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Custom Magnets for Cars, Trucks & Vehicles

You rely on a car or a fleet of vehicles to do business. Finding time to spread the word about your business can be challenging when you have more pressing day-to-day concerns. Suppose customized car magnets are by far the simplest solution to apply to your car, turning it into a mobile advertising platform. In that case, you have a built-in advertising platform to display your company message through magnetic car signs, air-release vinyl vehicle advertising, and custom car decals.

Using a magnetic car sign is one of the easiest ways to customize your car or fleet of vehicles quickly and affordably. We use the best materials to create every single customized car magnet so that they are durable and reliable. We use high-quality 30-millimeter magnetic sheeting that sticks to most smooth metal surfaces. It delivers bright, vibrant colors that won't fade in any weather and won't damage your car's paint. And we'll custom-cut each magnetic sign with rounded corners or right-angle corners upon request for top-notch personalization and branding. At Printmoz, our specialty is creating vibrant messages for the most effective advertising.

Custom Magnets for Cars, Trucks & Vehicles

Benefits of Advertising on a Vehicle

Targeted advertising! Using magnetic vehicle advertising allows your message to be visible to a broad audience within driving distance of your company. Whether you have a fleet of company vehicles sporting magnetic signs with your company branding or are starting with just your own car, your message is shared far and wide. Plus, using affordable promotional magnetic signs for trucks and other vehicles is an advertising plan that will scale.

Printmoz makes it easy to outfit your entire fleet with custom car magnets with your corporate logo or tagline. Stylish and colorful magnetic car signs adhere to car doors and the sides of vans or trucks and can easily be removed and replaced. Buy magnetic door signs for every vehicle in your fleet, or remember — each car magnet sign is transferable from one vehicle to another.

Best of all, you get the benefits of high-impact advertising without significant commitment or expense. You can easily apply the magnetic sign on your personal truck or car Monday morning when you head to work and take them off Friday evening when you want to leave work behind for the weekend. Read more about magnetic signs for cars here!

You can see our wide selection of vinyl window clings if you want an advertising option that doesn't need to adhere to metal to show off your business. These, too, can be applied and removed at will. The bottom line is that an affordable and versatile magnetic vehicle sign is the most economical and simplest way to display and remove your message fast!

Car Magnets Signs In Any Size

Magnetic vehicle signs and large magnets by Printmoz deliver affordable car advertising with flair in any design or color you choose. You can order standard-sized car advertising magnets that are 12" by 18". Our larger size magnetic signs are 18" x 24". You can also order custom-size magnets of just about any size you choose. If you want big— we have extra-large.

You can get your fleet in gear and start spreading the word about your company with customized magnetic vehicle signs. Our custom magnetic signs are easy and safe to maintain and will stand up to harsh road conditions. We keep our magnetic car signs surprisingly affordable. Our in-house production and web-based customer service let us pass on significant savings and superb quality to you. At Printmoz, the only corners we cut are the ones you request on your custom magnetic vehicle signs.

Car Magnets Signs In Any Size

Custom Shaped Magnetic Signs For Cars

Car magnets are the most simple solution for your company. Especially if you plan on doing any new product launches, sales, or offers, they are also available in any shape with die-cut magnetic signs. You might make promotional magnets or refrigerator magnets in a custom shape and small size. When we custom print magnetic vehicle signs for you, your money doesn't go to some intermediary. Instead, it goes back to you through business!

Custom Shaped Magnetic Signs For Cars

How to Add Magnetic Signs to a Car

Adding custom car magnet signs to your vehicle is a simple process. Choose a metal surface on your car to which you want the custom magnetic sign to adhere (our magnetic signs will not stick to glass windows or fiberglass). Next, you'll want to:

  1. Clean the car's surface where you intend to apply the magnetic signs. Any dirt will impair the magnetic cling.

  2. Dry the car surface well.

  3. Make sure the magnetic side of the door magnet is also clean.

  4. Place the magnetic side of the sign against your car's surface. The magnet will cling to the metal surface of the vehicle.

  5. Gently smooth out air bubbles until your magnetic car sign lies flat on the metal surface.

How to Add Magnetic Signs to a Car

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Printmoz is your one-stop shop for all your vehicle advertising needs. Order your car magnet, vehicle decals, or air-release vinyl wrap, and customize it using our online design tool. Our quality is guaranteed! We'll print your order and ship it to you ASAP. If you have questions or need assistance, open a live chat or call us at (877) 287-0059.

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They’re the best in business. All of my concerns were answered and taken care of effectively

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Ordering the magnets was very easy and they were delivered very fast. 3-4 of our magnets did not come out right. They were blurry and obviously the image was not high resolution. On the preview it looked great. There was no warning that it was not high resolution like most websites.

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Frequently asked Questions

What are car magnetic signs?

A magnetic car sign is made from vinyl and has a magnetic backing. This magnetic backing makes the signs stick to your car or other vehicles to promote your products or services effectively. They can also have a decorative purpose for any special event.

Do magnetic signs stick to cars?

Yes, magnets and magnetic vehicle signs stick to cars if you choose a flat, metal surface. They do not adhere to car parts that are plastic, fiberglass, or other non-metal material. Magnets will stick to magnetic metal only.

Do car magnets mess up your paint?

No. Car sign magnets shield the paint beneath them from UV rays and fading. They don't do any damage to your car's paint. Because of this, we recommend occasionally removing car sign magnets from the vehicle so the area beneath them has some sun exposure.

Do Magnetic Signs stick to all types of cars?

These magnets will stick to any metal surface that has strong magnetic properties. Some cars can be made out of different metals or plastics that have weak magnetic properties, so do your research on your car or test another magnet on the surface before purchasing. Also keep in mind that bumpers will likely not work, because most modern vehicles bumpers are made of plastic and other non magnetic materials.

Can car magnets damage your paint?

It is recommended to clean the surface of your vehicle before applying. If you clean the surface, you shouldn't have to worry about scatches or damage.

How long do magnetic car signs last?

Depending on the weather condition, a custom magnetic sign can last up to 5 years. Our car magnets are all-weather-proof to make them long-lasting: rain, wind, and snow won't damage the signs. We recommend removing them from your vehicle in extreme weather conditions, so the car's paint wears evenly.

How do I remove stuck-on magnetic signs from my car?

The vast majority of the time, magnetic signs for cars come off as quickly and efficiently as they go on. To apply, place the magnetic sign against the car door, and the magnets hold it. To remove the car sign, take it off with your hands.

Occasionally, if the magnetic car sign is left in place for many years, it can become stuck. In that case, the following methods will remove the car sign residue:

  • Hairdryer - carefully warm the car magnet with moderate heat

  • Plastic scraper - use it to lift one edge of the sign without damaging the paint

  • Dish soap - spray a little liquid dish soap underneath the car sign to loosen it

  • Latex Gloves - use these to pull off the magnetic sign gently

  • Microfiber towel - once you take off the sign, use a soft towel to clean and buff the area where the magnetic sign used to be

How do you clean a magnetic car sign?

You should clean the magnet and the metal car surface with mild detergent. Once or twice a week, remove the magnetic sign carefully for cleaning. After that, wipe both with a soft cloth or allow them to air-dry. We suggest you store each car magnet flat in a clean and dry place when not used.

How do you clean a car magnet?

To clean a Magnetic Sign, use a damp micro-fiber towel and wipe down. If you need something more effective, you can try a bit of dish soap and warm water. Don’t use any chemical cleaners on the sign as it could damage the printed surface.

Do I need to use a Magnetic Sign template or can I upload my own file?

No, you do not need to use one of the pre-designed templates. You can simply place the order and upload your own artwork file after checkout.

Can I order a custom shape for my Magnetic Sign?

Yes, you have the options of selecting a Halo, Circle, or Oval cut. Halo cut will make one single cut around any shape.

Will a Magnetic Sign fall off my car if I go too fast?

No, these magnets are meant to be used on cars and are sure to stay on in normal driving conditions. Make sure that the magnet is on a clean and flat surface.

Are magnetic signs able to withstand severe weather conditions?

Magnetic Signs are made of a very durable outdoor material. With the strength of the material and the use of our UV-cured ink. Your sign will withstand the roughest of weather conditions.

Can the magnetic sign be removed and reapplied over and over without being worn out?

Magnetic Car Signs are very durable and are designed to be used and removed on a day to day basis.

Do I have to print something on the sign? Or can I order just a blank Magnet?

You can definitely order a blank Magnetic Sign, simply place the order and upload a blank artwork file at the size you are ordering.

Can this magnetic sign help advertise my business?

Car Magnets are a cost efficient and very effective form of advertising for small businesses. Many businesses will order multiple magnets for their car to maximum the potential exposure to their business.

What techniques should I use to flatten out my magnet?

When Magnets reach a certain size or shape they will get rolled when shipped. To flatten out your Magnetic Sign upon arrival, simply unroll the magnet and apply heat with a heat gun or let the sign sit in direct sunlight.

What is the best way to store my magnetic sign when it is not being used?

To store your Magnetic Sign simply place the sign in a cool dry room. Also make sure not to place anything on top of the magnet if it is rolled.

How do I prevent my magnetic sign from being stolen?

Magnetic Signs have the potential to be vandalized or stolen. To prevent this from happening, remove and store your magnet in your locked car when it is not being used. Simply re apply the  Magnet when ready to use again.


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