How To Prepare For an Event Post COVID

How To Prepare For an Event Post COVID | Printmoz

COVID-19 has drastically changed pretty much every facet of our lives. Moreover, no industry has gone unscathed. Now, in the time of social distancing and half-capacity gatherings, many people are left confused and unsure about how to prepare for an event post-COVID safely. Sure, there are CDC guidelines to abide by, but staying 6-feet apartment and wearing masks is really just the tip of the iceberg. Thus, in order to assist you with your next event, here are some helpful suggestions and recommendations to follow during the event prep.

How to prep for an event post-COVID-19 and how vinyl banner printing can help

In general, planning any kind of event moving forward is going to look a little different. For starters, outdoor spaces are the go-to event design. This particular layout/event design is one of the best ways to promote social distancing; thus, it should be utilized whenever possible. However, the fun does not stop there. Rather, you will have to do a whole host of things to get your outdoor space prepped and ready for your particular event. For instance, covid 19 signage and vinyl banners are now your best friends. Outdoor banners and custom signs will help direct your guests or attendees as well as facilitate proper social distancing.

Read up on your cities rules and regulations about outdoor/public events.

Of course, before you start purchasing your custom banners and custom signage, the very first thing you should do is read up on the applicable rules and regulations for your city in regard to outdoor events. Once you are fully apprised of what you need to do, the next step is to clearly communicate guidelines and safety measures to your staff, guests/attendees, and anyone working your event.

Create a press release that includes all information about the event

The easiest and safest way to communicate with the individuals, as mentioned earlier, is through the appropriate channels like emails, press releases, Facebook posts, and so on. Ultimately, the goal here is to be proactive and clear about risks associated with attending the event. Moreover, you need your attendees to be aware of what is expected of them during the event as well as what is being done to keep them safe, like adopting new event design seating arrangements.

Use social media as an advertising tool and advertise on local pages to get the word out.

As briefly mentioned, social media, along with other advertising tools like banners, custom signs, and online banners on websites, should be utilized to keep people up-to-date. It may seem like overkill to send emails, design press releases, use outdoor banners, and post on social media sites, but it is better to be safe than sorry. You can also use social media to highlight any available virtual components to your event.

Be prepared to provide all necessary COVID-19 needed materials (masks, sanitizer, thermometer, etc.)

In addition to consistent and proactive communication, you need to have the necessary items to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on hand. This means having extra masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizing stations, thermometers, and touchless tech options available. For example, if you need people to sign in, consider sending a link before the event, so people are not touching pens, clipboards, papers, etc. You can also have people print off their own name tags at home and then self-scan when they arrive. Likewise, if you are serving food, consider both menu banners and QR codes for menus (this allows your guests to peruse their options via their phone).

Take advantage of marketing materials, such as vinyl banners, brochures, signs, merch, etc.

Furthermore, in order to keep things running smoothly, remember to use vinyl printing banners or banners for outdoor use, custom signs, and more. Banners and signs will ensure people know they need to wear a mask when in close courters and remember them to follow the procedures you put in place.

Even if your event is next week, a vinyl banner print professional can help you design high quality banners, brochures, and merchandise. In just a few business days, you can have quality custom banners/vinyl signage. Moreover, if you need banner/sign installation equipment like banner stands, tie down banner brackets, vinyl banner repair kits, or bungee cords, most banner printing professionals offer custom banner accessories.

Hire staff to be cleaning all surfaces every hour

Along those same lines, you should have designated cleaning staff at your event. This will help keep high-traffic and high-touch areas sanitized. Plus, hiring specific staff to hand out masks and refill hand sanitizing pumps/devices is yet another way to keep people safe. An added tip here, you may want to consider creating/printing small vinyl banners (2' x 3', 4' x 4', 4' x 6', 4' x 8', etc.) to let your attendees know that the facilities are being cleaned every hour.

Take Away

Ultimately, hosting events in the midst of a pandemic will require you to get creative and customize a vinyl banner or two. But, if you follow the tips/suggestions mentioned above, then you should have no trouble at all hosting a safe and low-risk event post-COVID. That said, if you are interested in learning more about health and safety banners/vinyl signage or are in need of some additional guidance when it comes to vinyl banners, then speak with a vinyl banner expert in your area.


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