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What Are Now Hiring Signs?

"Now hiring" signs and "Help Wanted" signs are cost-effective advertising methods to attract local applicants to an open position or job posting within your company. A "Now hiring" sign is any sign or signage used to attract candidates and qualified applicants to hire new employees. Common messages may include; "Help wanted," "Apply Today," or "Positions Available." Placing a now-hiring sign inside and outside your business or storefront will help you spread the word about your hiring. If you follow the proper steps, your help-wanted signs will bring interested candidates and ignite your hiring process!

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What Are The Benefits of "Help Wanted" Signs?

The benefits of help wanted signs are undeniable as they have effectively attracted potential employees to vacant positions of employment for small and large businesses for quite a long time. A help wanted sign is a great cost-effective option for employers to get a specific job filled, potentially turning customers into new employees. If you are an employer who needs a position filled, the best place to start would be by purchasing an inexpensive hiring sign that will surely get attention from potential candidates through word-of-mouth marketing or simply passing by.

Attracting Qualified Candidates

Attracting quality employees comes from catching the attention of quality candidates who might simply be passing by because they might potentially live near your establishment. For example, supposes a potential candidate passes by a hiring sign and needs work. In that case, They will stop in and inquire, whereas if the sign were not there, the employee and employer would not have come into contact organically. Finding interested candidates is as easy as using a hiring sign, as many qualified employees often live right around the corner from establishments where they would enjoy being employed.

They Are Inexpensive

Various companies have used this advertising method to signal vacant positions of employment because it is low cost and provides excellent results. A help wanted sign is a great way to save on an extensive marketing campaign that could take valuable time from other essential tasks. If your store is looking for local quality employees, this is a great way to find precisely the employees that employers value.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Streamlining your hiring process can be simple with custom hiring signs on any business day. Once you have potential candidates showing interest in the position, you describe their assigned job duties. You would collect personal information for a background check and conduct the interview. Advertising vacant positions on your storefront is a great way to streamline your hiring process and message potential employees that their help is not only wanted but appreciated.

Three Ways To Order

There are several ways to order on our site. You can upload a file or use our online resources; we offer easy-to-edit templates and an online design tool as resources to help you create the signage you've always wanted. For an additional cost, we have professional graphic designers available to help bring your hiring sign idea to life always works best when displaying your message on the material best suited for the job.

Online Design Tool

  • Easy-to-use online design tool

  • Over 50 fonts are available

  • Thousands of stock photos

Upload Your Design

  • Accepted File Formats: (.AI (Adobe Illustrator), .EPS, .PDF, .SVG)

  • Supports up to 1.1 GB file upload

  • Upload Multi-file page PDFs

Choose From Templates

  • Swap out backgrounds, change colors or add shapes

  • Add your brand, logo, custom text, and more!

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Why Choose Printmoz For Help Wanted Signs

Same Day Production

Orders are placed by 8 AM PST, and your hiring sign ships as quickly as that business day.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All printmoz products include our 100% satisfaction guarantee; your satisfaction is our number one priority. Learn More

Free Online Design Tool

Create professional help-wanted sign layouts to advertise your brand, attract more applicants, and promote job openings for your business.

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Types of Now Hiring Signs & Banners

When choosing the best signage for your store, you might be confused about product size or if you should use a banner or yard sign. Some materials do well outdoors, and some are designed specially to display from inside the store window. Ultimately your help wanted signs can be displayed on different materials, so be sure to find the material that is right for your business and use all the resources available to achieve effective job advertising. Below is a list of popular sign and banner material options with descriptions that will help you decide what type is best for you and your business.

Clear Window Clings

Clear window decals are always a great option to advertise job employment because the material is long-lasting and low maintenance. Clear clings are perfect for creating temporary help-wanted signs for window or glass applications without leaving a sticky residue. They offer Inside and outside mounting options, white ink, and are repositionable! Learn More

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PVC Plastic Signs

Plastic PVC signs provide a long-lasting and vibrant sign that will help get your business the attention it deserves from potential applicants. Learn More

Vinyl Banner

13oz vinyl banners come with free hems and grommets for easy display. Dependable, vibrant, long-lasting banner material, UV-protected inks, weatherproof, and great for indoor and outdoor use. Learn More

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Yard Signs

Yard signs are 4mil corrugated plastic with vertical flutes and H-frame stakes for mounting. They are affordable, durable, and effortless to place. Learn More

Customizable Now Hiring Banners

Creating now-hiring signs and banners for small businesses has never been easy until now; choose a design and easily customize each detail.

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Tips For Creating an Effective 'Now Hiring' sign or Banner

Whether you are creating a sign or Banner to advertise new employees' hiring process, business owners should aim to grab attention with their logo, purpose, and eye-catching color. Ultimately, the more signs you have in the community to advertise this purpose, the more results will be provided; however, too many signs can overwhelm the neighborhood. Consider using a QR code for potential workers to submit their information, making the new hire process much more efficient. Marketing and advertising open employment positions can be much easier with the right signs and designs, so explore our site to find the right option for your store.

Ordering The Proper Size Sign

Choosing the proper sign size for your business or company is imperative when advertising available jobs. When ordering the appropriate sign size, deciding where your sign or Banner will advertise the available jobs is essential. If you wish to display your sign inside a window, then a yard sign or PVC might be the best option, whereas if you have a desired outdoor display, a banner would be your best option.

Company Logo

Including a company logo in your design helps reinforce brand recognition and gives a sense that the establishment is willing to go that extra step. Our free online design tool is a great way to upload your company or business logo and create designs that include your uploaded artwork. Using all the resources available on our site will give you the look your brand deserves.

Include a Call To Action

Including a specific call to action can motivate candidates when viewing your sign or Banner. Saying "come on in and apply" or "apply today and join our team" will give the candidate a sense of their needed services, a feeling we can all appreciate. Taking that extra step to provide a call to action is a great and friendly way to reinforce the morale you wish to establish with your brand.

Job Requirements

Including job requirements on your hiring sign is another great way to avoid time-consuming small talk. This way, only candidates who apply will understand the requirements before speaking with an on-site manager. Including job requirements dramatically reduces time spent weeding through candidates who ultimately don't meet those requirements, and now you can save time and money. Make your sign stand out among the rest by personalizing the information and making it engaging."

Job Title

Suppose your company is looking to fill specific positions; it could be valuable to change the traditional "help wanted "sign into a "hiring servers" or "cashiers needed" sign to relay a need for a specific position being filled. A typical help wanted ad does not usually include specifics. Still, if the position needing to be filled been specified on the sign, the potential applicant can walk in confidently because the initial awkward small talk can now be avoided. Including a job title on your sign or signs is a highly effective way to fill a job quickly.

Application Process

Companies love this recruiting tool because it can help jump-start the application process naturally and efficiently. Once the hiring sign has done its job, the remainder of the process typically includes a background check and collecting tax information. Ultimately, a simple message asking for help is a phenomenal Step 1 in the application process.

Include the Phrase "Inquire within."

When you make a message asking to hire help, it is wise to follow it up with a subtle call to action by stating, "inquire within." This is an excellent example of an engaging language that more signs should utilize because it gives that candidate a sense of purpose. Taking that extra step to personalize your design will surely get you the exact employee(s) you wish to hire. As you've drawn the attention of curious job seekers, they are already at your business. Try making the process easy for them to stop in, grab an application, fill it out, and quickly hand deliver their resume simultaneously.

Include a QR Code

Add a QR code so candidates can use their smartphones to get additional information that won't fit on your graphic. It's a simple way to stay connected and add a digital component to your campaign while giving candidates a link to a more detailed job description.

Additional Design Tips

Our site offers a free online design tool where you can upload custom images and make them better or add them to a custom design with numerous fonts. Whether you are designing yard signs, PVC, or banners, you will have various creative tools to achieve the exact look and style you seek.

Use Bright Colors

When creating your design, it is always wise to use vibrant colors because of the hope it will catch more eyes by standing out. Our eyes are drawn to vibrant colors, so having your need written in vibrant colors may help you achieve the task more quickly. Using contrasting colors is usually good at achieving this, but if you wish to stay with your company color scheme, you should explore those possibilities.

Use Simple to Read Fonts

Displaying a message is never worth your time unless interested people can read it. We all require creative expression but be sure not to become so creative that the message gets lost in the design. Using easy-to-read fonts is the best way to quickly and impressively relay the needs of the business.

Create An Easy to read Ad Copy

Another way to get your vacant positions of employment noticed is by creating an easy-to-read ad copy. A help needed sign does not only have to be in the window of your establishment; it could be in your community as FAQ. Getting the FAQs out about available employment positions does not have to stop at a banner design outside the establishment.

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Frequently asked Questions

What material are your help wanted signs made of?

We have various signs and banners to help employers promote open positions efficiently indoors and outdoors. Each product type has a "Learn More" option for additional information and pricing.

Where to buy now hiring signs

Buy them from Printmoz, of course! We offer a vast selection of multi-use quality materials that work great for indoor and outdoor use.

  1. Register for an account online (we do not sell your personal information)

  2. upload a design or choose a template

  3. Use our online resources to add text, logos, or your favorite image

  4. Update your shipping address

  5. Select your preferred shipping method

  6. Checkout and complete your order (Payment types accepted: Major credit cards, ACH payment, Apple Pay, or Paypal)

  7. View your proofs and send them to print!

How to create an effective "Now hiring" sign?

  1. Sign in and create an account on our website.

  2. Select a sign type and begin to upload your design, or click "Get Started" on the specific product you'd like.

  3. You can search from our vast selection of stock photos to help you make a now-hiring sign that creates an appeal that will help you attract and hire talented new employees.

  4. Make sure all banners and signs are saved to your cart.

  5. Once the cart is filled, you can move forward to enter your address and billing information.

  6. You are on the home stretch! Now, checkout and complete your sale.

  7. View your online proofs and send them to print.

How long does it take to produce (and then receive) my help-wanted signs?

That depends on the order size; however, most help wanted sign orders to ship within 2 business days, but we offer rushed production options and next-day shipping at additional costs. No matter how close your deadline is, Printmoz can always get your order out and delivered on the day you need it! * Large orders, 2,500 sqft or more, may have extended turnaround and shipping times.

What are the most popular materials for help wanted signs?

The most popular materials are PVC, yard signs, clear window clings and vinyl banners.

Yard sign

A Yard sign is excellent for directional signs outdoors, can be hung outside but is commonly displayed with it's vertical flutes paired with H-frame stakes.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are perfect for large double-side signs to attract attention from both sides of the street when hung from the rooftops.

PVC signs

PVC plastic signs give the purchaser a unique opportunity to attach an image of their logo with their help wanted sign. We have professional graphic designers on standby, ready to help you create logos and designs that will help best fit your needs.

Clear Window Cling

Requesting clear window decals instead of a traditional sign will more effectively grab the attention of interested potential new employees or people who know someone who may be interested in the job.