Gatorboard vs. Sintra PVC Board | Different Pros, Cons, and Uses

Gatorboard vs. Sintra PVC Board What's the Difference?

Your business spends a large amount of money on signs for advertisements, promotions, and other purposes. Physical signs are often underutilized methods of advertising and can be a cost-efficient method to improve branding. In this post, we compare Gatorboards and Sintra PVC boards, so that you can understand the pros and cons, and get insight as to which one may be better for your business or use case. Whichever type of sign you use, you want them to last as long as possible. Making a purchase without having enough information isn’t protecting your investment. Make sure you compare your options when it comes to the materials you choose to use for your signs.

What is Sintra PVC Board?

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Sintra PVC Board, made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is sturdy, so it won’t break, crack, dent, or scratch. However, will still bend has some bend so its good for a variety of things. Its durability means it will ship safely and will last for years of use. Even though it is durable, it can still easily cut into any shape you need with the use of a router, saw, or even a knife. And you’ll love the low-gloss, matte finish, which is chemical and heat resistant. Your Sintra PVC Board can be used for digital and screen printing, or it can be painted on. You can even use vinyl, which will allow you to reposition the sign so that you can get your sign just the way you want it.

When to Use It

Sintra PVC Board’s durability makes it a great choice for a number of occasions and purposes both indoor and out. Since it is so durable, it can be used for sorts of sign creations. One of the most popular creation is Sintra photo mounting. Photo mounting is very popular because it is weather resistant and therefore great for outdoors.


Since Sintra PVC Board is heat and chemical resistant, it is an optimal choice for any outdoor signs. This product is used for real estate signs, advertisements for trade shows, and other forms of business promotions. It will remain strong and sturdy through any temperature or weather conditions; which is one reason why it is a preferred material for making signs, logos, and advertisements.


This product is also a great choice for long-lasting, indoor needs. It can be used for general signs, displays, exhibits, photo props, kiosks, and even framing and photograph displays. Many businesses use it for a logo and sign printing because it can be digitally cut into any design imaginable. Establishments such as museums even use it for displaying information about exhibits.

What is Gatorboard?

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Gatorboard, made of a solid foam core with a hard fiber exterior on each side, is rigid and has a coating that makes it resistant to moisture, but it is still not completely waterproof. Sintra PVC Board, on the other hand, is denser, is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and is resistant to water and weather. The material that Gatorboard is made of is resistant to dents and chips, but it is not recommended to be cut by anything other than an electric saw, aside from simple cuts, which can be done with a handsaw. Sintra PVC Board, however, is solid and durable enough that it will bend but not break yet is easy and safe to cut using just a knife.

Gatorboard vs. Sintra PVC Board 

All signs share a common purpose in that they are meant to catch someone’s eye and inform individuals. Since there are so many purposes for needing a sign, it’s hard to know which one you’ll need. Read on to see which one may be best for you.


You are going to want to get the most durable product available for whatever your purpose is. In fact, Sintra material is durable enough that it can be put through digital cutting machines to make the board into any shape you wish. Even though it is a sturdy material, it is still lightweight to handle. Gator board is extremely durable, but still relatively lightweight so it's easy to handle.

What Signboard to Use

We need signs for all manner of uses, but not all signs can be used in the same way or for the same purposes. Gatorboard signs are not made for extended outdoor use since it is not waterproof and the coloring will be affected by the sun’s rays even if it is just in a storefront window. 1/2 Over time, it will break down from use and exposure. Sintra PVC Board is completely waterproof and is not affected by the sun’s heat or other weather conditions. This makes it great to use for storefront signs, outdoor advertising, outdoor and indoor decorations, traffic signs, and so much more.

Gator Board Cost

Gatorboard is the less expensive choice between these two options, but there is also a difference in use and quality. While Gatorboard is cheaper, its material is not made to withstand long periods of outdoor exposure. It is not waterproof and is not acid-free. This makes it important to be careful about how you use and handle Gatorboard. It is not a good choice for use as an outdoor sign because it just won’t last as long. Just slightly more expensive, Sintra PVC Board resists water completely and will last much longer, especially outdoors. Those interested in using their signs for a longer period of time and protecting their investments would be better off choosing Sintra PVC Board for their projects.


In today’s market with so many product choices available, it is important to you and your business to make the best choice for your investment. Make sure you consider all your options and read through all of the information carefully so that you protect your investment whether you decided to go with gator boards or sintra boards.


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