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Have you ever wanted to add some pizzaz to your driving experience? Using number plate graphics is a way to stand out. For any vehicle owner, it's a way to incorporate a unique number. 

Before you apply the custom number plate graphics, you want to ensure that it has durability. This can give you long-lasting quality and a reliable finish. A number plate is a great detail to distinguish your vehicle. Whether you’re driving a bus, van, or motorbike number plate graphics can be a fun start to express yourself creatively. 


DIY Custom Number Plate Graphics 


NY Yankees car plateDo you ever get bored looking at your vehicle? If you’re a motocross driver or a speed racer, number plate graphics are helpful to draw attention to your performance. The best thing about custom decals is that you’re able to choose from any design you want. 

Applying the custom decals yourself, will give you more control in the finished product. Sometimes if you hire someone to apply it for you, it can turn out different from how you envisioned. 

There’s a wide range of fonts and shapes that you could choose from. Think about a family name or an organization that you associate yourself with. The manufacturers can make sizeable ones according to your vision. 

You have the power to make it as vibrant or as simple as possible. This can bring out the creative side in you and help you think of new ideas. Our team wants you to have reliable plates that’ll look sharp and fun. 



How to Make DIY Number Plate Graphics on Decals 


custom plate MomyscrDoing it yourself can help you get a more hands-on experience of this process. Any type of custom stickers is a unique way to express your interests. You want to begin by making the number through your computer. 

The digital process will help you get the precision you need. The decal itself will require contact paper, plain paper, and brown packing paper. First, think of the number plate graphic you’re looking for. Is it in bold, dimensional fonts? Is it through simple lettering? 

After you brainstorm, go on your computer and search up or install programs such as the Paintshop program or adobe photoshop. You can choose anything from making your number look shiny to a matte finish. 

Get creative as possible with your designs. You can also add patterns in the background once you have your graphic and color palette down print the graphic. You can apply an epoxy or nail polish for a professional finish. 

Locate the graphic on the contact paper carefully. You don’t want it to ruin your graphic. Make the measurements you need for your vehicle. Once you finalize this process, you can begin putting it on the decal and piecing it all together. 



Things You Will Need 


Before you get started, you want to make sure that you have all the supplies you need. This will ensure a fast and easy process. The main things you’ll need can be either found at home or need to be store-bought. 

The items that you can find at home is a computer, printer, nail polish, and scissors. The store-bought items will require decal paper and a paintbrush. All these tools will assist you during your process.

It’s important that you have all these tools to create striking number plate graphics. The great thing about these materials is that it’s affordable and easily accessible! 



Step-by-step Guide 


Working on car plate designYour computer is a versatile item for many different purposes. To design the best number plate graphic for you, begin by using a graphics program. This way, you can get a better idea of what vision you’re aiming for. 

It’s fairly easy to use, and it is usually already installed for most computers. This is a great way to photoshop or incorporate the images and hues you want. At this point, you can start to think about what type of graphic you want. 

Commonly, you can go for a simple design that had a bold font. If you go for an image that is too small, it can be hard to stand out. For number plates, the bigger, the better! It can give people a better sense of where you stand and what to look for if you’re a competing athlete, for instance. 

Once you ensure that you have a sizeable graphic, you want to locate the graphic through a printer. The best way to test this out is by printing out an example decals to see they fit. The dimensions are really important to see if it blends well with your vehicle. 

After this process is finished, try to cut the decal with the scissors. Be sure to trim the sides to perfection. Take your time with this process because if you rush it, the edges could be jagged. Apply a coat of nail polish to go over the sticker, and once it is fully dried, you can use it. 



Useful Tips 


trimming the car plateWith any DIY project, it can take time, and multiple tries to get it right. Don’t worry about the decal process because our team wants to give you helpful tips to ensure a smooth process. 

Begin by double-checking the position of the decal. Your special design will definitely shine, and all the effort you put into it will clearly show. Base your finished product on the size and accuracy. Make sure it truly represents your interests, such as a sports team or a club you love!

Precision is key when it comes to trimming. You want to make sure the trim is even throughout the front and back of your motorbike. If your decal graphics have black space in the back, it can make it easier for you to trim down. 

Additionally, a helpful tip is to put a layer of nail polish before you apply the decal. This will give it a clean and professional finish. The coat of it will also secure the placing of the sticker. 

Another tip is to ensure that there is no dirt or fingerprints when you apply the decal. This is important because it can ruin the overall adhesive or image of the decal. 

Other Applications of Custom Decals

There are so many things that could use some sprucing up. With a bit of creativity, you can really make everyday things pop. Some popular options include:


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