Car Advertising — Does It Really Work? [THE ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Car Advertising — Does It Really Work? [THE ULTIMATE GUIDE]

People are shown ads in today’s world. Nonstop. How are you supposed to stand out from a countless number of advertisements every which way you turn?

Do you want a simple and cost-effective solution? Get a car advertising sticker, or two or ten! Car advertising stickers are an industry standard for all mobile advertising.

Every business is vying for eyeballs to “look this way” or “check out our sale,” or get you to buy something. Whether you’re a dentist offering a discount on teeth cleaning or a real estate broker showing off the new listing — Competition is stiff. Your custom decals can help you get ahead fast.

garage sticker

If you want your brand out and about, there’s nothing better than car decals for advertising.

When you have your car with your logo, phone number, and website or a list of beneficial bullets— you’re bound to build brand awareness. On every street corner, you’ll be seen if you or one of your employees is driving to a job or even the grocery store.

There’s no better way to get a large number of impressions on your business on a budget. You can get a variety of sizes for any car advertising sticker. You can get letters, numbers or eye-catching graphics to promote your brand quickly.

Using a car advertising sticker will get you a big bang for your buck!

In a world where advertising is everywhere sometimes, you feel like you’ve got to scramble to get your business seen. When all you have to do is get in your car, sit on your butt and watch the heads turn. There is, however, a difference between decals vs stickers.

It’s hard not to look at car advertising decals when they’re beside you, driving by you or in front of you. What if you have a house cleaning business and you happen to be stuck and traffic behind “Green Cleaners!” Aren’t you glad that there are car decals for advertising when that happens?

cleaning tools graphic

You don’t have to have dull car decals for advertising either— make yours surprising.

Be funny or creative with the headline you put on your car window graphics. You can bring excitement by showing the benefits of your product or service that you have to offer people as your driving by. If your grass cutting business is struggling, car window graphics are a crucial way to advertise.

People are busy, and if they see lawn mowers and weed eaters on the wagon you’re towing, but don’t know who to call, you’re missing out on business. These drivers can make or break your business.

So, make the best of your travel time and get those potential customers to know you! Car advertising graphics can be with die cut, and kiss cut stickers, car advertising magnet decals and also perforated window signs. If you want to know what is a die cut sticker, check this out.

But don’t ever put your advertising sticker on your windshield!

It’s against the law in many states. You can check out your windshield sticker state laws here.

We want you to increase your business and stay out of the police car. If you want a sticker and can’t put it on your window where you want, the body of your car is the best option.

Running an ad used to be so much easier before social media took over our lives. Facebook and digital billboards, newspapers, and Google advertising are blasting us all day every day.

Once you could just come with a catchy slogan and you were the bee's knees!

But today that’s not the case. Jay Walker-Smith, President of the Marketing Firm Yankelovich told CBS News “Everywhere we turn we're saturated with advertising messages trying to get our attention.”

He also said that we’ve gone from seeing an average of 500 advertisements per day in the 70’s to now seeing closer to 5,000 ads per day. These numbers are staggering, and you need to do whatever you can to build your brand.

It seems like there’s no white space left anywhere, so what little you do have you’ve got to use. So, car advertising stickers are an easy way to fill up that unused advertising real-estate. If you’re not using your car yet, you’re missing out.

You need to find your audience wherever you can, so it might as well be on the side of your wheels! If motorcycles are using their tiny gas tanks for advertising, the side of your car can equal money in your pocket with car advertising stickers.

pile of cash money

Your goal is to make money, and car advertising decals can help you.

The more outrageous and creative the better! Your car advertising and needs to be engaging and not seem like an ad. What can you do to make your ad stand out from the 5000 ads people see every day?

To have a killer advertising strategy, first, you’ve got to have a good slogan so that you can put it everywhere. If you’re not creative, you can hire a creative copywriter or check out Shopify’s slogan generator to help you.

Since we’re talking about Car advertising stickers, I plugged car advertising stickers into the slogan generator. You can get these put on your custom stickers here!

Some of them are pretty darn good. Here are a few examples that came out that I loved!

  • Car advertising stickers… one is not enough (this is my personal favorite)
  • The queen buys car advertising stickers (Good one for the Brits!)
  • Car advertising stickers love it or leave it.
  • Things go better with car advertising stickers.
  • Car advertising stickers for hire.

OK, I’m going to stop now. You get the idea. A catchy slogan is essential for your business.

Let’s get into more benefits of car advertising decals that will get you noticed.

It has one of the cheapest costs per impression of almost any outdoor advertising. Imagine spending $4,000-$20,000 dollars for only one billboard for four weeks. How many products or services would you have to sell to cover that expense?

With the price of car advertising decals at printmoz, you can get custom a car advertising sticker that is 12 x 12” for less than $25. That’s a much better price for a small business owner than renting billboard space. Want to know the difference of kiss cut vs die cut stickers?

four cups of coffee

Using stickers for advertising is one of the best deals in the market. And you could spend more than that at Starbucks on coffee in only one week.

Now it doesn’t stop there. Car decals for advertising that are 12” x 24” at Printmoz are less than 50 bucks. You can have one for each side of your vehicle for a grand bargain that lasts and builds your brand everywhere you go.

Car advertising decals not only work, but they’re also weather resistant and scratch resistant. You also never have to replace any light bulbs, any batteries and they never turn off. Our car window graphics stay on duty 24/7. 365 days a year.

Your car advertising stickers are still working for you while you get some shut-eye and you don’t have to do a dang thing.

What car lettering information do I need to put on my car advertising decals? To make the most of your advertising dollar spent — you’ll want to make it as easy as possible to potential clients to reach you. So . . .

  • Your business name, of course!
  • Contact information: phone number, website, or email address
  • Products or services you want to promote.
  • Slogan (if you have a good one!).
  • Catchy graphics.

Make sure you make your car lettering big enough and easy to read by passers-by. I’ve driven by people who have car advertising stickers or car advertising magnet, and the font is too small. When your font is too small or hard to read it’s like throwing money down the drain.

What if you had a clear and easy to read advertisement on your car? Imagine what could happen? You could get more business and make more money. When I had car advertising decals on my car a few years ago, it even got me a date! Crazy but it’s true.

Using advertising on your car will attract attention— This is what you want!

If you have graphics, make them eye-catching to attract attention and make sure the letters are easy to read. At MDirector there are 25 most used typefaces in advertising.

Let’s get to these so you can make every car lettering sticker count! I’m going to list 10 of the most popularly used fonts loved by designers around the world.

  • Helvetica
  • Bodoni
  • Avenir
  • Times New Roman
  • Arial
  • Futura
  • Trajan
  • Vag Rounded
  • Franklin Gothic
  • Garamond

When you use one of these font styles you know, you’ll have an easy to read car advertising decal as long as you make it big enough. You don’t want people to want your business but can’t contact you because they couldn’t read your phone number.

retro letters

Should I get a kiss cut or die cut stickers for my car advertising?

When you order your car advertising you’ll want to make sure and figure out which is best for you — Kiss cut stickers or die cut stickers. For most business advertising with letters, most people opt for what we call an “exact cut” sticker. Let me explain.

It’s basically a kiss cut sticker, but our techs weed out the additional vinyl that is in the insides of letters and numbers, so you don’t have to. You’ll save money and time when you get an exact cut decal.

After we print, cut and weed out your decal, we’ll put a transfer tape on the back. So, it’s easy for you to install on your window or car body. If you want to learn more about kiss cutting we have all the answers.

You can also add “like us on Facebook” or other sites to your advertising.

So, you want to build your following on social media? Put up your #businessname with Facebook like thumbs up or Instagram logo to get noticed. Creating a funnel directly from your car sticker advertising to learn more about you on social media is a no-brainer to connect with more people.

Make it easy for people to find you on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. Adding social media logos to your car window graphics will make it easy for people to seek out your services or products.

When someone new follows you on social media— this is your opportunity to build a relationship with you. People are more likely to buy from people or businesses that they know like and trust.

By creating a space for a potential customer through social media to get to know you-you'll be like a friend. If you share valuable information with them or entertain them in some way, they’ll start to like and trust you.

People buy from their friends or people they feel like friends are. If I have the choice to purchase soap or clothing or advertising from a friend or a stranger— The friend will always will the battle for my business.

Let’s talk a little bit about another option for a minute. Get perforated window signs. These are perfect for the back of your window, especially if you want to make a bold statement with a large size car advertisement.

Why should I get a perforated window decal?

When you get a perforated window sticker from Printmoz you’ll get a high-quality decal that can cover almost all of your window to get maximum coverage for your advertising dollars. You’ll be hard to miss with something as bold as a perforated window sign.

These decals appear opaque from the outside but let you see clearly through from the inside. These decals make an impressive impact. These kinds of decals have micro holes on over 30% of the sticker that makes a big impression.

There aren’t only stickers available for your advertising dollars. You can also make custom car magnets as well. They have plenty of benefits too.

These are great if you want to be able to remove your advertising some days during the week easily. Car window graphics are a simple way to advertise on your car. They’re fade-resistant and durable.

The application is a breeze with a cool car advertising magnet. If you get it on a little crooked, no worries! You can take it off and easily re-apply. You can get a variety of sizes, and they have rounded corners.

These are perfect and are a super affordable way to advertise your restaurant, real estate or contractor business. Each car magnet has a matte finish and UV resistant ink. They have about 90 lbs. of strength per square foot.

An easy thing to do is to try a car advertising magnet out first an move on to the more permanent car advertising decals!

There are so many companies that will pay you to advertise their business on your car— Take charge of your advertising dollars and put your own business in your own car instead!

If you have a fleet of cars, you can sticker them all up.

I’ve been mostly talking about one business with one car— but there are other options available for you. We’ll pretend you have two companies and want to advertise both of them. You have a couple of things you could do.

You can order two sets of car advertising magnets and rotate them every other day or every other week. Or you could have advertising for each one on different sides of your vehicle.

Or you may have a fleet of vehicles for your oil and gas company, and you need to have die-cut decals on each of your business cars. You can create even more brand awareness for your business. You can have your car decals on your company car or your personal car if you want to go for it.

Car decals can be a stand-alone marketing strategy. But we recommend using them to push traffic to connect with you on your website, to get a phone consultation or sign up for your newsletter so you can build a better business relationship with potential customers.

What are your car advertising decals made of?

oval decal

Have your decals in any shape desired on our heavy-duty weather-resistant vinyl. Letters, numbers, symbols, or your graphics or logo. When it comes to advertising your business on your car, the options are limitless.

Be seen in moving traffic with a design that attracts attention, custom car advertising decals that pop are real attention getters. You can work with your designer to create a memorable design, or you can do it yourself if you’re feeling creative.

Car advertising is a great way to create a buzz around town while you buzz around town running errands or going to jobs. I want to talk about even more!

What is a car advertising screen?

A car advertising screen is also known as a perforated window decal. These are popular on windows of cars because they don’t block your view. One of the benefits of using this kind of car advertising, is you don’t have to limit your car advertising screen to only part of a window.

With this kind of removable sticker, you can cover the entire back window of your car, truck or van.

Advertise on my car for cash when you’re in business for yourself

This is one of the easiest ways for you to get your message out into the world. While you run errands or go to client meetings, you’re building your brand at the same time. People are learning about your products and services the cheap and easy way.

There’s no better way to advertise the lazy way. If you like to drive or even drive for a rideshare program you can easily double dip!

Legit car wrap advertising jobs

Are created by you when you use car advertising to your advantage. Because you know there are many. Custom decals that go all the way around will create more business, and can help you create more jobs because you’ll be getting so many, customers!

It’ll almost be like this: get paid to advertise on your car!

No matter whether you choose car decals for advertising, a stand-alone car advertising magnet, or a perforated window decal — you’ll be doing good for your business the easy way with easy to use, traveling outdoor business signs.

Printmoz is the leader in car lettering, and kiss cut car advertising, and we can’t wait to see your design and get it to the press as quickly as possible. It’s time to increase brand awareness, build relationships with loyal customers that will keep coming back again and again.

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