Affordable Alternatives to Stained Glass (Faux Stained Glass Guide)

Affordable Alternatives to Stained Glass (Faux Stained Glass Guide)

stained glass window shining

What is Faux Stained Glass?

Faux Stained Glass is a term used to refer to anything mimicking the look of traditional Stained Glass Windows.

Traditional Stained glass has been around since as early as the 7th century. Colorful pieces of glass are strategicly heald together using lead strips, to create a patterned design or picture. The original stained glass was most commonly used in early times to decorate churches and monasteries. The colorful windows let light shine through, creating beautiful glowing hues and patterns. There is something very elegant and timeless about the looks of these windows and this is a big reason why they are still around to this day. If you are interested in getting customized stained glass for your home, you may have realized how expensive they can be to have made. So to save you some money, here is a few techniques that are commonly used to create Faux Stained Glass.

  • Painted Stained Glass

  • Stained Glass Clings

  • Stained Glass Decals

  • Stained Glass Acrylic

  • Stained Glass Backlit Film

Painted Glass DIY

Painted stained glass has become very popular. This “do it yourself” technique is the most inexpensive option for Faux Stained Glass. You can gather up old materials for this project and potentially not need to buy any supplies to get it done. Salvage an old picture frame to get your glass piece, and maybe some glue and paint from your old art supplies.

Here is what you will need…

  • Pen/Marker and Pencil
  • Paint Brush
  • Blank Piece of paper
  • Blank piece of glass
  • Clear Glue
  • Acrylic Paints and Food Coloring
  • Squeeze Bottle/Glue Dispenser
  • Q tips and Rubbing Alcohol

Step 1:

Using pen or marker, create your stained glass design on a white sheet of paper that is cut to the exact size of your glass. This will act as your design template.

Step 2:

Mix together some glue and black acrylic paint. Use a good amount of glue and a little bit of black paint.
(It does not take much paint to turn the glue black). Pour mixture into Squeeze bottle.

Step 3:

Line up your design with the glass and begin to trace the design using the squeeze bottle. Try to maintain a steady flow and steady hand for best outcome. If you smudge or make a mistake, use a Q tip and rubbing alcohol and rub clean. Let dry when finished. (May take up to 8 hours to dry completely).

Step 4:

Now that the leading has finished drying, you can begin to add your colors. Mix clear glue with whichever colors (Paint, or Food Coloring) you wish to add to your design. Use a brush and paint your colors into the blank areas of your design. Other materials like glitter can be added for extra effects. Let dry when finished.

Step 5:

Now that you have your imitation stained glass all complete, it is time to hang it up. If you have a frame that you got your glass piece from, this will work great for hanging your work. Simply place back in the frame and hang it where you want it. If you do not have a frame, you can display on a window seal. Another method is to use clear adhesive strips to attach the glass to a hanging device.

stained glass window cling

Stained Glass Window Clings

Window clings are a very popular form of Mock Stained Glass. A window cling is a 3.4 mil vinyl material that is adhered to flat surfaces like windows using static electricity. The material does not have an adhesive backing, making it easy to remove and reapply. This method looks great when finished and is one of the least expensive options.

How to order a Stained Glass Cling?

To order a Stained Glass Cling for your window, first decide on the design. If you can not find a design you like, you can try building your own using the Free Online Design Tool. Once your design is ready, you will want to measure the windows dimensions. Now you can go to Static Window Clings to place your order. Simply enter the dimensions of your window, select your printing options, and add to cart. Once you complete checkout, you can upload your design and approve your digital proof for print.

stained glass window decal

Stained Glass Window Decals

Similar in price to window clings, window decals are also a very common technique for mimicking the look of Stained Glass. These decals are made of 3.4 mil Vinyl. The material is backed with an adhesive to adhere to flat surfaces such as glass. The durable adhesive makes this option a more long term solution as opposed to a window cling. The material is thin enough to let light shine through, allowing the design to glow and give it that stained glass effect you are going for!

How to order a Stained Glass Decal?

Ordering a Stained Glass Decal is simple. Go to Window Decals to place your order. Enter the size of your window in inches, select your printing options, and add the item to your cart. Once you complete checkout, you will be asked to upload your print ready design file for approval. Once you upload and approve your Stained Glass Design, your order will be sent to print and soon on it's way to your windows!

stained glass backlit film

Stained Glass Backlit Film

Backlit Film is 10 mil film used for light displays. If you want to display a stained glass look but do not have a window, you can get a light box. This will give it the effect you are going for and make it look like the sun is beaming through a decorative window. This is one of the more costly options considering the cost to print the film added to the cost of the light display. However, this solution is visually the most satisfying when finished. To learn more about Backlit Film, click here.

How to order a stained glass backlit film display?

First thing you will want to do is order a lightbox display if you do not already have one. Once you have your lightbox display, you want to measure the exact dimensions where the graphic will be placed. Now you can go to Backlit Film Printing, enter the dimensions of your graphic, and add to cart. Once you complete checkout, you can upload your design and approve your digital proof for print.
stained glass acrylic

Stained Glass Acrylic

Acrylic, also known as “plexi glass”, is likely the most popular form of fake stained glass. This material looks and feels the closest to the real thing. Of the options I have mentioned, this is the most expensive, however it is still a drastic difference from the cost of real custom stained glass. Acrylic can also act as its own window, as where the other options you are adding effects to the already existing window. Light is able to shine through the Acrylic creating a beautiful stained glass effect.

How to order Stained Glass Acrylic?

Visit Acrylic Signs to order your Stained Glass Acrylic piece. Simply enter the dimensions in inches, select your special printing options, and add the item to your cart. Once you have completed checkout, you can upload your stained glass design and approve. Once you approve, your Acrylic Stained Glass will be printed and sent your way!

Printmoz has made it easy for you to get Mock Stained Glass at an affordable price. Order yours today!


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