What’s The Best Way To Use Custom Die Dut Magnets? TOP TIPS!

Die Cut Magnets - What’s The Best Way To Use them ? [TOP TIPS]

Die cut magnets have a variety of uses for your business. You can promote your brand with them, or make smaller versions of your logo or slogan to do as giveaways. You can also show off products and services with custom shaped car magnets. Another option is to use them as an upsell when people check out at the register. The possibilities are endless!

The primary purpose of custom die cut magnets in business is to help you get more business and keep it! Custom bumper magnets are a fun way to increase brand loyalty along with other types of die cut magnets. If you have a hamburger joint, why not create a cartoony hamburger die cut magnet with your business name?

According to MIT, refrigerator magnets could someday be used as cooling agents. But for now, we'll use them to heat up your business instead!

Custom Die Cut Magnets & The Best Way To Use Them?

There are a couple of ways you can use custom shaped car magnets. You can put them in your vehicles, sell them to existing customers you already have, or doing free giveaways. Promoting goodwill with your business with freebies is always an excellent way to get your message out there. When you put a creative design out into the world, it gives you a chance to make an impression.

die cut magnets don't believe everything you think
Bumper sticker.

Custom Die Cut Magnets Can Be Your New Best Friend

Branding your company with die cut magnets with a unique design all over town will help keep your products and services in mind. It also shows off what you have to offer to people who might not even know about you yet.

You and your loyal customers who have already have your magnetic bumper stickers can show off your business while they drive all over town. If you and your employees have a larger custom shaped magnetic bumper stickers, after your initial purchases, it’s free advertising!

Customized Car Magnets Standard Sizes

The most popular size for businesses to promote themselves is 10 x 20 rectangle custom bumper magnets. For smaller vehicles, people often get 12 x 24, and for bigger size trucks, vans or trailers 18 x 24 is a good option. These options are best for you and the people that work with you.

On the other hand, if you want your customers or potential customers to promote you, you’ll probably need to go with a smaller size. Not many people will be placing a 10 x 20 magnet supporting their favorite artist or coffee shop on their cars.

And the good thing about using Printmoz is you don’t have to have an exact size or shape with your custom developed car magnets.

That’s why we offer specialty printed and die cut magnets. Our 30 mil vinyl is super durable. You can also learn what makes magnets for cars really stick (to almost any car). You can even get sizes up to 38” x 70” if you’re going to go super big!

Magnetic bumper stickers - How To Market Your Business

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in; you can use custom interestingly shaped die-cut magnets or even a traditionally shaped rectangle magnetic bumper stickers. Whether you have a clothing store, insurance office, auto body shop, or a restaurant — your business can benefit from die cut magnets.

Best Bumper Magnets For Giveaways

There are options galore when it comes to custom die cut magnets for bumpers. People love to get free stuff — especially it looks cool on their car or truck and makes them feel like they’re in your “tribe”. Giveaways are an excellent way to build brand loyalty. People like classic rectangles, circles or squares, and funky shapes when it comes to bumper magnets. Magnets are another resource to tie in with your other outdoor business signs.

When you create a bumper magnet, it’s best to have your business name or eye-catching logo. Most people aren’t going to want to have your phone number on their car. But they will more than likely love to promote an artsy bumper magnet with your cool logo.

Another giveaway instead of using bumper magnets is to hand out refrigerator magnets.

You can give out bumper magnets, refrigerator magnets to customers, and people you want to be your customer. Promote your stuff in your store, tradeshows, or conventions. There's no limit to any crazy shape you're thinking about getting.

Customized Car Magnets Design Tips

When it comes to branding, keeping your logo or business name is critical! Not only that you’ll want to make sure to stay in line with a color scheme and font choice that matches your branding all around. If your metal lettering in front of your office has an Arial bold font, you might want to stick with that.

Customized car magnets with a unique contour shape stand out in a sea of rectangles. Don't be afraid to be different, because car advertising works!

Not only does having a distinctive shape make people want to put in on their car or fridge, instead of having a decal, but it’s also easy for people to remove. Some people are wary of putting a vinyl decal on their car but are more than willing to put bumper magnets on their car or truck.

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Custom Shaped Car Magnets Ideas

Custom shaped car magnets are a great way to get your message out, but the people who don’t like to put advertising on their car will at least put it on their refrigerator. Custom cut magnets are useful to put your logo with your phone number, website URL and social handles.

If you have a restaurant or other kind of business you can also put a coupon code customers can use. If they mention their magnet, they can receive a 10% discount on their order. You could also put a menu or calendar on a magnet. Die cut magnets are an excellent way to remind people that your business is the right business for them.

Should I Put My Phone Number On Magnetic Bumper Stickers?

That depends. Do you think people will want your phone number on the back of their car? If you think they'll use it, go for it.

Tell me more about large custom magnets!

If you're here to make your business dollars work hard for you, do it! Can you imagine having a magnet that is three feet wide and almost six feet tall? It’s more than possible with the right printing company that has the highest quality printers in the world.

Custom Cut Magnets Are An option For Jumbo or Small Car Magnets

Or if you want to decorate the world’s largest refrigerator, this will be a good option too! Contour cutting is precise for small or large jobs. If you have a refrigerated truck and don’t want to put on permanent vinyl sticker advertising, this is a great option.

Custom Magnet Bumper Sticker - Large or Small Are Easily Removed

This is a fantastic option for food trucks or drinks delivery trucks that want to promote new items that are available for delivery. If you have a beer distributor, you may even be able to get a beer company to cover the cost of large custom magnets for you.

Die Cut Stickers Work Too, But...

Die cut stickers aren’t quite as easy to remove as the custom magnets cheap deals you can find here. Using large custom magnets are the easiest way to change out your advertising at a great price. You can update your seasonal items almost in an instant.

Die cut magnets sheets are readily available for any of your metal advertising purposes. Don’t waste another second with free advertising space that is available at your fingertips!

The main point before you order your magnetic signs is to make sure you make it great! Remember to use your brands color scheme, logo, or at least your name. It's time to get some more business! 


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