What Is A Die Cut Sticker?

What Is A Die Cut Sticker and how do I make one?

In the past die cut, sticker printers would use a “cookie cutter” type of process to create the uniform shape you desired. Usually squares, rectangles, or squares. They could have rounded corners as well.

So, what is a die cut sticker?

With modern technology at a die cut sticker printer facility things are much easier. A die cut sticker is a sticker that can be cut into any shape you choose. Your custom die cut stickers can be as unique as you. Die cut sticker printing is an exceptional way to get your brand, band or products noticed. When you upload your artwork, your sticker and the paper backing will be cut into the shape of your design. There will be no extra material backing around your sticker. As a result, if this isn’t the type you want, check out our kiss cut stickers! Your design can have notches, crazy curves, and pointy or rounded corners. They will make a dynamic statement for your business. You get to choose if your design has a border or not. Your diecut stickers will stand alone, or you can stack them up on a counter at your jewelry store, restaurant or any other brick and mortar business. Stick them in a basket, or hang them on the wall with pegboard for a great display. People love stickers! computer with die cut stickers

What kind of material do you use for custom die cut stickers?

Printmoz uses top quality 3.4 mil vinyl. These kinds of custom die cut vinyl stickers are great for inside showroom floors or even on any wall. Our die cut sticker printer machine will make your custom die cut vinyl stickers so they will last for years with even with tons of foot traffic. Check out our fully automated Esko Kongsberg C 64 cutters in action here!

Can you cut a huge custom die cut sticker for me?

At Printmoz we offer the best 3.4 mil thick vinyl that can be up to a full sheet at 60" x 120" in size. Now, that would be a big sticker! Now, you might want to know how we do it.

How are die cut stickers actually cut?

Die cut sticker printing techs at Printmoz use the latest high-speed cutting technology. So, your sticker will look amazing! Your brand will last for years on all kinds of things— cars in any kind of weather when you opt for our top-selling vinyl diecut sticker decals. Die cut stickers are the easiest way to make your brand “stick”— literally. If you’re looking for custom, die cut stickers you’ll need to figure out which custom die cut vinyl stickers shapes you’ll want. Most often businesses use their logo or slogan. Some die cut vinyl stickers printing companies only offer the basics: circles, squares, and rectangles. Here at Printmoz, we offer custom die cut stickers that will stand out above the rest. While we provide the classics (if that’s what you want— we’ve got it!), we also go beyond the classics. Our die cut sticker printer uses the best weather resistant and scratch resistant vinyl, so they’re suitable for indoors or outside. These diecut stickers are durable and have vibrant colors if you have a colorful logo. guarantee die cut sticker graphic

Do you want to get some cool die cut sticker ideas?

Die cut Stickers can be used on specialty craft products. Artists can upload their artwork to be put on a die cut stickers to promote their paintings and make a few extra bucks. You can create several die cut sticker designs to sell along with your t-shirt business. Promote your bar or restaurant by giving away stickers with your logo. Here are some other great sticker ideas:
  • Barcodes
  • Product labels
  • Food product labels
  • Stickers for sale in independent packages
  • Freebies at conventions and tradeshows
  • Cool shaped bumper stickers
  • Nutrition facts for die cut stickers

A die cut sticker printer can create bar codes for your products.

First of all, you’ll want to visit this site to get your company prefix, pick your size, color, etc. Get the legitimate barcode the right way first. Before you get your barcode custom die cut stickers printed sign up for the right code. Don’t copy and paste your barcode from anywhere online. If you are making food product labels using die cut stickers printing, make sure you visit the FDA before you proceed. Above all, follow all of their guidelines before you create your die cut sticker. They have specific font sizes, and label sizes for nutritional labeling. Do it the right way the first time. Die cut labels are fun and durable. You can also get them in a glossy or matte finish. day of the dead die cut sticker

Consequently, our custom vinyl die cut stickers will last and last!

Outdoors Printmoz die cut stickers generally last a long time outside (maybe less if exposed to extreme heat or direct sunlight). They are scratch and weather resistant. If you have your die cut stickers placed on a floor with heavy foot traffic you can expect them to last a little less. Wall stickers usually last longer than floor stickers. Therefore the time they last will depend on where you put them. See Floor decals for a longer lasting vinyl thats is design for foot traffic!

What kind of adhesive is on the back of your custom vinyl diecut stickers?

The high adhesive we use will not damage most surfaces. You and your customers will stick stickers on computers, car bumpers, or anywhere you like. If you want to remove your stickers usually a little warm soapy water, adhesive remover, or rubbing alcohol will often do the trick.

What kinds of file types do you accept at your die cut sticker printing?

Any vectorized file with fonts outlined
  • PDF
  • AI
  • PNG (with transparency out system will generate cut lines for you)

Die cut vs kiss cut stickers — Is there a difference?

When it comes to stickers, they are made similarly, but they're not all exactly the same. Kiss cut stickers are made with a finely tuned printer. It is pressure sensitive and cuts the sticker only and not the paper. So you’re left with paper backing around it. On the other hand, die cut stickers are cut to shape — sticker and paper! So you’re left with a sticker that has the exact same shape on the paper backing as well. Check out this article called “Kiss Cut vs Die Cut stickers — What’s the difference” if you want to learn even more!

Why custom stickers?

Because they “stick” in the minds of your customers and potential customers. Custom stickers will make your business stand out above a plain sticker. It doesn’t matter is you get a die-cut sticker or a kiss-cut sticker. Either will do the trick.   Die-cut stickers are great if you want to sell or hand out single stickers with your logo or message. They’re so fun and are in any shape you like.

Die cut laptop stickers are an incredible way to advertise!

You’ll get free promotions galore in your local libraries and coffee shops all over! Die cut laptop stickers can also be put on other places like refrigerators, cars, and even skateboards. When you are giving away stickers for laptops they could end up just about anywhere. The marketing potential is unlimited! Therefore, if you need help uploading your design, please contact our incredible customer support! Or if you want to know the difference of what is kiss cutting, check out our blog to learn all the answers.

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