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Kiss Cut Vs Die Cut Stickers — What’s The Difference?

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Kiss Cut vs Die Cut - What's Best For You?

People have been asking us about kiss cut vs die cut stickers. There is a little (OK, a lot of confusion) with so many people. We want you to get the right sticker that fits your needs. The confusing part is— they’re similar in many ways.

So, let’s talk about kiss cut vs die cut stickers similarities, first.

    • Kisscut sticker sheets and die cut stickers each have a backing that will stick to almost anything: notebooks, lockers or computers or whatever.
    • Die cut stickers, and kisscut stickers are both made of vinyl.
    • Die cut sticker and kisscut stickers are both sticky, of course!
    • When you take them off the paper backing, they look the same!
They almost sound like the same sticker, but they’re not.

What’s the difference between kiss cut vs die cut stickers anyway?

Finally! We’re getting to the nuts and bolts of their dissimilarities. There is one main difference when it comes to die cut stickers printing and kisscut stickers printing process . . . It’s so simple! We cut die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers a little differently.

How are kiss cutting stickers cut?

No paper is cut by our plotters when they are kisscut stickers. While creating kisscut sticker sheets, the outside of the sticker design is cut by a plotter or a sharp metal die, and it bites through the sticker and only “kisses” the paper. The words “kissing the paper” is an easy way to remember the way a kiss cut sticker is cut. Kisscut sticker sheets are gentler than a die cut sticker process.

Are kiss cut sticker sheets the best option for your business?

Kiss cutting stickers come in sheets. They are easy to apply after you get the exact cut of your design. Exact cut or kiss cut are a best option for quick application. They’re uniform and easy to remove. If you want a variety of sticker designs, you or your designer can figure out the easiest way to fit your different designs onto one kiss cut sticker sheet. This can save you money if you have a small budget to start. You can get many different stickers on one page. If you want variety, a kiss cut sticker sheet is the way for you to go. Kiss cut sticker sheets can have more than one sticker to a page.

Kiss cutting stickers can have many of the same design on one page— or different designs.

Think of kid sticker sheets in grade school. Your teacher could have had a sheet of stickers that said 100% or Good job!, Way to go, or stickers cut out in the shape of stars, hearts or apples,

Another example of kiss cut stickers is postage stamps.

Many kiss cut stickers or stamps fit on one page.
  • Books of stamps
  • Sheets of stamps
  • Pages of stamps
Our plotters "kiss the sticker paper and don't through the paper like the die cut stickers process. Now, we’re going to get into the nitty-gritty with the die cut stickers printing process now. This information will help you decide which kind of sticker you need. Furthermore, kiss cut sticker sheets are a great way to market your business.

How does a die cut sticker printer work?

Our high-tech cutters, go around the unique sticker shape you uploaded to Printmoz. It cuts through not only the vinyl sticker, but it also slices through the paper backing too. Our die cut stickers printing works on a variety of sizes, shapes and any wild design you can dream up. Most importantly, stickers can help your business in many ways. There's a social media site called LINE, based in Japan that has increased their users to 600 million and had a revenue of $1.517 billion with the help of stickers!

I want to order die cut sticker printer. What do you have?

Above all a die cut sticker can come in all kinds of shapes: square, circle, rectangle, mandala or any crazy sort of way you can imagine. Your labels can be in the form of a cat or a cow if you’re feeling that vibe. Die cut sticker printer techs make these kinds of stickers, the paper and the label are cut. Consequently, the vinyl cutter "kills" the paper instead of kissing it. The paper and sticker part of Die cut stickers are the same. The stickers and the paper are the same shape. There’s no extra paper around your decal. Diecut stickers are not on a sheet. They are flying solo with only one sticker at a time. Above all, it makes die cut stickers so easy to apply or stick in your customer's bag after they buy something. You can get glossy or matte finishes from Printmoz. Our sticker specialists craft die cut stickers to your specifications. The die cut sticker printer plotter cuts all the way through the sticker and the paper. As a result, you only have the exact design shape.

Let’s look at some examples of diecut stickers.

This is what they’ll look like before you take off the paper backing and after you stick. Diecut stickers (stick part and paper) are precisely cut to order.

Why would I choose a die cut sticker then?

However, if you want to use your stickers for more branding and the shape of your logo is part of that. Die cut is the way to go. Uniquely cut die-cut stickers at a trade show, or convention will stand out more than a square or a circle sticker sheet on a table. Many companies use die-cut stickers for giveaways, or the last minute upsell at the register. Don't miss out on free advertising with people sharing your brand for free on their cars, computers, and lockers. Stickers from Printmoz work to help you get your name out into the world!

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