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5 Best Techniques For Getting Leads While Canvassing

Every real estate agent has to engage in street canvassing in order to grow business. Each agent will do it differently – all depending on personality, on professional training. The ultimate objective with canvassing is to get that sales appointment. The initial contact is valuable – it might set the stage for some future opportunity. To be sure, there’s no shortage of canvassing tips out there. It seems that every business type has a proven selling technique or method. Truth is, not every approach will work for every agent. Not every selling technique will work with a prospective client. The idea of street canvassing is to get leads. And for many agents, the biggest question to answer is how to get more leads, which you can out more about with these tips.

What’s the best starting point when canvassing?

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For any real estate agent, a street canvassing campaign should be well organized from the start. For most, that means a good script. A script, or even “talking points” are vital when doing cold-call canvassing. You want to remain conversational, yet attentive to any objections that may arise. You are there to build trust, and your ultimate objective is to get an appointment. Naturally, you’ll need some flexibility with the script. Every face-to-face connection will be different, and every reaction will be unexpected.

How much does the attitude factor in the process?

Attitude is as much a factor when street canvassing as any sales technique. You must commit to a positive attitude and maintain that attitude throughout. It’s been proven that when you radiate positivity, it’s attractive to the people around you. It’s also clear that clients have a hard time saying “no” to someone who is positive and upbeat. At the same time, you must be prepared to effectively respond to “not interested” leads. Whatever the outcome, respect and appreciation are both good traits to leave behind.

How should the sales pitch be best presented?

As the real estate expert, you have to sound authoritative – you know your business; you specialize in your service, and you can deliver the goods. Importantly, you relate to the person you’re talking to and they should be convinced that you have something to offer. Finally, at the end of the pitch, you should leave something – like your business card or a company brochure. Leaving a good impression, even if it’s without a fixed appointment, should be considered a success. For more tips on Real estate marking click here.

What types of marketing materials are best?

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A proper list of canvassing tips wouldn’t be complete without including the importance of good marketing materials. Indeed, printed materials are tried and true - they create awareness, they deliver results, and they are very cost-effective. Today’s online printing services allow for quality materials to be produced more quickly and more cheaply than ever. By ordering online you can transform your marketing ideas into printed materials that you’ll use for years.

Where should new technology fit in the mix?

While there’s much to be said for printed materials, keeping up with technology is also essential. Today, computer programs and mobile applications can manage everything from people contacts, to GPS locations, to sales activities. All that data is valuable in assessing your canvassing efforts and improving your performance going forward. It all plays a part in knowing where to canvass and who will likely make use of your services. The best part – you get better and better every time you go. Still, don't understand what canvassing is? Read more


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