ultra, Foam Core and Sintra Board

Foam board is a great material for weekend crafting projects or to create stunning signs. But the foam board can be rather flimsy and almost cheap-looking at times. Luckily, there is no need to settle for subpar materials. Gator boards combine the ease of use of foam board with the durability and strength needed to handle any job for any prints.

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What Is Gator Board Made of?

Unlike foam board, which can be flimsy and not up to the task, gator board is designed to be strong, durable, and ready for anything. This is achieved from its materials - polystyrene foam that is sandwiched between wood fiber veneer (hard and sense) and melamine. As a result, gator boards are durable and unyielding. They'll retain their shape, and the messaging won't be tarnished. The makers pride themselves on their product’s sturdiness and durability, and it really shows. Gator board uses Gator Foam, which is a polystyrene board attached to a layer of Luxcell wood fiber veneer on either side. This means that instead of the customary paper surrounding the foam board, the gator board has wood fiber veneers that have been infused with resin. The resin prevents stains and water damage because it can be easily cleaned and dried with an ordinary towel. This makes it great for colored prints and long-lasting No special chemicals or ingredients are needed, and just basic water does the job. It is also impressive to consider that the upgrade in features does not increase the overall weight of the product. It is only slightly heavier than foam board, but it is often not even noticeable.

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Comparison to Other Boards

Gatorboard vs. Foamcore

Foamcore boards are much cheaper and less heavy-duty, do not last as long, and are not as durable. They're easier to cut for an average person, while gator boards require special equipment. Gator boards and foamcore boards are very similar. Read more about Foamcore board and its features.

Gatorboard vs. PVC Sintra

Sintra boards are more flexible and are a little cheaper, while gator boards are more rigid. They're chemical resistant and, therefore, pretty good for the outdoors. Sintra PVC can also be cut using a handsaw, while gatorboards cannot and shouldn't be used outdoors. For more information about Gator board vs. Sintra PVC, check out this post. ​​​​​​​

Gatorboard vs. UltraBoard

They're very similar - very light, glossy, and not that great for the outdoors. However, Ultra boards have a polystyrene face with a satin finish, while gator boards have a wood veneer and a matte finish.

How to Best Use Them

Gator board has a much larger range of uses than ordinary foam board because of its durability and design. While you can still do all the things you normally would with foam board, the Gator Board goes above and beyond to offer you the most versatile product on the market.

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Uses for Business

Gator Board is long-lasting and durable, making it be ideal for businesses to use. It is a great way to advertise by creating eye-popping ads to place around your building or office. It can also be used in a more casual way to decorate your building or office with beautiful images and motivational and inspiring content. Overall increase the aesthetic around you for both employees and customers. Real estate agents also take advantage of the appeal when staging homes to try to sell them.

Uses for Home

Whether you are a casual crafter or someone who makes a living off their creations, Gator board is a great option for creating. From printing pictures onto the board and changing the colors to creating pieces of art, there are a variety of uses for the Gator Board. This can work great as wall décor, gifts, and even a way to make extra income.

Different Types

Gator board comes in a few different styles and options, so there is something for every user, no matter their skill level or experience. The major differences are in how you affix the items you want onto the foam board. Because Gator Board goes above and beyond to make things as simple and effective as possible, you have three distinct options to choose from. These include:

Original Gator Foam

If you aren’t sure what exactly you want to do with your Gator Board yet but know you will need to utilize one, it is useful to go with the basic, original form of Gator Foam. There is no set way to adhere the items onto the board, so it is completely up to the user how simple or complicated they want to make it. Because there are no restrictions and the material is so durable, it is an incredibly versatile board that you can do whatever you like.

Self-Adhesive Gator Foam

If you want to skip laminating or hot mounting, Gator Board offers a self-adhesive option. It is as simple as peeling off the cover of your Gator Board and then placing your item on the board and pressing it down. Even though this option simplifies the process and makes it the ideal solution for casual crafters and beginners, you sacrifice none of the durability or function.

Heat Activated Gator Foam

Similar to the self-adhesive form of Gator Foam, heat-activated Gator Foam comes with a special adhesive already on the board. Heat-activated Gator Foam guarantees an even application for whatever you stick to, but it isn't quite as easy as the self-adhesive one. Heated roll laminators, clamshells, and vacuum presses are all utilized to create the perfect seal and make it look as smooth and professional as possible. Gator Board comes in two widths, a quarter of an inch and half an inch.


While Gator Board already far surpasses ordinary foam board, they go above and beyond to create additional features that make Gator Board the best product on the market. Easy to clean, lightweight, and with a variety of options available, it can seem like the obvious choice for anyone. But Gator Board gets even better with its stain-resistant resin and fade-resistant images. Gator Board is also resistant to bending and denting and makes it easy to keep your board in perfect condition.

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Gator boards are a high-quality sign option. Though they are a little pricier than other types, such as foam or Sintra, they are well worth it. If you're looking for the best quality for a sign, make sure to use gator board as the backing.


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