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Custom Magnetic Signs & Cars Magnets, Large or Small

Spreading the word about your business can be a huge distraction when you have more pressing day-to-day concerns. And if you rely on vehicles to do business, you often have to comply with local laws by having business signs on all of your fleet. Customized signs are the best solution, and at, creating vibrant messages for the most effective advertising is our specialty. Using magnetic signs and magnetic car signs is one of the easiest ways to customize your fleet easily and affordable.

We use the best materials to create customized car magnets and magnetic signs that are durable and reliable. We use high-quality 30 millimeter magnetic sheeting that sticks to most smooth metal surfaces that have bright, vibrant colors that won't fade in any weather. And we'll custom cut your magnetic signs with rounded or right angle corners upon request for top-notch personalization and branding.

Magnetic Signage - Effective and Simple

Using vehicle signs allows your message to be visible to the widest possible audience, via your already existing fleet of vehicles. Plus, as an adaptable option, using cheap magnetic signs for vehicles is great. You can simply apply custom car magnets to any other car or van that you already own!

Your advertising dollars will be well spent if you have a lot of vehicles. makes it easy for you to outfit your entire fleet with professionally made magnetic logos or decals. Now your fleet can spread your name far and wide with stylish and colorful customized magnetic car signs. Who needs to buy a whole fleet of vehicles when you can use magnet car signs that are easily transferable from one vehicle to another? You can simply place customized magnetic car signs on even your personal truck or car door. Read more about magnetic signs for cars here!

If you want something that doesn’t need metal to show off your business, you can see our wide selection of vinyl for window applications. Large car door magnets are also great if you don’t want to commit your vehicle to your business. For example, you’re using it for personal errands on the weekend; merely remove your large car magnets when you’re not using them. To sum it up, you can easily apply them on Monday morning when you head back to work and take them off Friday evening when you want to forget about working. The bottom line is cheap magnetic signs are the best economical way to display and remove your message fast!

Large Car Magnets In Any Size

You can order standard sized smaller car magnets that are 12" by 18”. Printmoz classic larger size magnets are 18" x 24". You can also order custom size magnets of just about any size you choose. If you want big— we have extra large. Magnetic signs and large car magnets by deliver affordable advertising with flair. You can get your fleet in compliance and start spreading the word about your business with customized magnetic signs by

Our custom car magnets are easy and safe to maintain and will stand up to tough road conditions. And best of all, magnetic signs from are surprisingly affordable. That's because our in-house production and web-based customer service let us pass on great savings to you as well as superb quality. At, the only corners we cut are the ones on your custom magnetic signs.

Custom Shaped Magnet Signs For Cars

Magnetic signs for cars are the most simple solution for your business. Especially if you plan on doing any new product launches, sales or offers. They are so affordable, you won’t believe it until you see the total in your shopping cart. Printmoz prices on magnetic signs for cars are so low due to our top-quality printers and trained technical printing team. When we print magnetic signs for cars for you, your money doesn’t go to some middle man. Instead, it goes to you! Read more on die-cut magnetic signs here.

Custom Magnet Car Signs Benefits

  • Custom car magnets can be cut to any shape you can imagine
  • Very flexible - great for storefronts and on cars, trucks or vans
  • Adaptable - not stuck in one place like stickers
  • Any special colors to match your branding
  • So affordable compared to other advertising options

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