10 Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

10 Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Running out of ideas for what to get your Dad, Grandpa, or father figure for Father’s Day? Here are 10 custom father’s day gifts that will make them feel special this holiday, as well as links and instructions on where to find these products. Hopefully one of these ideas will spark your interest and get Father’s Day shopping done and out of the way!

father son woodshop sign

1.Garage or Workshop Sign

Does your Dad have a Garage or Workshop? How about getting him a personalized sign to hang up and show off. This will tie in his work space and make him feel more official when working on home projects. Aluminum signs look the best for these, the same material that is used to make street signs! You can design the sign using Printmoz’s Free Online Design Tool. Just build the design and add to cart when finished. Your dad will love it!

construction dad coffee mug

2. Beer Mug or Thermos , Decal #1 DAD

Next on the list of custom gifts for dad, is the cliche #1 DAD coffee mug. While this is a great gift, it may not have the personalized feel you are going for. You can order a blank mug, whiskey glass, or coffee thermos online, and order a custom decal to apply to it. Create a text design that your Dad will love and add whatever graphics are best suited towards his interests. For some other Father’s Day mug ideas, consider ordering a high quality sticker to apply with their favorite sports team or family photo.

family travel map

3. Travel Map

This “bucket list” type gift is great for the adventurous type of dad. This is a map that you can customize with your dads name or a quote from his favorite explorer. The map is printed on foam board. The foam core allows your dad to use pushpins to mark all the places he has been in the world. For a more classic look, canvas foam board works the same and has a nice textured finish. Order a foam board world map and help your father track his journey around the world!

definition of dad sign

4. Definition of Dad Acrylic Signs

This custom gift is great for the “Office” Dad. These Acrylic prints look great displayed on a wall or desktop. Printmoz has a Free Online Design Tool and templates to create your sign. Simply add text and write your best definition of of who your father is to you! Get creative as this can be one of the most personalized gifts for dad.

album cover studio

5. Album Cover Gatorboards

Is your Dad a musician, or simply just loves music and rock’n out? How bout getting him some of his favorite album covers printed on GatorBoard. This is a great decoration and for any studio or work space. To order go to GatorBoard Printing, enter the size you want them (12”x12” is most common) and add to cart. Once you complete checkout, you can upload the images of your Dad’s favorite albums and you are all set. He will remember this Father’s Day like the lyrics to his favorite song.

father son magnet

6. Refrigerator Magnet

Refrigerator Magnets are a great solution for Father’s Day photo gifts. You may have a picture with your Father that says a lot about the relationship you two have. You may have thought about printing this picture out and gifting it to him for the special day. Why don’t you order that print on a Magnet. This will put a smile on his face and give him a sense of purpose every morning when he’s in the kitchen fixing his morning coffee. These magnets also work great on the sides of filing cabinets, if your father works in an office setting.

man cave sign

7. Man Cave Additions

Does your Dad have a Mancave? If so, what better gift than to add some decorations to his space. Common additions are aluminum signs with his favorite team or beer, or maybe a canvas wrap of his favorite stadium. You can even go as simple as a sign that says “Dad’s Man Cave”. Survey his space and figure out a good size for the sign. Pick something you know he will love and dress up your Dad’s cave with style!

father son fishing

8. Truck Decals

If your Dad drives a Truck, how about getting him some cool decals for his window? A favorite sports team or maybe his business logo would be great options. Other ideas include stick figure family, or something pertaining to his favorite hobby like fishing or hunting. With custom decals you can customize just about any sticker you can think of. Think about what he would want on his truck and make it come to life!

super dad poster

9. Custom Artwork Poster

Does your Dad have a space where he hangs posters? You can create a custom poster that fits him best. This gift is great for the comic book type of dad. You can hire a graphic artist to create a drawing or image of your Dad as a super hero. Once you have your custom design, you can order your Custom Poster. Enter the size you need it to be and add to cart. Your Dad will love it and you will be his hero!

family plays cornhole

10. Cornhole Boards

Custom Cornhole Boards are going to bring you and your Dad the most fun of all these personalized fathers day gifts. Cornhole is a portable game that can be taken and played just about anywhere. These boards can be customized with a Custom Decal Wrap. Enter the size you need, checkout, and upload whatever graphic you think your dad would love!

Hope you were able to find a custom gift that best suits your Father. If you need help with placing an order feel free to contact our customer service team for assistance!


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