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What are wall decals?

Wall decals are images, or graphics printed directly onto vinyl material with an adhesive backing. We have a high-tac adhesive backing and a low-tac adhesive backing. The low-tac vinyl wall decal would allow it to be removed without removing the paint or damaging any drywall. You can get decals cut into different shapes and sizes based off the artwork you provide. Sizes can range from small (2” x 2”) to as large (54” x 150”) wall decals.

wall decal for bedroom

They are designed for indoor spaces, and they can be a great addition to any home, office, retail, and business space. Modern wall decals give rooms such as living and bedroom a modern, luxurious, and glamorous look. Instead of painting, decals can help you beautify your space according to your taste and preference.

wall sticker

If you have a blank wall in your house that you are unsure what to do with? You can add some taste and beauty to your wall using a personalized custom wall decal. You can customize the decal any way you want! Whether you are looking for a graphic of your favorite artist, yourself, flowers, or any other graphic, Printmoz can print it and cut it to any shape you need

Below are some ideas you could use wall stickers for:

Wall decals for the bedroom

Maybe your bedroom walls are boring, and you’re looking to bring the room back to life. What better way to do that than with a wall decal for your bedroom or maybe your kids’ room! Print out a cool height chart, to keep track of how much they grow or a fun cat light switch decal.

decal for bedroom


Logo wall decal

Logos are important for businesses and institutions such as schools, churches, and charities. We understand how crucial a logo can be to your organization. We can print high quality logo decals and or print wall decal quotes to motivate employees or to remember the company founder or other dignitaries in the organization. We print on quality decal material so these decals will last a long time on your wall.

wall decal logo


Vinyl wall lettering

You can order a decal with lettering and select the “exact cut” option. By ordering with an exact cut, you will get your lettering with transfer paper so that it’s easier to apply. You can use the vinyl wall lettering to organize and customize children’s playrooms or put up an inspirational quote for your living room. Vinyl wall lettering can be important for customizing an office space, to show the details of office hours, departments, and or the top executive officers.

custom wall art quotes


Wall decals for your living room

The design and the decoration of a living room could give guests quite an impression if you had a nice decal print on the wall. Having attractive wall decals for the living room can also help transition the beauty of other rooms and spaces in the house. Whatever comes to your imagination we can print, you can order them on our website at any time and customize how you want them to your liking. We can also print living room decals with family photos on them. Your decal can help you communicate family unity.

wall decal for living room


Why Choose Printmoz?

Quick Production

We offer fast production for our customers, once your order comes through our automated system, we try to print them as fast as possible. Standard production is 3 business days but we try to get orders out quicker than that (we have faster guaranteed turnaround times if needed for an additional fee).



If you need decals for the kitchen, classroom, kids’ playroom, bedroom, living room, and office spaces, we got your needs covered. We can help customize both small and large size decals for you, depending on the spaces you want to decorate. Just send us the pictures and the size of the space.


Easy installation and removal

Our wall-decals are easy to install, so there is no need to hire a professional. Depending on how big the decal is you might need an extra set of hands. If they get dusty they are designed to cleaned off easily. The material used is tough, and you can easily clean it using a wet cloth.

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Frequently asked Questions

How do I know what decal to use?

There are many different types of decals so you want to know which ones are good for which surfaces. There are decals with low adhesive for temporary use. And there are decals with high adhesive for a more permanent use. And then there are decals with adhesive that is considered 'just right' for general use. If you are getting a decal for your boat that may spend time in the water often, you want to make sure you order the high adhesive decal. But if you just need a decal for an event, order one of our low adhesive choices. If you need to relocate your decal often, consider our static clings!

Do wall decals really work?

Yes! Wall decals really stick to your walls if the walls are smooth and clean. You can order a large wall decal and apply it to your wall. If you change your mind and want to put up another decal, just take the original decal down. Most wall decals are single use, but if you want something that is removable, consider trying a window cling. 

Do vinyl decals ruin walls?

Vinyl decals are not meant to do damage to any surfaces, but we also don't know what condition those surfaces are already in. If you have a dirty, roughly textured wall, or a fresh coat of paint that you are trying to apply a decal over, it's not going to give you the desired results. Also, the longer you leave the decal on the surface, the more difficult it may be to remove it. If you need a decal for long term use, select the high adhesive option. Just need it for temporary use, select the low adhesive option

Can my wall decal be made into a shape?

Yes! You can create a decal in any shape you want! Do you need individual letters? Maybe a cool dinosaur for your kids room? We can do that! Decals and static window clings also work great on large windows that birds might fly in to. You can cut your decal into shapes to keep the birds from seeing their reflection. 

Does it cost extra to use your templates?

Our templates are always free! Full color is also completely free. And so is our great customer service! If you have any suggestions for new templates, just let us know!

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