Custom Acrylic Signs - What Are Acrylic & Plexiglass Signs?

What Are Acrylic & Plexiglass Signs?

What Are Plexiglass Signs?

Plexiglass signs are a transparent colorless and durable substrate that is made from a cast polymer. It's an excellent substitution for delicate, breakable glass. Plexiglass signs are a great way to advertise in architectural displays, in an office lobby and to give directions in an office building or Warehouse.

Custom plexiglass signs at printmoz have a glossy finish, not Matte, so it stands out. You can also get custom plexiglass signs with contour cuts, also known as special cuts, to match your brand with perfection. If you want a fully customizable classic and Sleek look for any sign, plexiglass signs are one of the best options on the market.

All plexiglass signs are reverse printed on the backside of the material. It is allowing the printed design to be protected behind the plexiglass itself. In addition, each custom plexiglass sign comes to a protective film that is easy to remove.

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Acrylic vs. Plexiglass

Acrylic vs. Plexiglass that is the question. When it comes to differentiating acrylic signage and plexiglass signage, you may think there's a big difference. However, the final products are the same thing!

Plexiglass is a trademarked name for a specific type of acrylic. Whether you call it acrylic signage or plexiglass signage, it's the most durable alternative to real glass. Why would you want glass when it's dangerous and easily destructible.

You'll get almost the same look with acrylic signage as you would with real glass.

Acrylic Sign Print Options

We have a variety of acrylic signs print options at printmoz. We use only the highest quality UV ink, and we print it directly onto the back of your acrylic signs. The printing surface of custom acrylic signs is glossy and smooth to the touch.

When you're setting up your file to upload and get printed, there are two things we would like you to know about when it comes to your purchase. Custom acrylic signs have two main options the first way you can get your custom acrylic signs printed is called flood white set up. This means your design doesn't have any clear or see-through areas in your design.

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Spot White

Spot white is when you do have transparent areas in your graphics.

If you want your image has transparent areas such as a logo with a clear background you want to make sure and select "spot white" finish option. When you have the spot white option selected, there will be white ink printed behind your image in the areas of color. (leaving the transparency in the file clear on the signage) This gives it a little more pizazz.

Imagine walking into an art gallery. What colors are most walls in museums and galleries? It's white, of course! White makes your image look stand out and look vibrant.

Flood White

Therefore if you're submitting a logo that has a colored background, your signage would be considered flood white in the setup. When you use "flood white" the entire backside surface of your acrylic sign will be covered with our full-color process ink.

The flood white coat is printed on the entire back of your image, so it has a beautiful backdrop to make the colors stand out even more. If you didn't have the solid white background, your image colors would appear to be less vibrant and bright. The white ink lay is very important. The final product would look-alike like stained glass without a white layer to support the colors on your design.

When your sign is being produced, the first thing our machines do is reverse print your image directly onto the back of the acrylic sign. The next step would be the "spot" or "flooded" white is printed on the back of that layer. After that, the removable plastic coating is placed on top of that to protect your design.

The default setting for acrylic signs that printmoz is automatically set to flood white. So if you want your image to have transparency around it, make sure to choose the "spot white" option In the print option checkbox below the choose your special options section. You can also put a note in the comments section of your order for production to see.

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Acrylic Sign Thickness Options

We don't have a default thickness. So you will need to choose which is best for your job. At printmoz, we offer 1/4" (.25" thick), or 1/8" (.125" thick).

If you're not sure which thickness to get the best option would be the thickest — the thicker the acrylic, the more durable the product. 1/4" thick acrylic signs cost a little more, but when it comes to Quality, we want you to have the best, however, if you're on a budget 1/4" thick works for almost every job.

Most people hang their 1/4" or 1/8" thick plexiglass acrylic signs, but there are also other alternative uses for this product.

If you do events or craft shows a cool idea would be to use 1/8" or .125" thick for shelving displays for your product. If you wanted to show off your handmade jewelry, gemstones, candles, or even body products, you could have customized acrylic signs made with the artistic design that you choose. In this case, using it as shelving, you would benefit having the thickest option.

However, if you're using it for an indoor traditional acrylic sign, the 1/4" or .25" thick will do just fine. You can also use unprinted acrylic for your artwork in frames as well. Or another option, if you are an artist, is to get acrylic prints. This is the high-end way to display your work at an art show. If you don’t want to wait, you can place your acrylic sign order here.

Custom Plexiglass Cut Options

There are many custom plexiglass options for shapes Known at the different cut, or Contour cut. But we're going to cover the most standard cut options first.

Circle Cut

If you want Simplicity and class circles are the way to go. Philosophers and mathematicians around the world have often considered it to be the perfect shape. For lovers of art all over the world, the circle is a thing of beauty and perfection. It's reminiscent of people's faces, the Sun, the Moon, spiral staircases, and wheels. What's Not to love about a circle? On the flip side if you would like something a little less traditional.


The oval is the sister of the much-loved circle. The rounded lines bring grace to almost any design you could come up with. Oval signs give a sense of perfection and trustworthiness.

Standard (no cut option)

If you're getting a sign for your business and you want something bold— We offer squares and rectangles of almost any dimension, and our cuts are precise down to one-hundredth of an inch! In the graphic design World, designers use different shapes to convey a variety of messages and feelings to the viewer. Squares and rectangles are easy to recognize. These shapes suggest high levels of efficiency and organization. However, if you want to convey a more playful message to your potential customers, you might want to come up with something funky. And in this case, you'll need to choose the extra option of "special cut."

Special Cut

If you have an unusual shape in your design and don't want to place it on a rectangle circle or square, we can cut accurately around your outline no matter the model. You can upload the full-scale design with cutlines.

If your brain has the non-traditional shape, it will definitely stand out from circles squares and rectangles. If you think of some of your favorite logos, many of them do not have a general geometric shape. When you use the spot white, you can also create negative space around your design. This can make your sign also stand out.

Plexiglass Mounting Options

Before you get your sign order, you'll want to think about how you would like to hang it. The easiest option is to use drilled holes and standoffs. Let's cover that now.

Standard Drill Holes

Drill holes are placed .75" from each corner on center and are .25" in diameter.

To use your own chain, rope, or other hanging devices, you will need to have drill holes in your acrylic sign first. This is the easiest way to hang your sign on just about any wall. You can easily select the drill holes option for top and bottom center, ALL four corner or top corners on your new piece.


You might not even know what standoffs are we're going to cover that. Standoffs are similar to screws. But they're a little different. They are more stylish and professional. Acrylic signs with standoffs don't have a screw head. Acrylic standoffs are a great way to hang wall art in a gallery an office or your home.

They come in different sizes and have three parts. When you get Acrylic signs with standoffs, they have three distinct parts: The cap the Barrel and the screw. I Printmoz we offer stainless steel acrylic standoffs. Acrylic standoffs are durable and will give your sign a polished professional look. There's no better way to hang Your acrylic signs with standoffs. You'll look like a pro even if you're a newbie sign hanger!

If your sign is larger than 36", our system automatically generates six standoffs — one on each corner in two in the center of the longest side. You can check out standoffs here.

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Plexiglass & Acrylic Letters For Outdoor Signs

We talked about circles squares rectangles and unusual shapes for acrylic signs. Now we're going to move on to something different. You can get acrylic sign letters in any van that you choose. Some of our customers swear acrylic letters for outdoor signs are one of the best investments they've ever made!

We cut our acrylic signage letters from a solid flat sheet with the most advanced technology in the printing industry. Large acrylic sign letters will stand out from far away. So if your Warehouse or office is a far distance from Maine traffic Road, we say when it comes to acrylic signage letters the bigger, the better. This is especially important if you have a large wall or your plexiglass letters.

Plexiglass letters give a high-quality look Are cost-effective and durable. In fact, acrylic signage letters are in alternative to metal letters. When it comes to acrylic letters for outdoor signs, the options are practically Unlimited.

Acrylic sign letters are made to last. Your Acrylic letters also can come in quarter inch or 1/8 inch thickness. If you're using acrylic letters for outdoor signs, you can hang them on drywall brick, stone, metal siding or even concrete.

Plexiglass letters and acrylic letters for outdoor signs can come in spot white printing if you would like a design on your letters, but the most standard and traditional is the flood White. When you add your glass letters to your cart if you don't specify we will automatically give you flood white color. You can get the entire alphabet, symbols, and even unusual shapes such as the app symbol in your plexiglass letters. We can print and cut out any design you can think of!

Now we're onto a new topic in The acrylic sign world. Let's talk about what if you're getting hitched? What kind of boho-chic acrylic wedding signs wedding themes could you come up with?

Acrylic Wedding Signs

Do you want to know one of the hottest things happening in the wedding scene now? Acrylic signs wedding themes are Poppin (thanks for that word millennials!). You can opt for a simple Mr. And Mrs. acrylic signs wedding theme. You can also greet your guests with acrylic wedding signs that says "Welcome To Our Beginning" with your names and date underneath.

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Acrylic Signs Wedding Ideas

  • Acrylic Wedding Invitations
  • Acrylic Seating Charts
  • Acrylic Table Numbers
  • Acrylic Wedding Signs
  • Acrylic Directional Signage

Number your tables with these classy printed signs; you can greet your guests, label the bathrooms, And even point your guest in the right direction for the reception or wedding area, and also have a master seating chart with everyone's name listed. Another trend that we've spotted are acrylic wedding invitations!

If you want to if you're going to speak to your guests clearly (pun intended), imagine the look of surprise when your guests unveil acrylic wedding invitations! Your acrylic wedding invitations are almost like a gift and themselves. The people invite with acrylic wedding invitations will definitely remember your date. They may even keep it out as a memento of your big day. And you can bet they'll remember to get you a great gift (or two!).

Acrylic Signs - Other Common Uses

You can get not only wedding invitations and signage with acrylic there are so many more options. This transparent plastic can be used on front glass doors of your business, or to display restaurant menus in a highly classy way. You can also use them in front of brushed aluminum with standoffs for a super high-end look. You can also use acrylic signs with backlighting for dramatic effect. You can even combine flat acrylic signs with cut out metal lettering on top of it. Talk about a high profile look that's sure to impress!

Art galleries, hallway signs listing offices can be displayed together using separate standoffs for each name. You can use tabletop acrylic signs at bar and restaurant tables featuring specials. The options are endless. Something else you might not have thought about is to actually get acrylic with cut-out letters inside showing metal or different colored paint behind it. Your imagination can go wild. Now onto more questions, you may have about an acrylic sign.

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Custom Plexiglass Details

Weather-resistant, reverse printed, and safer than traditional glass. Transparent were not printed (spot white option PNG or PDF with the transparency required).


Indoor/Outdoor. Office, hallways, conference room, building signage, lobby, directional signage

Print Method

Full-color Digital LED reverse print process, weather, fade, and resistant UV perm inks

Estimated Lifespan

4+ years with proper placement and care

Acrylic Sign Common Sizes

  • 12x12"
  • 24x12"
  • 24x24"
  • 24x36"
  • 36x18"
  • 2x4'
  • 48x48"
  • 4'x8'

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