How To Place Real Estate Yard Signs - Boost Open House Traffic [3 TIPS]

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Best Ways To Place Yard Signs

Yard Sign Printing will boost exposure for your property, and will drive traffic to your location. Yard signs are low cost, and high reward if done correctly. The truth is, everyone in the neighborhood should be considered a potential client and everyone who sees your signage will take notice. As such, the placement of your signage is critical in gaining the best exposure – especially when there are other signs. If your open house signs are fabricated as corrugated plastic yard signs, there are a few important basics to keep in mind. Besides being very readable and legible, location placement is vital, and visibility is essential. After all, there’s a big difference promoting an open house in a quiet neighborhood without much traffic compared to a property on a busy street. If it’s a typical weekend, your custom yard signs will have to compete! For more real estate tips and best practices click here.

What are the typical open house signs?

Many agents still prefer the conventional A-Frame yard sign for promoting their open houses. Why is that? It’s simply because they work! They fold effortlessly. They are easy to place. And they are sturdy in the wind. They can also be customized with a “rider” to add relevant information. Directional signs are also useful for open houses, especially when you need that extra push in a quiet neighborhood or rural location. 

Should yard signs be single or double sided?

If you’re already ordering your custom signs online, then single-sided or double-sided will depend on your budget. As for placement on the street, vehicle traffic goes in one direction generally, so it’s a toss-up whether the traffic in both directions can read the double-sided signage. For real estate purposes, a two-sided sign will likely offer more versatility – you can place it anywhere without having to worry about traffic direction. Real Estate sign riders are also a very crucial element that adds extra flair to get your listing sold faster. Not sure what riders are? Learn about sign riders and how effective they can be!

What materials are best for signage?

Custom Coroplast Yard Signs

Signage material should be decided on based on usage. For some, corrugated plastic yard signs might be the answer. For others, vinyl yard signs may do the job. If you’re going to order custom yard signs online, there should be a range of materials to choose from, with suggestions on usage. As usual, prices will vary according to the material chosen – but with open house signs, it’s important to think in the long term.

What type of message works the best on corrugated plastic yard signs?

In any type of business, and that includes real estate, it’s highly recommended to keep messaging simple and straightforward. The fewer the words - the better. Needless to say, contact info is the most critical (particularly the phone number). Directional arrows are also essential. As for the actual address of the open house, if there is no room on the sign facing, then it’s a good idea to place a “sign rider” on top for more clarity. Read more on how to make the best eye-catching yard signs.

What are the benefits of online orders?

In terms of budget, many real estate agents have realized that ordering signage online is very cost effective. Ordering and shipping is direct and there is no “middle man”. Therefore, there are cost-savings. More than that, quality is guaranteed with today’s advanced printing technologies. With online ordering, you can create, design, order, and ship at your convenience. And with a good signage provider, it’s all guaranteed.

Real estate post signs should be placed as close to traffic as possible

This means foot traffic and car traffic. You’ll want to give plenty of people the opportunity to know about your open house or keep eyeballs on a house that’s for sale. If your prospect isn’t on Zillow or read your local real estate magazines, this is an affordable way to reach plenty of people.

Real estate signs also play a big part in branding real estate brokers and agent

When you use real estate sign riders, and other signage makes sure to keep your branding consistent with your real estate office colors. If your primary palette is green and white, don’t have a blue and red palette on your real estate signs. You c

Luxury real estate signs you might not have thought about

Are another option if you want to have something you can use over and over. An opportunity many people don’t use (that could be a sneaky tactic for you) is an A-frame sign. These really stand out for an open house. They easily fold up into the back of your truck or car. These can also be printed, and you don’t have to worry if there is grass to use coroplast yard sign stakes. Many times city and downtown areas don’t have a grassy area for this type of signage. Durable A-frame signs can be placed anywhere and are easy to fold for transport.

You can get a cheap yard sign no minimum required!

You can order one if you want (but the more eyeballs on your signage the better!) You can get one, ten or a truckload if you have a lot of listings. If you’re on a small budget or have several houses on the market, you can easily customize each sign for each specific listing. There is a hungry buyer’s market, and they just need to see you. Ordering the exact amount of signs you need will save you time and money. When you order cheap yard signs not minimum is required and you’ll still get high quality (no matter how many signs your order).

Metal yard signs do the trick as well as coroplast signs and vinyl

If you want to use a sign, such an open house sign you can use this over and over and metal signs are extremely durable in any kind of weather. As long as there’s not too much snow, people are guaranteed to see your sign. And the best part is you can use it again and again. When you put the necessary information on a yard sign, it can last for years to come and will never go out of style as long as you use a classic design. We know you’ll keep it classy and easy to read!

Yard signs near me are what you want every potential homebuyer to see — near everyone! 

You’ll want to place your yard signs near and far! Ordering online makes it feel like you’re ordering close to home because they are delivered straight to your door quickly and easily. We want to take the work out of getting custom signage made so you can do more of what you do best. Selling homes to people who need them. Real estate signs are proven marketing tools. Whether it’s a sale sign, a lease sign, or an open house sign, they are one of the most cost-effective tools in any agent’s arsenal. With a totally customized approach, you can create your own unique signs to attract attention and generate business. And with online ordering, you can pick and choose from a huge selection of signs for every possible need. 


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