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Poster Installation Tips For A Seamless Effect

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3M Tape

A lot of the time, we forget that hanging a print does not necessarily mean resorting to a hammer and nail. That kind of job can become far too complicated than what we would like. 3M has developed a unique application for wall mounted prints called 3M Command Strips. In the printing world, this little tool is a huge transformer. It allows you to take your newly printed poster, whether it is on Gator Board or Foam Board, and create a seamless, modern look you would have not been able to achieve with your typical hammer and nail. The best part is, it’s easy to apply, easy to remove and there will never be another hole to worry about patching up. Does it sound too good to be true? It kind of is, but we have proof that it actually works and looks good to! Below features a few prints done on ½ Gator Board and mounted flush to the wall utilizing the 3M Command Strips. We love this tool and know you will too. Say goodbye to crooked pictures and messy patchwork…


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