How To Use Open House Flags In The Most Effective Way!

Make the Most of your Open House with these tall Flags and banners

tall flags

How to Place Open House Flags

Open house flags, also known as feather flags, are uniquely different – they are large and imposing, and they rise above everything else in sight. Made of durable fabric, open house feather flags sit vertically and can be seen from blocks away. The printed text on these real estate flags is usually large and the printing direction is vertical. The main benefit of open house flags is the sheer height of the presentation. They won’t be obscured by anything and they fly above most everything that’s in the way.

When you use an open house feather flag, you’re bumping up your marketing efforts “above and beyond” your competition. The real key to successful real estate marketing is to have all types of signs at your disposal, because the more people see your signs, the more exposure you get for your name and your brand. Real estate flags are just another effective way for you to attract attention and potentially generate traffic. To be most effective, you need to be communicating your message constantly.

What is the benefit of an open house flag?

Beyond being outstanding in their presentation, feather flags are easy to use and easy to install. They are lightweight; compact for storage, and can be set up in minutes. As a kit, the open house feather flag comes complete with pole and ground stake. They are printed on high quality fabric, with brilliant colors, and can be fully customized with logo and slogan. These flags are bound to attract attention, especially when installing in multiple numbers


How cost-effective are open house flags?

In terms of added impact, an open house banner that is fluttering in the breeze is a welcome addition to any agent’s marketing toolbox. This type of signage is quite eye-catching and will pose a challenge to other signs posted in the area. Ordered in quantity, and with a view to long-term usage, realty flags are cost-effective. All of the materials are designed to last for years – the flag fabric, the structural poles, the anchor, and the heavy duty carrying bag.

Can feather flags be custom-designed?

While many real estate agents use feather flags to attract attention for an open house, these flags can easily be used for sale and rental promotions. As for branding, full customization is available to include trademark names and color schemes. This also applies to the message that is printed on the flag. However, like all marketing materials, it’s highly recommended that messaging be simplified – short and snappy messages are far easier to read and digest.

Do feather flags replace regular signs?

For the astute real estate agent, feather flags just add another boost in a housing market that is highly competitive. The idea, of course, is to draw attention to a property, at which time sales techniques take over. While regular real estate signs are still the industry standard, all types of ancillary signage are a welcome addition to the marketing mix. And what better way to set your self apart and stay ahead of the pack with something that’s uniquely different.

How worthwhile is the online ordering?

These days, online ordering can be a very cost-effective alternative for the busy real estate agent. Besides the convenience, there are definite cost-saving aspects when ordering online. Best of all, with real estate flags, all of the components can be ordered together, including the house flag stand and the carrying bag. Quality materials are guaranteed, printing is at a high standard, and shipping is secure across the country. It’s simply a good package deal.

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