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Have you ever wanted to customize something you love? Boat lettering is special because it is a fun way to express your creativity. As you’re sailing on the sea, having custom boat decals can showcase your personality.

The great thing about decals for boats is that you have an endless range to choose from. You have the power to choose what your boat will look like. Since you have full control of decorating your boat why not go all out!

Custom Boat Name Decals

If you want to spice up your boat, begin with custom graphics. The first thing to look for when it comes to custom boat lettering is a lasting finish. This can be beneficial in the long run. When you purchase quality custom decals you can pick your own colors and designs.

Customizing your boat name will help you identify your boat. It is a great way to incorporate your individuality. You can showcase your unique traits and interests by placing an awesome decal on the side of your boat.

It’s an easy process because every choice is yours. It starts with the size of the font to the design of it. Some customers have loved using a simple font or others go all out and use a font with more dimension!

Boat Side Graphics to Accent Your Boat Name

At first, naming a boat might seem silly, but often it's known as a tradition for luck. Don’t you want to ensure a smooth sailing ride? Boat side graphics will be the best way to bring attention to your name and personalize it.

When you make your boat stand out you can ensure a sense of future safety. Sometimes boats can get lost and if there are durable custom stickers or decals to spot the boat easily, it will find its home in no time.

You can portray yourself through any vibrant or festive graphic. Choose anything from your favorite sports team or cartoon to abstract graphics. Boat graphic designs will give you the extra pizzazz you were looking for.

boat in water

Make Your Own Boat Graphics Designs

Portraying your best self can be amusing, when it comes to designing your own boat graphics. You have the freedom to do whatever you want. When you make your own boat graphics you can start thinking about the overall theme of your boat.

This can be through a sports car feel or even a sophisticated look.

For most boaters, the first thing they gear towards is the vibe they want to feel on the boat. Do you want to integrate refined designs with a minimal layout? Or do you want to have a goofy or playful feel with lots of vibrant colors?

The best part about customizing your own designs is that it’s a true reflection of who you are. Be as creative and free as you want. In this process you can make a timeless masterpiece.

How to Apply Boat Lettering

There are two main ways you can apply boat lettering which is different from putting on other decals. The “wet” method is good for graphics that are longer than your arm. Generally, this will be good for huge slogans or names that you want across the side of your boat.

The “dry” method is perfect for smaller labels like your registration number or the ends of your boat. You can measure this as anything smaller than your arm’s length. For both methods you will need a measuring tape, glass cleaner, squeegee, and a razor.

Take into account the temperature when applying either method. The weather will affect the finish of your lettering. For the wet method stick with anywhere from 60 degrees to around 85 degrees. With the dry method you want the weather to be colder such as lower than 45 degrees.

For the wet method you want to first use two pieces of tape to hold down the edge of each side. Once you have chosen your exact location, mark up the area to ensure a secure placement. After you remove the backing transfer it with soap and water solution.

Spray transom where you want the graphics to be applied. When the graphic and boat are wet, you can begin placing the letters in position. Once they’re in place squeegee the excess air bubbles out. Let it dry for one hour and increase drying time if needed.

For the dry method, it's the same beginning process of getting the graphic in the location you want. However, you want to use scissors to cut the backing paper from the center line. Continue the similar step of using the squeegee outwards from the center in the same direction.

Change the transfer tape so you can have a clean finish with the graphics. In no time you can apply boat lettering with simple and easy steps!

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