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Mounting Photos on Gator Board

You probably have photos that you want to display on your wall to show off to everyone. Who wouldn’t want to be reminded of their best times with their loved ones? When it comes to displaying your photos though, you can’t just hang them up on the wall without a proper mount, or you’ll expose them to the elements. There’s also a potential for conditions in the air to ruin them completely even on a high quality gator board. There is a multitude of techniques that you can use to mount a photo and maintain its sleek integrity. It all depends on the type of photo, its material print and the importance to you.

What is Photo Mounting?

Photo mounting is the process of using adhesives to fix your printed photos onto a board. It uses a large heat sealer to fix the adhesive on the back of your photo onto materials such as foam board, PVC, aluminum, or other solid materials. Mounting will also give your photo a grounded look and prevents the sides from ever warping, or folding due to being adhered to the back of a substrate material. Mounted photos of any size are easier to fit the mold, as you don’t need a perfect frame to match said photo. There are many ways to mount a photo, such as: dry mounting, conservation mounting, adhesive mounting, and wet mounting technique.

Each technique is used in different situations based on a number of factors such as:

  • Quality
  • Age
  • Size
  • Type of print the photo is on

There are pros and cons to each type of technique, so to ensure you pick the best type, a good deal of research should be done.

Mounting with Gator Board

Gator board is similar in many ways to the classic mounted foam board. One difference is an outer coating that is composed of a thin layer of pressed wood, instead of the cheap pressed paper from foam board. The turnaround from conception to finished product with Gator board is quick. And it’s of upmost importance to use high quality images to let it shine. Mounting with Gator board is cost effective, and becoming the gold standard practice for photo framing. You will see it mostly in high quality stills at art shows, businesses, and photo galleries. A hanging wire is added to the back of the Gator board which makes it simple to hang up. To mount with Gator board, the photos are printed on a canvas using a large printer feeder, and blown up into a larger size. The adhesive is then added to the back of the photo by a roller. The Gator board is then lifted onto the back of the photo, and trimmed down to size after the adhesive is finished drying. A quick roll with a tough rubber roller is performed to make sure there are no air bubbles between the pieces. The finished print then has your original photo placed onto the high-quality piece of board. It's ready to be hung!

Best Practices For Gatorboard Prints Mounting

While we can take care of the hard part of mounting, just be sure to use high resolution photos so guarantee an attractive image. Otherwise, if it's low resolution, it can appear pixelated and grainy, detracting from whatever message you want to send.

The Benefits of Gator Board

Gator board prints are now one of the best choices for marketing, as it is very cost-effective and looks amazing. It can be used indoor and outdoor, for street campaigns, restaurant signage, art galleries, and other business ventures.


One of the main benefits of Gator board is how quick the speed of delivery is. They can be printed as fast 24 hours, and materials can be interchanged to save costs.


It's much stronger and stiff material than other boards (like foam core), and holds its shape over heavy stress. It won’t bend, like a normal foam board. Shipping can easily compromise a foam board's integrity. However, a gator board's flat surface will allow no air bubbles to find a way into the frame. Instead of paying for expensive frames that must be the absolute perfect size to fit each individual photo, Gator board is cut to be larger than your blown-up photo. It is then cut down and trimmed on each side, to give it the cleanest lines. These are designed to look like your photos are hanging in 3d space. The adhesives used on the back of Gator board is a glue that is not heavy on chemicals, as the rigid surface of the Gator board does not require a highly sticky substance. This will make sure that the integrity of your photo is not ever compromised by the back surface, such as discoloration over a long period.


There are many things you can do to ensure you get your much treasured photos framed. I would highly consider Gator board If you want to display your photos. Gator boards are ideal for the highest quality prints and can help your mounts last a long time, making them great for important occasions. It’s lightweight, very easy to store, ultra-cost effective, and gives off a sleek vibrant look. Especially when given some nice back lighting to help complement it. Your business will look much better with your prints done on Gator board. Give your photos the respect they deserve, and make people look twice when they walk by. Order the best gatorboards online here.


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