How To Arrange Wall Art


  1. Enjoy Canvas

    Split canvases are a stunning option if you want to share your photos in a unique way. The multi panel split canvases are also a great way to get creative in your home or office space, by giving your designs a contemporary platform. Kudos to you for this excellent article!

  2. Thanks for explaining that we'll need to get out a tape measure to help us arrange our art. I want to buy some canvas art of nature for my cabin. Your tips will help as I try to hang the art in a way that looks good.

  3. I'm thinking of hanging some family wall art for sale from a good store on a wire. Thanks for adding that I should measure the wall art pieces so that I'll know how to hang them. Since I'm on a budget, I can hopefully find a good store where I can buy a good design.

  4. I like how you talked about paying attention to the wall arrangements. My wife and I need art desperately in our house. I'll have to consider getting a some portraits and frames.

  5. I like that you mentioned that it is a good idea to break rules when you are decorating your walls with art. My wife and I want to get some new paintings to hang up in our dining room so that we can add a little extra personality to it. I think it would be a good idea for us to find some contemporary artwork we can use.

  6. I like how you said that we shouldn't be afraid to play around with the placement if we plan on hanging two pictures in a staggered fashion. My husband and I want to find a custom picture framing service for some of our favorite family photos. Thanks for sharing these great design ideas I can keep in mind as we decide where to hang the pictures!

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