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Custom Instagram Frame Booth Props For Your Event | Printmoz

It's hard to find a party where people aren't taking pictures. They're even taking photos of their food! Having an Instagram frame prop is one of the best ways for the party host to give to guests souvenirs and memories of their evening. What’s more, is everyone going to your party or event will love the fun they have using an Instagram frame prop. And if you have a business it’ll get your brand noticed. When you have a customized prop for your party, it will make your event one to remember. There's no better way to remember a blowout party than with the perfect pictures using an Instagram frame prop! Well also discuss how you can promote your business, what products are best for your Instagram frame and what kinds of special requests you can make when you place your order.

Check out this surprising fact! There are over 1 billion people on Instagram every month. If you want people to remember your party the best way to get social shares is to have an Instagram cut out board. People love to share their photos with all of their friends. If you have an Instagram cut out board, you know people won't be able to help themselves but to post their amazing photos and share with the world. Having an Instagram cut out board will make your party rock all night long!

Booth Props in Any Shape & Size

Having Instagram photo booth frames at your party also give people something to talk about and give guests a way to feel like they're really part of the event. Instagram photo booth frames are especially important if you have a themed party. If you have a costume party with a superhero theme or any kind of theme, Instagram booth prop frames are the way to go. You can have a comic book style border on your Instagram photo booth frames with fun chat bubbles saying things like BAM! BOOM! KAPOW! CALLING ALL SUPERHEROES! ZAP! POP! WHAM!

We’re also going to cover things non-superhero related Instagram frame props in just a minute. There are also tons of unique college party or other event theme ideas here!

Another excellent addition for Instagram frame props with a superhero theme for your photo booth is to have cut outs to match. You can frame your friends with a Wonder Woman Crown, her red lips on a stick, a Batman mask, a Hulk mask, or an Iron Man mask on a stick. These will get your guests into the super party mood.

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Instagram Frame Props For Any Kind Of Party

Like mustaches, lips, big sunglasses, and funny hats on sticks. These are easy. Little kids and adults alike love to use Instagram frame props for parties. We also have tons of ideas for Instagram props, like big head cutouts here.

Selfie Frame Boards For Any Event

If you were an event promoter or have a booth at a conference, convention or any other type of fair or festival, you can use promotional selfie frame boards to promote your party and your business. It's a two-for-one win! You can get your branded messages printed directly on to several different kinds of materials.

Here are the few differences between your options. We offer foam board with a paper face, gatorboard which is a little more durable, and even Sintra PVC (it’s what the pros use!). If you want to learn more about durable gatorboard benefits click here. Sintra board as our most robust and most long-lasting. Selfie frame boards printed on Sintra board are very lasting and vibrant and colorful.

You can also get selfie frame boards cut into any shape. If you want to promote your business with a campaign or a party using a photo frame prop, it's essential to gain social attention. Selfie frame props are one of the easiest ways to get people interacting with your brand. Get your business seen all over the web!

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A Party Isn't A Party Without A Selfie Frame Prop or Ten!

It doesn't matter if it's a business party, birthday party, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or even a prom or homecoming. If you’re a senior citizen or millennial, using a selfie frame prop will get people of all ages excited. And that’s not all. We have tons of sizes too.

A1 is the most popular selfie frame prop size for cutouts. A1 is an international paper size, or in this case a selfie frame prop size, that is often used by graphic artists and designers all over the world.  A1 size is 23.4 in by 33.1 in. We also have just about any standard US size you can imagine for parties or other events. You can also order special cuts in any shape or size.

Do Any Type Of Social Media Frame For All Platforms, Twitter, SNAP, Pinterest

Our border frames look fabulous whether it’s for branding purposes, or just plain fun at your party! You don’t even need a photo booth to have outstanding frame props for your event. Simply hold up the custom selfie frame boards, click and share on social media. Or you can get a stand for it by adding it as an additional option like the picture below when you place your order.

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Social Media Photo Props To Liven Up Your Next Event

The pro Printmoz printing team has the experience you can depend on when it comes to getting your Instagram photobooth props printed. Our printing process prints directly onto any substrate, gator board, foam board or Sintra board accurately and cuts to the shape you desire— precisely. Click here to learn more about gator board for your selfie frames.

Your social media prop will be the highest quality you can imagine. We not only offer custom shaped social media selfie frames, but you can also get any kind of social media photo prop. If you need some ideas for your Instagram photo booth props, we’ve got them! You can use these props and frames for all events.  

  • Social Media photo booth prop ideas:

  • Birthday party theme

  • Weddings

  • Graduations

  • Bat Mitzvah

  • Bar Mitzvah

  • Graduations

  • Superhero

  • Sweet 16 custom selfie frame

  • Prom

  • Concerts

  • Snapchat

  • Your brand (like Cupcakeogram, or Soccerogram)

  • Baby showers

  • Wedding shower photo social Instagram photobooth props

If this is your first event using Instagram photobooth props, we want to give you some pointers especially if it’s to promote your brand. Simply stated, we want your social media photo prop to help you get the most shares, clicks, comments and likes as possible.

Social Media Photo Prop To Make A Bang!

Now we're going to get to the nuts and bolts about how to get the most of your social media photo prop. There are a few things that can help your brand get lots of attention. And the first thing to do is to check out your competition and see what kind of marketing they’re doing on Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter with their custom selfie frame.

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Next, make sure you’re using specific branded hashtags on your social media photo booth props so everyone can search your branded hashtag and make it easy to find the photos from your event. Here are some ideas for a Custom frame prop hashtag: #yourbrand #yourbrand party #eventname #love (your brand), #beautifulpeople #instagood(brand) #cute(brand) #(brand) party.

Make sure to use your social media photo prop on Instagram stories. This is a great way to give a sneak peek of what’s to come at your event with your social media photo booth props. You can also test different images and videos to see which ones get the most engagement.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. But make sure that your social media photo booth props hashtags match your brand and promotion. You don’t want to promote dog leashes or body products with the wrong hashtags. Do your homework.

Upload A Customized Design For Your Selfie Frame Boards

If you’re good with photoshop or some other graphic design software you Can design your selfie frame yourself. If you're not so great with graphics there are other ways you can create custom selfie frames at an affordable price.

PosterMyWall has an easy-to-use Instagram photo prop selfie frame template. If you design your own selfie frame make sure to have the name of your event. Here’s what to remember: Your Instagram profile picture, an area for the cut out with a border around the edge, and plenty of hashtags. Also, don't forget to put any branding colors that you would like to highlight. If you’re creating your selfie frame boards, look at your Instagram profile to make sure everything looks consistent with your Custom frame prop. After you create your selfie frame have another person edit and make sure there's nothing missing or misspelled.

Hire A Professional If You Don’t Have The Skills

Another way you can have a  great design is to hire someone who specializes and custom selfie frames for events. Get yourself a graphic designer. You can find lots of freelancers who are great at graphics for business on Fiverr and Upwork.

A great thing about these platforms is you can read reviews of designers from past clients. Fiverr is the most affordable base price and Upwork has a higher-end type of Freelancers. So if you're too busy or not good with graphics you can easily have a custom selfie frame created by an expert artist.

Selfie Frame Boards Don't Have To Look Just Like An Instagram Post

You can also get creative. Your selfie frame boards can be designed like a Polaroid picture, have a shabby chic design, you can decorate it with fake flowers to match your wedding, or even do hand painting on it. Don't be afraid to get funky when it comes to your selfie frame boards.

If you want to keep your partygoer's fingers off of your custom photo booth frame prop there's a simple solution. You can easily create a hanging frame with a portable clothes rack on wheels, or PVC pipe, or tree branches decorated with scarves tulle or another type of fabric. If you want to hang it keep reading!

When you upload your Custom Design custom selfie frame printmoz you can make special requests such as drilled holes with grommets so you can easily hang your custom selfie frame boards that are easy to use. This way when you use a photo frame prop it won't get dirty, torn up, or mistreated by people at your event.

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Instagram Frame Prop Technical Aspects

We want to go into a little more detail about the options available to you for your custom social frames. You may know that we have foam board, gatorboard, and Sintra PVC but you may not know much about these products yet.

We're going to start with the most affordable options first. Printmoz offers foam core used for an Instagram border frame. The foam board we have is affordable and high-quality. Our foam core board comes in a variety of sizes. You can also add unique options to make your selfie frame boards longer-lasting. You can also get these double-sided so you can have two Instagram frames in one.

Different options available for foam board Instagram frames are drilled holes and grommets,  and you can also add individual cuts and have rounded corners. Another option that many of our customers love is a gloss coating. This makes your selfie board a little more durable and shiny. And it only cost $0.30 per square foot. What a deal! Now onto your next option. Gatorboard.

Gatorboard also comes in a variety of thicknesses: 3/16” and ½.” When you upload your Instagram frame cutout, you can also add an easel if you would like to set your Instagram frame on a table for display.

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Need Tougher Material?

Gator Board printing for Instagram selfie frames is one step up from classic foam board. Our gator board has a wood veneer on the exterior of the foam. This gives it a tough outer shell. It comes with a matte finish, and it's an excellent printing choice for custom selfie board frames. It comes in ½” and 3/16” options. You can also get double-sided printing on this substrate as well. Like foam core, you can also get rounded corners, special cuts, drilled holes, and grommets as well. How simple! Next up is the Sintra PVC.

Sintra PVC  is the product most used by professionals when it comes to having a durable photo frame prop. Sintra board is a PVC printing substrate. It's a rigid plastic material that is super smooth. It can be used inside and outside. We print your Instagram graphics directly onto the Sintra PVC. It's available in matte, luster, or a glossy finish. Sintra board is the most robust material for a custom frame prop and is not easily scratched.

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We hope this article has been helpful for you deciding on how an Instagram selfie prop can be perfect for your party or business promotion. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact our incredible customer support about Instagram frame props or more of your printing need.


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