Metal Lettering — The Best Traditional Corporate Signage

Metal Lettering — The Best Traditional Corporate Signage

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Certainly, indoor or outdoor metal lettering is one of the best ways to let people you know you are serious about business. That is to say, metal letters for a sign are simply the best choice to make your business stand out. They can be used for just about anything. In the same vein, you can get healthcare signage, office signs, football stadium signage, custom reserved parking signs, and outdoor retail signs. Meanwhile, Printmoz can cut letters for a sign for you that are a bold expression of your brand. In other words, whether it be small metal letters or bold aluminum letters that make an impressive statement.

Imagine your metal lettering building your brand

First, when you have a vision for your office space inside or out aluminum letters are a simple solution. We can turn your vision into reality for instance. Secondly, your metal lettering message can be at the forefront or recede into the background in your lobby. At printmoz, we offer aluminum letters that can be highly customized. Thirdly, imagine any shape cut to perfection in a variety of your favorite fonts and in any color. We assure a high-end look with affordability that can’t be beaten.

Let your walls do the talking for you with metal lettering

If you have empty walls, you’re losing out on free real estate in your office, warehouse or store. Namely, when you use custom aluminum lettering to increase your brand awareness, you can tell people your story and win loyal customers. Use motivational messages you can associate with your business in modern metal lettering. In particular, classic small metal letters are perfect for inspirational quotes, or your company slogan. You can choose from brushed aluminum, aluminum, or Dibond in small metal letters or large metal letters. Customizing your wall space will help you convert people on the fence to jumping to do business with you.

Business life is fast

We’ll get your metal lettering on your doorstep fast. We know you’re busy, and after you take your advertising to the next level, you’ll be even busier! Our team understands your needs, and we have quick printing and shipping. You may think that buying custom metal lettering is out of your budget, but with our proprietary, cutting-edge software we pass along the savings to you. According to the Small Business Association, commercial signs are the utmost importance for small businesses. If you want to compete with the big boys you've got to have outside signage. Read more about why metal signs for business are so crucial here.

When you buy quality, you’ll save money with metal lettering

Although it may seem counterintuitive, choosing long-lasting aluminum letters are super affordable. Equally important, your metal letters last longer than and look incredible displayed on brick, plaster, wood or even concrete. Directly impacting the image of your business with custom business signs. Therefore, when your business looks good, it will reflect on you too. You can look to google images to get more ideas of what we can do for you!

Some signs are made better than others

Importantly, Printmoz takes aluminum letters for your business serious. You can get small metal letters for many places. The boardroom, lobby, every office door, or outside your building. Furthermore, every person working in your business deserves something to make them feel special. Putting a person’s name and title on their office door will make them feel good. In fact, potential customers will see you taking care of your people and be more inclined to work with you. Furthermore, this lets them know that you’ll also take care of them.

Give even the dirty places a reason to shine!

For example, aluminum letters will even add a touch of class to your restrooms or even the broom closet. Using metal letters for any sign can bring quality to your business. In any place imaginable. Letters for a sign aren’t limited to anywhere. Most importantly, everywhere is an option! For example, if you have a massage practice, you can even put metal lettering on the ceiling!

Is metal lettering easy to install?

It sure is! For instance, you can easily install your aluminum letters with standoffs. Therefore, combining a printed background on glossily printed aluminum signs is another way to make your metal letters for a sign stand out. In addition, having two layers gives a highly architectural look to any simple letters. Subsequently, you can also have metal letters cut out on one sheet to have a reverse effect. Similarly, installing LED lights behind your metal lettering cutouts will make your lettering or logo really shine. As an illustration, you can integrate your metal letters for a sign to compliment and highlight architectural elements.

Get three of a kind

For example, you can create your metal letter signage into creative pieces that flow. Specifically, different styles, with similar graphics, or font styles. Above all, try choosing shapes of metal letters or logos that enhance the lines of your building. In order to create flow from your road sign to the lobby for your offices.

Even if you’re not a graphic designer you still need to know which metal lettering font to choose

A trained designer can create a sign that looks right, but if you have a good eye for design, you can too (if you know some of the best fonts to use). In many cases, you’ll want to use your branded fonts, unless it’s hard to read from afar. Having good typography in your metal lettering signage will help your business stand out.

The right metal lettering signage can make a big difference in your business

Whether you’re getting 3inch metal letters for the hallway or 1.5 inch metal letters for office doors, you’ll want to keep things consistent. Some popular typefaces are in many design programs. Here are a few: Garamond, Helvetica, Trajan, Futura, Bodoni, Akura Popo and Berlin and Rockwell are favorites among designers.

When you are picking out a metal lettering font make sure it flows with your logo and other fonts you may already have chosen for your business

It’s OK to use more than one but keeping hallway fonts, all the same, leading the way for clients. If you have a cursive type font, it may not be appropriate for all of your metal lettering font types. We suggest using no more than two, and three is general max. There are however brands who go with a funky style an have a different font and color for every letter in their name. If this is your style go for it!

Most importantly, consistency will give your business a cohesive feel and customers will always know they’re at the right place.

In addition, give your business the visual consistency that feels right for you, and your customers. Most importantly, keeping up appearances matters in business. In conclusion, a flow that invites people into your business will keep them coming back!

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