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Are custom labels more professional?

Many people print their own custom labels for jars and other containers during kitchen, hobby, and professional projects. Labels make it easier to know the contents of these and other items for better organization during storage. With hobby and professional projects, they fill organization, information, and branding roles. A label can provide details about how to use an item or the name and contact information of the person or business that made it.


Yet, when anyone prints labels without the help of a professional print company, they often deal with extra costs related to printing errors or high-volume print tasks. For example, labels printed with standard low-cost consumer ink can bleed when wet during printing or with moisture exposure. They can fade with exposure to heat and sunlight. Paper-style labels printed with toner deteriorate with environmental exposures over time as well.


Before wasting time with these options, consider why labels customized and printed by a professional print company are the best option.

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Canning Labels for Jars

People often use adhesive-backed labels for spice jars, canning jars that contain jams, jellies, preserves, sauces, cake and cookie mixes, pickled fruits and vegetables, candies, or pasta, and even candle jars. They also use them on drinkware, decorations, cans, jugs, and bins.


You might want to use clear labels or opaque ones in a variety of sizes and shapes, including irregularly small or large sizes and circles, polygons, and shapes with irregular borders. You might customize background colors and fonts, special logos, or other designs. You can choose to use a label on the front or back of a jar or other item only, a wrap-around label or two labels. You might also use a separate label on the lid, if applicable to your project.


The best custom labels for glass jars and other items also provide a person with flexibility when they use them. For example, one might need to write with a pen or permanent marker a description and date on labels for food-storage items. You also might need labels that aren't adversely impacted in any way by exposures to water, dish soap or low freezer temps. With promotional jars and other items for a business, you might need labels that feature multiple colors for text and graphics or stronger-than-normal adhesive that prevents easy removal.

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Decals, Stickers & Labels

Before anyone decides to design and purchase custom labels from a professional printer, they should try to first learn as much as possible about the different types of labels and print options available. For instance, we offer decals with a low adhesive and a high tac adhesive. By definition, a sticker is merely a printed label with adhesive on one side. Decals are typically some form of vinyl sticker.


As a professional print company, we can print text and graphics on window clings, clear window cling, clear vinyl, and white vinyl and a wide range of other materials. The finish on the surface of the sticker can range from matte to a nice glossy finish. A label can also have a type of lightly sticky backing that makes it possible for a person to affix it to one surface and then move it later to a different one without losing adhesion.


People normally use vinyl decal stickers for placement in high-traffic or outdoor areas. The vinyl makes them more durable against repeated exposures to touch by people and the elements. A decal can be as small as 1 inch by 1 inch or large enough, when designed in segments or panels, to wrap an entire car with imagery.


People typically use paper stickers with and without a plastic laminate coating for childhood indoor playtime and craft projects, hobbies, and garage sales. They also use them to label office folders and food-storage jars, counter containers, bins, and freezer bags. For hobby sales and professional items, people often use total pre-printed plastic-coated and plastic labels. They sometimes also use smaller paper stickers on top of these labels, such as price tags or small overlap labels designed to provide new details after information changed since the original custom print job.



Why go with Printmoz for labels?

Printmoz has high-end, commercial, state-of-the-art technologies that make designing and printing labels easy and inexpensive. We use UV-resistant inks, that are designed to not fade when exposed to sunlight. We also offer both high and low tac adhesion options. With the latter, the label leaves behind little-to-no residue when removed from a surface.

Make Any Size Order

We can handle both small and large custom order requests. It doesn't matter if a customer needs 1 label as a sample for placement on jars filled with delicious homemade fruit preserves made for holiday gifts or Mason jars used to hold candles for a large event, such as a wedding reception or anniversary party, or thousands of labels for merchandise and promotional items. There's really no limit to what we can produce and print other than time. If you have a big order and you have a specific deadline then we do suggest reaching out a week or two in advanced to make sure we can fulfill your order on time.


Experienced Design Help


If you don’t have a design ready, then our experienced in-house designers could create something for you based off any ideas you have. We could also size the labels for you if you need the dimensions.


Many people enjoy adding borders to their labels, especially when they use custom labels on glass jars. A standard traditional or custom border helps frame any text or graphics within it to draw the eye to the center of the label. We can print borders of varying thickness, including ones that are as thin as a human hair. We can also print elaborate designs as well.


Total Order Control


In terms of ordering labels, you control all aspects of the final design and print. You can custom select the width and height of your labels, quantity, and special design options, such as rounded corners, circular cut, special cut, or laminate coating, all from the comfort of your home on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone with a few onscreen clicks or taps. You can even choose between die-cut labels that are each individually backed to match the shape of the design border and kiss cut labels that peel off a paper-backed sheet or roll (we would need to be notified prior to ordering for this).


Hidden Benefits of Professional Service


Most people fail to realize that they have available to them a wide range of other benefits beyond customization when they turn to a professional printer for assistance with designing and printing their custom labels. For example, they gain access to:


Free Online Tools


We offer a free online design tool, and you get your own account when ordering. Because you have your own account, all orders and artwork gets saved so it makes it easy to re-order.


Choosing the Right Company


Our team at Printmoz offers high-quality design, print and related services to people around the world. We run a fully automated facility that contains state-of-the-art printers and cutters. Our site tools make it nearly effortless for customers to submit their artwork for custom print on demand jobs.


We not only offer stunning "grand format" print products that attract, wow and amaze anyone that sees them. We handle small- to large-sized print jobs as well. We can print labels in a wide range of formats that match a customer’s custom design specifications perfectly.

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Frequently asked Questions

What are labels made out of?

Making labels for jars is easy once you know what kind of material to use. Custom white stickers are used for most labels because they stick to almost anything. You can print in full color or put a simple logo or text on them. If you change the contents of the jar and switch out the labels often, the Removable decals work best. If you're looking for a decal that you can change up daily, the static clings are your go-to option. All of these decals have white or clear background choices. 

How do you make a label for a jar?

Draw out what you want to put on the label first. Then use a design program to add in artwork or an image. Select one of the many label materials: Removable, Clear, White, Clear Cling, White Cling

What size label do I need for a 4 ounce jar?

A 1.5" label would look great on a 4 ounce jar. Keep your logo small and your text clear so that it can be easily read. A 2" label would look nice on a 4oz jar as long as the text remains readable from a short distance. 

What size is a regular mouth mason jar?

A regular mouth mason jar is 2.75 inches and would great with a 2" custom label. A large mouth mason jar is 3.38 inches and would look good with a 2.5" custom label. Both clear and white labels look amazing on any size mason jars. 

What is the best label maker for jars?

If you want to save on costs, online label makers are the most economical. Skip the cost of a printer, the expense of ink and the endless label paper. Ordering online allows you to select many different options including white or clear background, heavy adhesive, minimal adhesive and static cling choices. You can also select custom shapes and use as much color as you want. Avoid equipment malfunctions, dried ink and paper shortages and order online

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