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Window Decals vs. Perforated Window Film | What is Best For Your Business?


When it comes to spreading the word about your business, advertisements that cling to your windows have never gone out of style. Adding a  window decal or window film is an excellent way for people to learn about a business or service just by walking by, but which type should you choose? You can end up losing a lot of money on advertising if you choose the wrong one, especially if it doesn’t help bring in business. There’s no need to worry though: check out our information below to learn whether a window decal or perforated window film might work for you. Similarly, we compare window decals vs clings here.

What Are Perforated Window Films?

A perforated window film is a full-color vinyl sticker, and as the name suggests, is perforated with small evenly spaced holes on the print - it's a special kind of window film. There’s low adhesive backing on this type of film, while the perforation allows for full visibility when you look out the window. On the other hand, those people looking inside your car or a building window won’t allow people to see inside. Perforated window films can be used on the interior or exterior of a window, sometimes depending on the weather conditions. It works great for advertising while improving security too since people are unable to see inside but are still able to see the advertisement.

What Are Its Uses?

Perforated window film allows you to see out while others can’t see in. This is why many people use this type of film for their cars since you could cover every window yet still see out with perfect visibility. Your car wouldn’t even be damaged after you remove the film thanks to the low adhesive level. This makes it a fantastic option for advertising.


Perforated film is one of the most durable window graphics out there, meaning that it will stay on your window continues to show off your ads. Since the sizes and patterns, not to mention colors, are all customizable, you can use it to show off any business or service with ease.

Window Tinting

Even if you don’t want to use your window films for advertising purposes, you can also use the film as a form of window tinting. People won’t be able to see in your car or building even when they look, creating a sense of privacy from the outdoors.

Heat Penetration

Thanks to the material on your windows, less hot sun will get into your car or building. This protects the indoors from heat penetration to keep you cooler.

Window Decals vs Perforated Window Film

Each of these options is meant to effectively promote your business by showing it off to people walking or driving by. Window decals, which are like stickers, and perforated window film both have their positives and negatives though. Which one you should pick to make your business the most money depends on your needs.

Window Decals


These stickers have designs on them that can be installed into your window. Really, they’re just like paper, but with a sticky surface. This makes them semi-permanent, meaning that you’re able to change it whenever you need to


Once you put your decal on, it can be a little difficult to adjust since the adhesive is a little strong. Just like a perforated film though, you’re able to install a window decal on either the inside or the outside of a window. You do need to be sure that you choose the right type though since there are two options.

Type Options

When you’re choosing a window decal, you have to make sure you’re picking the right type. There are clear window vinyl types, which let people see from both sides of the window. This means that people are able to see in just like you’re able to see out. You might also choose the opaque options, which is still slightly see through. Unlike the perforated film, there’s not an option that completely blocks you from view.


When you use the see-through type, it can be a little hard to see from a faraway distance. Someone who’s just driving by will likely won’t see the advertisement at all. The opaque option might also block your natural light and some of your view too. This makes it a worse choice for putting on your car.

Perforated Window Film

Unlike the decal option, the perforated film will prevent people from seeing inside while you can still see out. Adjust your film to your needs, getting a customized design and with the right colors to show off your business. Just apply the film to the outside of your window so people on the outside will see it.

Easily Seen

The perforated type is perfect for advertising since people are easily able to see it regardless of how far away they are. When they look, they won’t be able to see into your space either even if they stare for a minute or two to read it.

Unique Options

You can get a perforated window film that offers a glow option, making it even easier to see in the evening. This allows people to learn about your business at any time of the day or night. Your film lasts a long time too and is weather resistant as well. If you do get the glow option, rest assured that it will continue for a long time.


Keep the price of the film in mind. Since it’s made to last, it will cost more than a window decal would. Like the decal though, it will block natural light from the outside even if you can still see out, regardless of what you spend.


Choosing the right advertisement for your business and services is an essential part of bringing in new clients. You don’t want to lose money on your choice, which is why we’ve compared the two main options for you: window decals and perforated window films. Pick out the one that may work best for you and your business, and that will look great on the window of your car or building too.



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