What Is Kiss Cutting, Kiss Cut Stickers, Decals and Labels?

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Kiss Cutting Stickers, Sheets And Decals

Printmoz.com customers have been asking us about kiss cutting stickers and kiss cutting. We’ve got the answers to this burning question . . .

What Does Kiss Cutting Stickers Mean?

Kiss cutting is one way of creating stickers that are different than die cut stickers. This is the ultimate resource for you to find out about kisscut stickers. Kiss cutting is a great way to advertise your business on your vehicle or storefront. So, can you tell me more about kiss cutting sticker— pretty please?

So, can you tell me more about kiss cutting stickers— pretty please?

Of course! We love to answer your questions about printing and kiss-cut sticker sheet printing. Kiss cutting is a process of cutting sticker paper or vinyl. Kiss cut sticker sheet printing is when the adhesive top layer of a sticker sheet is “kissed” by a kiss vinyls plotters. The plotter knows the precise amount of pressure to leave the paperback intact. So instead of getting a sticker with no paper edge around it, like a die cut sticker— the kiss cutting labels are left with a border of paper around and behind it. An exact cut is a term we use at Printmoz— it means the same thing as a kiss cut. A kisscutting knife cuts around the sticky part of the vinyl kiss cutting sheets so you can easily remove the stickers. When this happens, the slippery paper stays intact. The stickers (if there are any left) on the sheet remain attached and are unmoved from the paper backing.

What Does Is Mean To Kiss Vinyls?

The old-fashioned way would be to manually cut sticker paper with a sharp knife or a razor. Oh, how the times have changed! Now the technology is super precise when it comes to creating and cutting custom kiss cut sticker sheets. Our modern cutting technology (Esko Kongsberg C 64 Cutters) is precise up to 100th of an inch. After your design is cut out, our dedicated team weeds out the unnecessary parts of the extra vinyl. Such as the leftover sticker paper around your business name. Or the inside of the letters O, E or B. We get rid of the stickers you don't need.

How do I apply kiss cut vinyl to my window or car?

Our exact cut saves you time. After we weed the extras out, we place sticky transfer tape to the front of your design. We'll roll it up and ship it to you. Simply unroll your decal. Then, remove the paper backing. After that place the exact cut vinyl on your window or vehicle. Next, press down with a credit card or squeegee. Lastly, remove the transfer tape. Voila! You're left with your logo or business information.

There is a difference between kiss cut labels and kiss vinyls. Want to know how?

A kiss cut label or sticker can be on paper or foil. Kiss cut vinyls are on vinyl. They're much more durable than regular paper. Kiss vinyl is a great option for most projects.

Can I get more than one design on a custom kiss cut sticker sheet?

The simple answer is yes! Kiss cutting is popular among sticker fans who want to have many stickers on the same sheet. Because you can have any shapes as long as they fit on the page.

You or your designer can create your kiss cut stickers exactly how you like.

You can also get the same shape and size sticker on your kiss cut sticker sheets. An excellent example for kisscut sticker or labels would be address labels. You’ve probably gotten them in the mail from non-profits. Sometimes these labels have the same exact size, words an graphics on one sheet. Others have different shapes and sizes on one sheet. This is possible for your kiss cut sticker ideas.

Want another good reason why you would want to get kiss cut stickers instead of die cut stickers?

Let’s say you have a sugar scrub business you’re starting, and you have nine different sugar scrubs that need labels. First, you’ll want to make sure you meet the FDA requirements since sugar scrub is considered a cosmetic. Check out their guidelines before you create your sugar scrub kiss cut stickers. If you have nine scents, you can have 3 rows of three on each sheet of the variety of scrubs you want to offer.

Here’s how you can set up your document for the front labels for your kiss cut sticker sheets.

  • First row: Lavender - Vanilla - Coffee Bean
  • Second row: Orange Peel - Brown Sugar - Rose
  • Third row: Chai - Pumpkin Spice - Grapefruit
You can set up different stickers for each row like this example of badges or you can get an entirely different design for your next kiss cut sticker sheet. Your options are limitless (well, as long as you fit if on the kiss cutting stickers sheet)!

What stickers are good to get as kisscut stickers?

Address labels, any kind of uniform stickers (if you need a bunch of the same thing). Or any crazily shaped custom kiss cut sticker sheets, and you want or need different designs. When the kiss cutter goes all the way through the peelable part of the kiss-cut sticker sheet printing, you can easily bend the sticker sheet to remove your preferred sticker. Kisscut stickers come in full sheets. Check out our blog if you have any questions about which sticker type is right for your project. This will show you the right reasons you may want to get a die cut sticker instead.

What is die cut?

Die cut printing process was created (using old-school methods) was to make custom shapes. The piece used was called a die. What a big surprise! It was a piece of metal that was shaped to a custom design. Imagine it like a big paper punch with a special shape. In today’s modern printing world, the printers are a lot more high tech! Now we use printers like this that have precision technology to get the shape you want in a die cut sticker quickly and easily.

Custom stickers can die cut or kisscut

Both kinds of custom stickers can be made in a very similar way. They are both printed and cut with the same kind of printer. When a sticker or sticker sheet is kisscut, only the sticker is cut, not the paper backing. Custom stickers are a fun way to get your message out to the world. This is a way to promote anything and custom stickers will never go out of style. Especially if they have a great design.

Die cut sticker printer

Many of the larger die cut sticker printer options are found online. But some are better than others. It depends what you’re looking for in a die cut sticker printer. Think about what is important to you.
  • Does the die cut sticker printer have a fast turnaround time?
  • Do they have good customer feedback?
  • Is their website easy to navigate?
  • Are there plenty of options for you to choose from?
  • How easy is it to reach customer support?
Once die cut stickers vs kiss-cut sticker sheet printing labels are off the page— they all look the same. You’ll just need to decide which type of sticker is best for you and your budget. Stickers are an affordable way to make your business stand out. When you have quality custom kiss cut sticker sheets or die cut sticker, you will be on your way to successfully brand your business the easy way!

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