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Foam letters are an affordable way to make a bold statement. Large foam letters can be used at sweet 16 parties, boardrooms, tradeshows, businesses, and any type of party. You can get giant 3D letters in any kind of font be it serif or sans-serif. We’re going to cover ways you can use giant foam letters in business and for every event, whether it’s bat mitzvahs or even graduations!

Foam Letters Can Be Cut To Your Exact Specifications


The font you choose will show your style. You can also get your foam letters printed in a variety of colors. 3D foam signs can be cut to letter shapes number shapes were you can get your print onto foam core instead. Foam core, according to Wikipedia, is lightweight and easily cut.

Why Large Foam Letters?

Having unbelievably large foam letters can wow anybody. You can also order sometimes letters with super smooth edges. If you want to transform any event, you can get letters as large as 48” x 96”!  just imagine The Branding pot possibilities. Foam letters also come in a variety of thicknesses from 1/2 an inch to 1/8 and 3/16 of an inch.

Giant 3D Letters Are Easy And Fun To Use

One of the benefits of using small styrofoam letters or large foam letters is the ease of transportation and hanging. These lightweight pieces can transform any room. You can use spray adhesive to add glitter if you want to get your bling on!

Now Onto Foam Signs Letters Sizing

foam letters

You may be wondering about how to size your giant letters. It may seem complicated to the novice, but I want to take you back to your grade school days. Remember when you were learning to write on lined paper that had a dotted line in the center?

The uppercase letters go all the way to the top, and the lowercase letters only went halfway to the dotted line. Therefore if you're ordering a 4in tall uppercase letter go all the way to the solid line. If you order a lowercase 3D foam letter, it would only go to the dotted line. When you set up your giant letters for printing, you can set your file type to the size you prefer.

Foam Signage Letters — What Are They Made Of?

Giant 3D foam letters are cut out of foam board, which is similar to styrofoam. These giant letters (that weigh almost nothing) are a simple solution for temporary signage or even craft projects.

Oversized table letters, when cutting from foam board, are lightweight mildew resistant weather resistant and are reasonably durable if they are packed with care.

Foam signage letters are precisely cut. This late yet tough material can create thick or thin lettering that is easy to install. Once you receive your phone letters, you can also finish them off with  Mod Podge or regular acrylic paint. Please don't use spray paint because some of the solvents and spray paint can damage the polystyrene.

You May Be Wondering If You Can Find Giant Letters For Rent.

You may be able to find 3D foam letters for rent. But why rent when you can buy at a low cost? We work with many businesses who have a tight budget. Some companies have asked if there's a way to have affordable 3D foam letters for their business signage. We say, absolutely!  You can choose from either foam core or gatorboard.

Don't think just because you see the word foam it means wimpy. Foam core, gator board giant letters we're polystyrene letters are one of the most affordable ways to have a great looking interior sign. If you're looking for something a lot more durable than polystyrene Sintra signs are a good option for outdoor use instead.

Want Some Ideas Of How To Use Polystyrene Letters Will Make You Proud?

There are so many ideas Of how to use 3D foam letters. You can transform any room into a Showcase of your featured products and your company values if you want to connect your customers with your brand having your logo specialized business font and even your mission statement in giant foam letters.

If you want to keep things simple, you could even use chalkboard paint and put a variety of 3D foam letters and white, off-white and a few branded colors. You can also mix sticker foam letters with vinyl stickers, and even a hint of metal letter signage to get an even more three-dimensional and varied look out of your foam letters.

What Are Some Ideas Of Foam Letters In A Conference Room?

If you want to decorate your conference room and bring your team together, you can post inspiring messages on the wall.

You can use inspirational work quotes like this:

  1. “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working on it.” -Michael Jordan
  2. “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” -Steve Jobs
  3. “Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” -Sam Walton
  4. Or if you have specific quotes that are part of your companies daily grind, you can use these as well.

You can have one inspirational quote above the conference table, or even have them covering a large portion of the wall. They are so affordable you could change these out quickly and easily for different seasons or to celebrate an employee of the month.

You Can Use Large Foam Letters For Office Wall Branding Affordably!

You can light up your lobby with 5-foot letters if you’ve got a large wall and want to get your logo noticed. If you have a smaller wall you might want to opt for small styrofoam letters instead.

With our high-tech printing, you don’t even have to get your letters cut out separate!

You can have cursive letters that are attached. Or you can even have entire saying connected with symbols, or have letters spaced closely enough to be attached.

Why You Shouldn’t Do DIY Giant Letters

Have you ever tried to cut out foam with scissors, kitchen knife, or even a box cutter? I have, and it’s not a pretty site. There are styrofoam flakes with static cling sticking to everything and floating all around you. And the sound of trying to cut styrofoam is atrocious! It’s never smooth and usually just makes a mess. I learned the hard way — Now you don’t have to. You could buy an over-priced foam cutter, to make something with the time you don’t have. Or . . .

Reasons You Need A Professional Printer To Cut Your Foam Letters For You

  • The cuts are perfect
  • There is no mess
  • You’ll save time
  • You can get just about any color printed on your foam signs letters
  • A variety of fonts are available for
  • It’s easy
  • They will be shipped out quickly
  • You will look like a pro!

We've already had a lot of discussion about how to use foam letters in business. Now let's get to some ideas you can use at home or for any event.

Where Can I Use Giant Letters?

Graduations parties, decorating your teenager's bedroom (they can add bling to their own name!), Weddings, Bat Mitzvahs/ Bar Mitzvahs, Graduation Dates (imagine 5-foot letters saying 2019 or any other year to celebrate the big day).

How To Hang 3D Foam Signs

giant foam letters

What I want to do is make sure each letter in your wall surface is clean with a slightly damp cloth. After it’s dry, you can add hanging strips or double-sided tape to each letter. Make sure to mark the wall where you would like to attach each letter before the application. You can use a pencil or chalk depending on your wall surface. And gently press each letter into place.  

Take a step back and make sure everything looks even. If it doesn't, you can gently pull the hanging strips or tape up to move your letters around. If you plan to take it down using hanging strips is great because they are easy to remove from just about any wall.

Foam Signs & Letters Permanent Mounting Options 

You can also use hanging strips or the double-sided tape if you like. For a more permanent display  you can also use liquid silicone. You can put dime-sized dollops on several areas on the back of each letter. If you want to remove your letters, there's a slim chance that you will get wall damage.

Lean Giant Foam Letters On A Shelf Or Floor

You can even get really funky and have foam letters tied up in yarn if you have a sewing shop. If you have a fashionable clothing store, you can hang your foam letters with wire from the ceiling for a mind-blowing window display! If you’re getting married, you can spray your messages with acrylic paint and cover with moss for a natural look.

When it comes to foam letters— big or small, the design possibilities are unlimited! There are hundreds of fonts, and there are over 10 million color choices when you use CMYK for your design. When you want to show off your achievements or focus on branding, giant foam letters are a sharp and affordable way to go!


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