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Mesh Banner

9 oz

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Mesh banners are versatile and great for many uses, but specifically for outdoor use because of their unique construction.


These custom banners are made with a breathable mesh to allow for airflow, allowing the banners to be flown on windy days without worry. With the breathable full color custom mesh banners, the usual winds won’t be tugging against the seams of the banner and twisting in the wind, insuring long lasting use. Mesh banners are perfect for outdoor use in almost any weather. These banners typically can last for years if taken care of and kept clean. Simply roll up and store these mesh banners in an out of the way corner when not in use.


Mesh banners include full color digit printing so that your custom graphics stand out and make an impact. Upload your full color image or graphic and see your message come to life. You can also choose the orientation of your banner; either the traditional landscape (long and wide), or a longer, leaner portrait style banner. Hang from the ceiling or an outdoor light post and these mesh banners will make an even bigger impact.


You can order your banner up to 16’ wide, and as long as you would like it. Drape your banner across your door, your storefront or even your street! Mesh is the perfect material when it comes to large banners outdoors. Less strain on the banner means longer lasting banners. Square banners are also very popular and get noticed as well.

If using the mesh banners inside, the mesh material also allows for some light to filter through. This material is ideal if you don’t want your advertising to completely block a window. There are many uses for banners in general, but mesh is probably one of the most versatile, indoors or out.


If you are looking for an advertising material that is easy to clean, our mesh banners can be washed down with just soap and water, or lightly hosed off. These mesh banners are inexpensive and cheap price-wise, but are made to withstand many conditions. When looking for a quality, cheap banner, these products deliver.


Mesh banners also include grommets and hems if you choose to select them. Grommets will help reinforce the edges of the banner if you are hanging the banners, especially if the banner is heavy. This will help extend the life of the mesh banner. Hems give the banner a nice smooth look and will reinforce the edges of the mesh banner as well.


These Custom Mesh banners are also perfect for trade shows as they are easy to roll and up and travel with you. If you are looking for an affordable advertising method to use over and over, consider a full color mesh banner. If you want to cut cost, not corners, then is the company for you.


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