Getting Vinyl Banners Printed and Ideas for a Great Retractable Banner

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Retractable banners are a favorite among businesses, advertisers, venues, restaurants, and event planners. That said, retractable custom banners are extremely versatile, and therefore, it can be somewhat challenging to come up with the best design for your intended purpose. The good news is you don't have to brainstorm alone. Before you get vinyl banners printed or order your retractable banners, let's go over a few common vinyl banner designs as well as how to create a memorable sign.

Common retractable vinyl banner ideas

In general, there are a variety of retractable vinyl banner ideas that the best and brightest like to use for their campaign or marketing. However, in the interest of time, let's go over the most common ideas that net the most results—the product image highlight, message highlight, product array, minimal approach, and the all-text design.

Product image highlight

As the name implies, the 'product image highlight' design is created with a product or particular service in mind. Here, people appreciate the direct approach that this retractable signage provides. Typically, the product or service image is the main focal point on this signage, and has just enough information about the said service or product to draw the viewer or consumer in.

The message highlight

In contrast, the 'message highlight' approach or design idea centers around the advertising campaign's message. Usually, this type of banner can net powerful results because it's designed in such a way that it speaks directly to the target audience, and addresses a particular issue that they are passionate about. For instance, a shoe company might highlight the fact that they use 100% recyclable materials, and with each purchase, a pair of shoes is donated to a person in need. Note that the logo or brand is normally placed above the message, which takes center stage.

Product array

The ‘product array’ design or approach, on the other hand, focuses on multiple promotional products for services on the same banner. In this instance, product images are stacked on top of one another in a visually or aesthetically pleasing way. Moreover, this particular banner design, more often than not, includes a short/concise slogan or tidbit about the featured products or services. Commonly, the product array retractable banner is all about presenting the consumer with choices.

Minimal approach

Another common high-quality design approach is a minimalistic one. Here, with this style of banner, it's all about efficiency and only what needs to be said. Normally, a retractable banner that relies upon a 'minimal approach' design may have a single photo of the service or product, one or two words describing the product, the company logo, and social media sites or a web address located at the bottom of the sign.

All text

The final banner approach or design worth highlighting is the 'all text' retractable ad sign. This format is often used for advertising or providing information about complex events - a prime example of an 'all text' retractable sign can be a multi-day conference or concert. Typically, logos are placed at the bottom, and the remainder of the ad is either text or mostly text with an eye-catching image at the very top.

How to design a memorable banner

Obviously, these are just a few ways to design your retractable vinyl banner/custom signage. Nevertheless, if you want to start from scratch, it's important to know how to design unique custom vinyl banners/vinyl signs. Overall, the most effective way to create such signage is to identify your purpose, focus on your brand, print on a large scale when possible, and use brand colors/themes. It's also important to have clear and concise text or messaging and select enticing or attention-grabbing images (this is especially true for photo banners/step and repeat backdrops).

Additional tips

That said, once you've figured out the best approach for your custom vinyl banner, there are a few additional tips you may want to consider to ensure that your signage is the right choice for you and your target market or audience.

Make two designs and ask the audience on social media for their opinion.

One way to get a feel for what your consumer or viewer is looking for is to make more than one banner design and see what they prefer. Here, you can try out a minimal approach and a banner designed from scratch. This is also a great way to get your audience involved with your message, product, or event since most people love voting for campaigns/brands and enjoy voicing their opinion on social media platforms.

Make an Instagram-worthy sign.

You can create a standard vinyl custom banner and an additional sign geared more toward selfies and free promotion via Instagram along those same lines. An Instagram-worthy sign or banner typically would showcase a unique design or even be a photo backdrop with your logo strategically placed.

Popular custom banner sizes

You may also want to consider exploring different or popular sizes. In terms of retractable signage or custom banners, you'll most likely find that people either choose a 24'' x 81'' banner or a 33'' x 81'' banner. However, these aren't the only sizes for banners with a retractable design, nor do banner stands only come in compatible sizes to the banner dimensions mentioned above.

Print multiple signs of different sizes.

Last but not least, who says you have to choose when it comes to sizes? Why not make the best of the available banner dimensions and get other sizes that may increase your product or brand exposure instead? Note that you may want to also look at fabric banners, double-sided banners for outdoor use, step and repeat banners, and pop-up displays.


Ultimately, designing and printing retractable vinyl banners that are right for you may involve a little trial and error. But then, by utilizing these tips and design approaches above, you'll have excellent banners/custom signage sooner than you think.


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