Spruce up your car with car decals and car stickers

How to spruce up your car with car decals and car stickers | Printmoz

Car decals and car stickers are an excellent way to keep your vehicle looking stylish, no matter if you have a brand new car or a used vehicle. Car decals come in many different types of colors and styles, making them highly sought after by vehicle owners due to how versatile they are. They can also be utilized as promotional tools, designed to grab someone's attention and make them interested in your brand. Enhance your vehicle without spending a fortune and instead invest in a budget-friendly option.

Can decals easily be removed?

A removable decal can be removed, moved, and replaced easily. This offers consumers a low-commitment option that is easy to switch out if their minds happen to change. Trends are constantly changing and improved graphics are always coming out. These options make it easy for a vehicle owner to stay on top of these trends and decorate their vehicles with high-quality removable decals. 
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Are decals and stickers can be easy to reposition?

One of the benefits of removable decals and stickers is that they are easy to move around on your car. Maybe you put the sticker on one area of your car, but are not completely happy with it. That is not a problem. You can simply peel off the sticker and place it somewhere else on the vehicle. This allows consumers to place as many stickers as they want on their vehicle in varying locations, allowing an ease of customization to spruce up their car. 

Are decals and stickers are a form of print advertising?

You may be considering utilizing your car as a form of advertising, but do not know where to begin. Stickers and decals can provide you with an excellent option to promote products or a service. These can be especially helpful if you are launching new products or services every month and can change out the decal accordingly. This will allow you to replace the existing marketing sticker easily with the new promotional one. This allows the business owner to implement these decals and stickers into part of their marketing process. 

How to choose the right sticker?

When you are choosing the right sticker, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. One of these Is the color of your car and the color of the sticker. Consider how well the two will look together. Consider that more contrast will cause the sticker or decal to stand out more, but may not match the car well. You will want a sticker that will be easy to position and easy to remove. This is helpful if you end up not liking where the sticker has been placed. You will also want the sticker or decal to be made of high quality. This is because the sticker will be exposed to the elements, so you will want it to be durable. 
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How do you find the right location?

Before you even stick your sticker, you will first want to measure it up against your vehicle. Do not peel off the back of the sticker yet. Hold the sticker up to the car and try to picture the sticker in this location. Try different locations on the car to see which area you prefer. Once you have decided on a location for the sticker, then you can begin the measurement process. 

Determine placement

Once you have decided on the location of the sticker, you will then need to get the measurements. Measurements will help you get a better idea of where the sticker will be going and will enable you to put the sticker exactly where you need it to go. In order to get a proper measurement, you will need a measuring tape. If you have multiple stickers, you will want to ensure the stickers are placed far enough apart from each other. Once you have measured where the sticker will go, use masking tape to mark the corners of where the sticker will go. This will allow you to see a guide when you are putting down your sticker. 

Should you clean the area?

Before the application of the sticker or decal, you will want to make sure that the area is clean. You will want to utilize a cleaner, as well as a soft cloth to clean the designated area. However, you will not want to use a cleaner that will leave a film on the car. This will hinder the sticker's ability to stick to the car. Instead, basic car soap will do. You will also want to make sure that you give the area plenty of time to dry. 

It's time to apply the sticker or decal

The application of the sticker or the decal sometimes depends on the size of the product. The larger a sticker is, the more likely it will be more effective to peel off the backing of the sticker one area at a time. This will prevent the sticker from sticking to itself and becoming ruined. Start on one side where the masking tape as been placed. Peel back more and more as you go along. Do not remove the masking tape right after the sticker has been applied. Allow the sticker to dry and remove the tape a few minutes later. Leaving the sticker or decal out in the sun will help with the drying process. 
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What If my sticker or decal has bubbles?

Bubbles in stickers and decals are actually quite common. They occur during the drying process and are difficult to avoid. However, there are several ways that you can try to get rid of the bubbles. One of the most popular ways to get rid of these bubbles is to utilize a credit card. Simply press through the bubbles with the credit card and they should dissipate. 
Decorating your car with decals and stickers can be exciting, customizable, and creative, leading to a great overall experience and a great-looking vehicle. There are several steps that must be followed in order to ensure the proper application of a sticker or decal. The most important thing is to decide on a decal or sticker that will compliment the appearance of your vehicle. Decals and stickers are highly sought after options for decorating a car. 

Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between a car decal and a sticker?

Decal is just a name used for stickers that are on larger sized items like cars, walls and even semi trucks. Stickers are more commonly used for smaller items like laptops or even as trade show handouts. Both decals and stickers have adhesive on the back and are meant for permanent or semi permanent use. Removable decals have low adhesive. And clear window decals are transparent. Custom stickers are printed on a white background. 

Do decals ruin your car?

Most decals come with some sort of adhesive to help them stick to a vehicle. There are high adhesive decals when you want something to stay on permanently. And there are low adhesive decals when you just need something for an event. Both decals might leave behind a small amount of residue if left on too long, especially in the hot sun. For classic cars and expensive vehicles, the static clings work best since they leave no residue at all. The static clings come in both a white background and a clear background

Are vinyl decals removable?

There are vinyl decals that are removable, but that also depends on how long you leave the decal on and if it was left in the hot sun. Removable decals are meant for temporary use and can come off without any residue. If you leave the decal in the hot sun or on for longer than a day, your decal may leave some residue behind. If you'd like to make sure there is no residue on your vehicle, static clings are a perfect choice!

Can you use regular vinyl for car decals?

Regular vinyl is great for car decals if you want the decals to stay on permanently. Looking for a bumper sticker? Regular decals work great. Removable vinyl decals are also great for temporary use like an event. If you want a decal but don't want the adhesive on your vehicle, then select a white static cling or a clear static cling

Should I use permanent or removable vinyl for car decals?

That depends on whether or not you want to leave the decal on your car permanently. Permanent vinyl decals come with adhesive on the back so if it's left on your car for a long time, there's a chance of leaving some residue on the car when you take it off. With the removable decals, there is less chance of leaving any residue behind. And with the static clings there is no residue at all. 

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