Big Head Cutouts - Why Custom Big Cardboard Faces are Popular!

Why Custom Big Cardboard Faces are Popular | Printmoz

The Fun and Fanfare of Big Head Cutouts

Imagine yourself at the big game.

You’re sitting with your friends, maybe some family, and fellow fans cheering all around you. In your hands is the face of your favorite player, but it’s way larger than life. In fact, it’s almost five feet tall and just as wide. Your favorite player looks up from the field, sees their giant face in your hands, then gives you a thumbs up. They think it’s fantastic you have a big head cutout of their face. It might even inspire them to play better, as the fans of the Dallas Cowboys can attest to.

Big face Prints for any event!

All in all, you can support the person you’re there to watch play. Or graduate from high school or college. Or you’re at a special event to support someone. Whatever you’re there for, think about the fun and fanfare of a big head cutout. They say more than words can communicate and make people smile all at once. There’s nothing quite as ridiculous as a giant head floating above a crowd, is there?

Custom head cutouts are an up-and-coming option for signage. Having a giant version of someone's face is always entertaining and shows support in a different way from traditional signs

Why Custom Cardboard Big Face Cutouts Are Crowd Pleasers

Although there’s nothing wrong with traditional signs with catchy phrases on them, they don’t always have the same appeal of an enormous face.

With a high-quality picture of your favorite person or people, you can be a big supporter. On the other hand, you can also use custom head cutouts for different reasons. You will sometimes find them at protests, denouncing or supporting someone. Sometimes people use the cutouts for popular memes, bringing big laughs to an event or even as photobooth props. You can be sure that big head cutouts make their way to all kinds of activities.

Your Face Here Cutouts

Want a customized face on your big head print? Looking to troll your friends or family members? We empathize with you. Big head prints aren't just for sporting events - they're great for graduations and dance performances as well.

Any place you and your friends can be a little extra to show your love for your friend or family member is a place for these giant cardboard cutouts.

Steph Curry Smiling

Imagine Steph Curry's Smiling Face on a Giant Cutout

If you’ve never seen one before, then you can take a bobblehead figure as an example. A giant head cutout is just a two-dimensional and enormous version of the individual but displays only their head. The person’s face is printed directly onto the material, giving a comedic appearance. Imagine Steph Curry's face made flat, and you’ve got a great image of a big head sign. The cutout isn’t squared either. It’s cut precisely to the edges of the image. Their appearance and look make them eye-catching and memorable at every event.

Recommended uses for giant head cutouts:

  • Sports Events
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Peaceful Protests
  • Birthday Parties
  • In Storefronts
  • Sidewalk Advertisement

You should note that not all event venues will allow you to walk in with a big head sign. You should check the venue’s rules or give them a call just in case.

What are Giant Head Cutouts Made Of?

Depending on where you buy a custom head cutout, you will receive one made from different materials. As you will be carrying the head around, it’s easier for it to be light and not too large. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to hold and transport it to and from events. In the same instance, you don’t want to buy a sign that won’t last through even one event. It needs to be durable enough to wave and hold, but not necessarily made of the sturdiest materials.

Cardboard is a low-cost option. Cardboard face cutouts are light and strong, allowing you to print your friend’s, family member’s, or favorite player’s face and cheer them on. If you’re looking to use the head cutout only once, cardboard may be a good choice for you. Keep in mind that a cardboard face cutout may not do well with rain or heavy winds. They can be prone to bending and deteriorating in the wrong conditions.

Foam vs Cardboard vs Gator Board Head Cutouts

Almost as affordable as cardboard is foam core board. Foam core giant head cutouts are light and eye-catching, due to their hollow foam design and semi-gloss finish. Colors pop and the board is highly durable. You won’t have to worry about the rain ruining the big head cutout, and you can trust it will last through multiple uses. What is foam core board? Read more here!

For a material that’s sturdier still, consider gatorboard. Custom head cutouts made from gatorboard are long-lasting due to the dense foam core and multiple layers of polystyrene. It takes a lot to damage these boards. You won’t find scratches or bent sides if the cutout is dropped, and the images are highly resilient. UV-rays and weather won’t make the colors fade or reduce the appearance of your chosen printed face. As far as selecting a material goes, gatorboard is one of your the top-quality options. 

Besides the durability of the materials, the quality of a custom head cutout also rests on the printing technology. You should select a manufacturer that offers high-resolution printing which eliminates the problems of blurriness or dull inks. 

Big Head Cutouts for Graduations

Use Big Head Cutouts at Big Events, Like Graduations

Choosing between Cardboard Face Cutouts and the Other Materials

The factors involving your choice of cardboard face cutouts, or other materials, comes down to cost and frequency of use. Do you consistently attend football, baseball, or other events where your favorite player competes? Is your child or friend going to graduate multiple times, or are there other special events where you can bring out the giant head cutout with their face on it?

Depending on your answer, you should select the material that makes the most sense. Cardboard face cutouts are suitable for single use, while gatorboard head cutouts may last a lifetime. If you’re a fan of a professional sports player, you can continue to use the sign no matter who they play for. When using a custom head cutout to celebrate those close to you, you can always save it for unique occasions.

Buy Custom Head Cutouts from Printmoz and Enjoy the Fun

Printmoz offers affordable big head cutouts for all your events. We make it easy for you to get your cardboard face cutouts and all other signage. All you have to do is choose the product, the size, and other options, then upload your artwork. To personalize your custom head cutout further, call our design team. Whether for a single order or multiple, we'll take care of you.

We make your giant head cutouts in our California printing facility. Our high-tech machines print with full bleed and at 1000 DPI, ensuring the face you’re printing looks as clear as possible. Since we print all our signs in the US, you get your giant head cutout quickly, which is part of our mission. We aim to fulfill all signage needs, especially for events that need a big head cutout to make it more fun and memorable. Cheer on your friends, family, and players with a big head cutout.

Frequently asked Questions

How do you make a Fat Head sign?

Fat Head signs are easy to make. Start with a high resolution image of a person or just of their head shot. In a design program (Adobe Illustrator or similar) apply a cut line to where you want the material to be cut. Select the material you want to print your Fat Head image on. Foam board is a glossy white indoor material. Gatorboard is a matte black indoor material. Sintra PVC is a white durable indoor material that can withstand adverse conditions. Place your order with the Special Cut finishing option, upload your artwork and get ready to head to your favorite sporting event or graduation!

What are Big Heads made out of?

Big Head signs are typically made out of foam board, gatorboard or sintra pvc. Foam board is a glossy white indoor material. Gatorboard is a matte black indoor material. And Sintra PVC is a white durable indoor and outdoor material. All three materials are lightweight and easy to hold. 

How do you cut out a Fat Head?

Fat Head signs are very popular at sporting events and graduations and easy to make. In order to cut out your Fat Head, you need to set up your artwork with a cut line. Fat Head signs are typically made out of Foam Board, Gatorboard or Sintra and each material has a Special Cut finishing option that will allow the cutters to follow the cut line. A cut line is a hand drawn line within a software program that is labeled and identified as the path to cut your 'big head'. Once your artwork has the cut line, place your order with the Special Cut option and upload your artwork. Then get ready to WOW everyone with your amazing Fat Head sign!

What are those cardboard cutouts called?

Cardboard cutouts of people's heads are commonly called Big Head signs or Fat Head signs. Cardboard is probably too flimsy for these signs, but a white foam board or black gatorboard works great! If the weather looks like it may rain then Sintra is your best option. If you'd like a full size person cutout foam board is a great choice!

How much do big heads cost?

Big Head signs are made with many different material choices so the cost is going to vary depending on which material and thickness you choose. Foam board is the most economical choice. Gatorboard is the next step up in price at just slightly more than foam board. And Sintra would be your outdoor, weatherproof option at a little more than Gatorboard. 

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